Anne Josette Hill

26th April 2014

11pm-AnneHillclick on chart for full sizeAnneHill

 This bi-wheel (method) has been generated from the perspective of 11pm on the night of 11th April 2014.  The outer wheel is the natal chart of sixteen year-old Anne Josette Hill with a mid-range Moon (we have since been notified of her birth time and so a deeper analysis can be made.  See below 30th July, 2014)

From all accounts there is no apparent reason for a voluntary missing situation.

We are aware that text messages were exchanged with her mother at 10:21pm and at 10:51pm she called a friend. Her car was found on Wednesday 16th April some miles away.

  • Transiting Moon (blue) in the inner wheel is conjunct the natal Lunar Nodal axis at the midheaven.  Anne is likely in a public place at this time. The 10th house is usually career oriented/ public arena.

Transiting Pluto is a primary forensic indicator relating to power and in the 2nd house this likely relates to self esteem. It is inflated by transiting Jupiter (green) in the heavens at the same time.

  • Transiting Pluto opposite natal mid-range Moon (blue) in the outer wheel – an over-inflation notion of personal power and desire to express it is a driving need. We can suggest that Anne is testing the boundaries set by her mother e.g. about being out late.  Is she pushing the envelope too far?
  • Transiting Venus (pink) conjunct Neptune (turquoise) indicates a gullible situation in the 3rd house of communication.  This aspect is square natal Pluto.  Anne is likely out of her depth in a social situation. Note she is just a few months past turning sweet sixteen.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) is in the 4th house square the mid-range natal Moon in the 8th house  – this would usually be an indication of a communication coming from home in relation to a transformation of Anne’s situation.  Was there a follow-up text from her mother around this time?  If so, it would appear that AnnieJo has not replied.
  • Transiting Uranus (red) conjunct natal Saturn in 5th house.  This is a VERY dangerous aspect.  Uranus indicates sudden changes and Saturn as we all know represents control of one’s own situation/ grim reaper.  Being in the 5th house a friend is suddenly not a friend anymore. Whom was she with?
  • Transiting Sun (orange) is square natal Sun highlighting Anne’s ego; her Capricorn Sun – ominipotence – I think not m’dear.

The Cancer Moon has a driving need to be reliable and together with the Capricorn Sun, Anne would usually be quite conservative, however there are other factors at play on this night that have her behaving out of character.

  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis (south node in particular) is square natal Venus (pink) – there is likely peer pressure involved in this decision to not return home on time.

11th May 2014 – information has come to hand in relation to persons whom may be of interest in this case.

Note: Transiting Venus conjunct Neptune in the heavens on this April night is symbolic of and very much tied up with drugs and peer groups; money and subterfuge.  That is part of the symbolic meaning for these planets; Venus – money and peer groups and Pisces drugs and subterfuge.  The conjunction of these two planets in the heavens brings this symbolism to a head as the energies merge and become inseparable.  Both planets are at 6° Pisces (Neptune’s realm) and in the 3rd house of communication, plus they are at the IC (lowest point of the day) of the chart.

AnnieJo would appear to have indeed been keeping unsavoury company on 11th April, as reported elsewhere. We have information and birth data to hand of persons whom are in her circle of acquaintances/friends and may be of interest to this enquiry. In an effort to respect the privacy of the innocent and of minors, we shall use pseudonyms in this regard with pink for girls and blue for boys.   This will NOT apply for those with criminal records, or have been on LE pages; those, we shall name regardless.

We are led to believe that AnnieJo was in the company of Pink A on the evening of 11th April; that she was also in the company of Blue A and at one stage also Zacharay Devereaux among others.  We also are aware that she visited an apartment in the region of Fink Park, so we can start there.

The resident of that apartment is Reginald Joseph Raymond III, a 23 year-old whom was taken into custody and booked on the date that AnnieJo disappeared, 11th April, 2014.  Lucky for him as far as we are concerned, as the time of booking was 2pm by OCPD, however we are sure that his crimes are related to whatever went down that night in Edmond.  His crimes involved the use of a firearm, drugs, violence and armed robbery; 16 charges according to the OCSD list.   Pink A has apparently been romantically connected to this male.

His brother Zachary Devereaux aka Zachary Raymond is 18 years-old and has an outstanding arrest warrant in Arkansas, according to media.  Plus he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in January 2014 and again on 8th April in relation to his brother’s crime above: the charge for Zac three days before the disappearance of AnnieJo was for concealing stolen property.  This 18 year-old was not under lock and key on 11th April and it is alleged that he was possibly in AnnieJo’s company at one stage during the evening.

Devereaux-Raymondclick on image for full size

We reproduce both bi-wheels here in relation to the timed event of 11pm on the night of 11th April 2014. Firstly Zac Devereaux‘ natal chart reveals a mid-range Moon (we don’t have birth time) at the top of the chart.  Born with a Saturn retrograde opposite natal Moon, this young man is seriously in need of male mentoring before he totally ruins his life; learning self-control a priority.

His current problems are very much bound up in this Saturn retrograde phenomenon. Can a mentor not be found?  Please, let the courts order that this be so.

  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) – Venus (pink) conjunct natal Saturn (red) at the IC and opposite natal Moon (blue) – a driving need to hold a modicum of authority in relation to these illegal activities of his brother. I.e. It’s not too big a step to suggest that he’s following the lead of big brother.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) quindecile natal Jupiter – an inflated sense of ego on this date among friends and peers; he was out on bail – cock-a-hoop.
  • Transiting Sun square natal Neptune and Uranus in the outer wheel – self-opinionated sense of self-worth
  • Transiting Saturn in 12th house creates a midpoint Pluto-Lunar nodal axis – on the cusp of the end of relationships.

I have to comment that this teenager is sailing dangerously close to a sorry end.

Reggie Raymond hasn’t got much of a future ahead, so we don’t need to comment beyond the fact that he has natal Mercury (yellow) conjunct transiting Venus-Neptune – we trust that he was making a full and complete confession (Mercury represents communication).  Other astrologers can interpret the aspects we have highlighted, if they so desire.  We have no need for this enquiry, as he was incarcerated before AnnieJo met with her demise.

Note: As we have indicated above, AnnieJo had been in the company of Pink A on the evening of 11th April, together with Blue A.

  • Note:  We must comment here that Pink A and Blue A are not a couple; Pink A was actually romantically attached to Blue A’s brother.

We now need to take a step back in time for a moment –  Blue A had previous broken-up a romantic relationship with another female – Pink B. She is also part of AnnieJo’s circle and a person of interest to our enquiry.

11April-PinksA+BAs we have the birth data for both females Pink A and Pink B, we can reproduce their charts here from the perspective of 10:51pm and see what they can add to the story.  Both natal charts reveal individual troubled characters with hemisphere analysis heavily weighted on the defense-attack reaction to any enquiry of them in relation to the disappearance of AnnieJo; self protection.

Both charts also suggest that they also have unfinished business in their early childhood development.  Well they’re still teens; still learning and so we can expect that to be the case.

Pink A has the Saturn retrograde phenomenon in her chart indicating a lack of knowledge in relation to gender boundaries and opposite her natal Sun-Mercury conjunction creating a young woman whom likely ‘mouths-off’ far too much as a cover up for her insecurities.

Note: This teenager is sadly lacking in the knowledge needed of adult male-female relationship behaviour. Don’t be put off by her denials – insist; get help if need be.

  • Transiting Mars (red) in the 11th house is that big mouth among friends; seeking authority amongst her peers.
  • Transiting Venus-Mercury is square natal Mars – likely imbibing addictive substances
  • Transiting Sun (orange) is mirroring that Sun-Mercury conjunction highlighting that out of control mouth.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) quindecile natal Neptune – likely over-indulging in addictive substances
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Moon – highlighting her need to be home (4th house)

Our second teenage girl Pink B has an unfortunate stellium (grouped together) of planets in Aquarius – an unstable rebellious communicator whom is highly re-active rather than proactive.  She likely struggles with independence issues as well.  Her chart is more serious and has very sinister aspects present.

  • Midpoint of transiting Sun/Saturn = Jupiter-Uranus-Mercury – discipline is needed. In the midst of a break-up plus a fight for individuality; serious thinking needs to be communicated.  Is this teen in bad company?  Further interpretation may give us a clue.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis is square natal Neptune in 2nd house. The Lunar nodal axis is indicative of a public venue and in the 5-11th house axis among peers.   Is this girl in a public place with illegal substances?  I sincerely hope the interpretation is something less sinister.
  • Transiting Saturn is opposite natal Moon.  This teen knows in her own mind that she needs to spend more time grounded and with her mother. 

We have a question at this point?  Had AnnieJo replaced Pink B in the affections of Blue A – is Blue A more than just a person of interest?

11Apr-Blue-A+BAs we continue, I trust that the thread of the story is strong enough to follow, as data is now to hand on two more individuals, both male.  One is Blue A whom was with AnnieJo in the evening and the second we shall tag as Blue B.  He is the current ‘squeeze’ of Pink B. We include him as it is suggested that he is likely part of the ‘inner circle’.

The first bi-wheel is Blue A, a chart with troubling aspects at the angles.  As we do not have this teenager’s time of birth, we cannot call the natal Moon being at the descent as a primary indicator, however it is in range of the exit point and so we shall include the aspect in this interpretation. He was the last known person to be with AnnieJo.

We also must note that this male has natal Mars conjunct South Node which is usually an indication that he will bring about his own downfall.

  • Natal Moon conjunct Descendant, mirroring the Ascendant (self) – this teen is looking out for himself as his primary concern.
  • Natal Mars at the IC conjunct the 4th house and also opposite transiting Moon – this is a very dangerous FA indicator of actions being taken by this male teenager that could have dire consequences.
  • Transiting Venus-Neptune conjunct natal Mars – we suggest that he is likely heavily under the influence of addictive substances
  • Transiting Moon (blue) conjunct Lunar nodal axis – he is out in public/likely involved in a traumatic situation
  • Transiting Moon quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – an inflated emotional outpouring likely
  • Transiting Mars square natal Venus in 2nd house – is often indicative of a strong sexual drive, however being in the 2nd house this can also be tied up with money and self-value.  This aspect requires further consideration as it appears to be particularly sinister.
  • Transiting Saturn opposite natal Moon – self control needed – another very troubling aspect in forensic astrology.  I withhold further comment at this stage.

The second bi-wheel is Blue B.  One has to wonder what this youngster was up to, as he has the Uranus-Neptune exact conjunction (see below).  Considering that he has natal Jupiter-Mars in square aspect to this conjunction, this lad is destined to a ‘career’ of some form of addiction whether this is in the humanities or the gutter, we do not know without further consideration.

We do need to know of his whereabouts on the night of 11th April, as his chart has two midpoints of particular interest.  Where was this boy who has the aim to go to college/university in Colorado next year?

  • Transiting midpoint of Moon/Saturn = natal Jupiter-Mars (11th house) – this aspect is strategic with a sense of duty attached, although it is not an ‘action man’ aspect by any means.  He is sussing out among his ‘social circle’ what his best strategy should be.
  • Transiting Sun/Moon is the primary  midpoint in any chart revealing the sense of fulfillment by this individual.  On this occasion it is focused on natal mid-range Moon – the individual’s driving needs.  On this occasion natal Moon is in Cancer hidden within the 8th house of death and transformation.  Death and transformation for this young lad is to fly the nest; leave home.
  • Transiting Sun opposite natal Mars-Jupiter – the date on the calendar reveals a clearing of the air within his social group.
  • Transiting Mercury (4th house) square natal Moon – likely mentally turning over how he will approach the conversation about his need to move out.
  • Transiting Venus-Neptune square Lunar nodal axis in the 1-7th house axis – wheeling and dealing *** 
  •  Transit Saturn conjunct natal Pluto – potential for self-destruction is present
  • Transit Saturn quindecile natal South Node – this aspect does not augur well for any future serious relationships; a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Note as an aside: Uranus within range of Neptune in a natal horoscope has a strong influence on those born between 1990 and 1998; those currently aged between sixteen and twenty-four. I’m including this opinion-piece based on classic astrology, as it relates to this enquiry in particular. I trust that it is sobering, rather than distressing, for those whom read this.  Most of the individuals in this case are within this age group. This energy of influence has a sinister side that goes beyond the usual teen behaviour of rebellion – testing of parental and societal boundaries.

When we consider behaviour and emotional content from an astrology perspective, we know that Uranus creates the buzz/sudden changes/rebellion and Neptune is usually fanatical behaviour of some kind – be it the addictions of alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, chocolate or sex. Even getting fit; going to boot-camp will attract the addict and can extend to an addiction related to body image. Restraint; reining-in is needed, not abstention.

Neptune of course can be hugely creative and fantastical when in this aspect, however that’s not our usual ‘stomping ground’ in the realm of forensic astrology, so we shall stick to the hard aspects of this influence. The energy of these teens and young adults need to be channeled more towards modern technology and creative outlets, rather than anything that can ‘hook’ them back into the addictive type of solutions. Strong role models and mentors are needed.

Of course 99.9% of these young people will mature beyond the risk of addiction, as a result of their nurturing/upbringing and genetic dispositions, however even .1% is too many to slip through the cracks. Addiction of some sort will likely be a lifelong challenge for this age-group, meaning that those whom are severely challenged by this astrology aspect will need to seek inter-relationships outside of their peers, in order to balance this behaviour.

In astrology terms, the other challenge for these youngsters is that often Pluto and the social planets of Jupiter and Saturn are in the same region of the astrology chart’s hemisphere, ‘knocking them out of balance’, or even worse, creating a stellium (a bunch of planets hanging around together).  Transiting planets will throw up big testing times in their lives.

The saving grace for these challenging generational planets will be the personal planets of – the luminaries i.e. Sun and Moon plus Mercury, Venus and Mars in each individual chart. So most in this age-group will have the social skills to offset the heavy weight of responsibility that hangs over their age-group. It will only be a small number that will cross our path in the realm of forensic astrology. So what I’m getting at, is that those young people with this Uranus-Neptune influence whom are struggling, need mentoring and social skills, more than anything that might lead to any form of addiction.

Pink B escapes the addiction threat of conjunction, however this chart is a classic case of a stellium of planets in Aquarius and Pisces: Venus-Mercury-Uranus-Jupiter plus that Neptune in Capricorn leading the bunch. With her natal Moon likely square to this stellium (particularly so if she were born in the early morning hours), we can see that there is nothing on the other side of the horoscope to balance the layout.  She cannot be a self-fulfilling prophet…

As Pink B is currently in a new relationship with Blue B, we note that he has natal Saturn (albeit in retrograde), hey-diddle-diddle with this stellium of hers (he’s the father substitute) however his personal driving needs (Moon) and Venus are all he has to offer her as trumps. These pair of youngsters have a very strong karmic connection with her Pluto conjunct his nodal axis and his Mercury conjunct her nodal axis.

Let’s trust their ‘cat and fiddle’ karma does not come to a dramatic end.

30th July 2014

duo-AnnieJoHillThese pair of bi-wheels are generated as a result of knowing the birth time for Annie Jo Hill.  The first is very similar to that above with the natal Moon (blue) in the outer wheel a fraction closer to transiting Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel.  What is much different even though they are the same two charts; with the same tension, is the second bi-wheel.  It is the house placement that will reveal the story – Annie Jo’s perspective.   The inner wheel of the second bi-wheel is therefore the natal chart and the outer wheel the transiting planets.

What we must comment on at this point is that the following interpretation is reproduced under forensic astrology guidelines – a crime and a victim, rather an analysis of a natal horoscope.  Please be aware that this interpretation is not meant as a criticism of a victim, more that we seek the weaknesses in a chart, in order to aid us in identification of a likely perpetrator.  This method is a form of criminal profiling.

Having the birth time for Annie Jo we have some insight into her character, particularly when we see her natal Moon in the second house as the handle of the fan controlling the rest of her planets. Moon in the 2nd house reveals an emotional attachment to self-worth (both positive and negative) is a ‘given’, plus this placement also suggests an attraction for ‘shiny things’.

For example – a man with lots of jewellery and a flash car could appeal to a young woman with a 2nd house Moon. It’s not the man per se that is attractive, it is for the young woman to be seen in the company of such a man whom has the attributes of wealth (perceived or real). If would be a boost to her value of herself; self-worth.

With 10th house (careers) containing Jupiter as well as Mars; note both are peregrine, Annie Jo was no gold-digger.

Had our teenager recently experienced rejection in her life? If she was suddenly keeping bad company; out of character, then it would be the 2nd house Moon driving the action – the need to reinforce her (illusory) lack of self-worth. We are reminded that Annie Jo was still only sixteen. She lacked the skills of discernment that come with life’s experience.

VenusRxWe then turn to where Venus is in Annie Jo’s natal chart. She has a retrograde Venus. This aspect is not all that rare, however it does reveal that we would need to be aware of her leaning towards self-sabotage, particularly in love relationships. Mixing with the wrong crowd would certainly feed this negativity.

There may be an underlying feeling of not being good enough, attractive enough, or loveable enough. Deep insecurities can be lead to eating disorders – that’s another expression of this planetary tension in a natal chart.

Close relationships can seem to make or break a person born with Venus retrograde, and this is because they take relationships so very seriously. There is a deep-seated fear of rejection with this position.

Emotionally, there can be a very long recovery period after a break-up of a close relationship (either sex), unusually so, whether the Venus retrograde person has physically moved on or not. It can take many years to emotionally get over a difficult break-up.

Where Venus is in our charts reveals what we need from those around us. Venus is in Annie Jo’s 9th house (higher values), revealing of the company she would successfully mix with. That knowledge, together with her natal Venus Rx conjunct Neptune, would suggest that she put aesthetic/artistic types on the top of her list rather than the other side of the coin of Venus and Pisces – money and drugs. She would never find her way among the latter.

However we must turn our attention to what planets were transiting at the time of her disappearance in an effort to make some sense of our teen’s actions. Immediately we see that same conjunction in the heavens – Venus conjunct Neptune; albeit minus the retrograde.  This conjunction is not that rare, as Venus returns to this position about every 8 months. It would be the overall picture that will reveal what we need to know.

Just fifteen minutes before 11pm on 11th April 2014 the fixed star Algol (where we can lose our heads) was at the descendant allowing the 7th house to contain the zodiac of Gemini; the twins. This is suggestive that Annie Jo has left the company she was in with someone whom is not whom they appear to be. Whether she was lured by a phone call, or already in the company of this person, we are assured nothing good happened once the event was set in motion.

We reiterate that the pair of bi-wheels are identical charts, however it is when we reverse the perspective that we start to get a clearer picture. The first bi-wheel gives us two locator angles when viewed from 11pm on the night that Annie Jo disappeared, (see 26th April; top of the page).  The second bi-wheel is from the perspective of the natal chart for Annie Jo Hill.

Having an accurate birth-time means that we can interpret the tension through the lens of a crime having taken place; from a potential victim’s perspective. This can reveal the lure as much as the crime, as we are viewing the emotional reaction in the victim’s chart.

  • tr Pluto (guardian of the underworld) is in the 8th house of death and transformation within range of the natal Sun – this is one of the primary forensic indicators; we cannot expect a positive outcome to the disappearance.
  • tr Pluto = midpoint of Mars/Pluto – brutally overpowered
  • tr Pluto opposite natal Moon (blue) – big plans for a new venture
  • tr Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Moon – opportunity proposed
  • tr Mercury (yellow) in the 11th house of friends/enemies square natal Moon – flattery, no doubt offering to fulfill the victim’s needs
  • tr Moon conjunct 4th house Lunar nodal axis – likely offer of professional contacts
  • tr Lunar nodal axis in 6th house square natal Venus Rx-Neptune conjunction – relationships become unclear in their value structure; blurring of boundaries of friendship.
  • tr Venus-Neptune is the focus point of the Venus/Saturn midpoint – thinking the grass is greener elsewhere; pretense in a relationship regarding a career shift.

This aspect can equally be indicative of peer-groups and drugs as much as anything else. However we have to leave that to others closer to the case to interpret. It does relate to work that will generate an income, of that we can be sure.

  • Tr Venus-Neptune square natal Pluto in 7th house – highly emotive notions of a relationship
  • tr Uranus conjunct natal Saturn both in the 11th house – a friend is not a friend. This is the primary forensic indicator of death having occurred
  • tr Sun square Sun – date on the calendar illuminates the ego
  • tr Sun square natal Venus Rx-Neptune – victim’s rose-colored glasses are dazzled by the Sun’s rays; conned.

 2nd August 2014 – We have published a post on our front page in relation to this case.  It includes solar arc progressions – LINK

We put down out pen at this stage, until we have further information.

13th October  2014

We can now name the persons responsible for the demise of Anne Josette Hill and continue with our enquiry. Chad Raymond (16) Blue A above and Chloe Thomas (17) Pink A above have both been arrested for the murder of Anne Hill.  Her body is not yet recovered.

AnnieJo-trioclick on chart for full size

When we put all three bi-wheels side by side we have the common denominator pointing to what we hope will be the recovery of Annie Jo. Natal Saturn – the grim reaper. Note the lower right-hand side of each chart.  I’ve highlighted the red arrow in each chart.  We then have to flip the charts vertically in order to use them with a map of the land.  We will use Annie Josette Hill’s on the map below.

MAP2-AnnieHillclick on map for full size

When we follow our practice of cartography i.e. getting astrology and the map of the land communicating (method) we have an angle to work with.  If you look at this map we have a red line extending onto the map in a NE direction. This is an indication of the direction to follow in an effort to recover her remains and bring her home to her family.

We are not able to say exactly where she could be located for a couple of reasons.  We do not know the exact time that Anne Josette Hill was killed.  We have generated this angle from the perspective of 11pm.  Depending on whether her murder was before, or after this time, will determine which way to move the angle.  We can be sure that the general direction will likely be accurate.  We are not able to determine the distance from Fink Park.


Chad Raymond did a plea deal and gave up the location of Annie’s remains in April 2015.

3 thoughts on “Anne Josette Hill”

  1. Wanted to let you know that Anne’s remains we’re found earlier this year (2015) I believe it was late April. Both Chloe Thomas and Chad Raymond are in jail. Chad took a plea deal in exchange for information leadingbto the recovery of Anne’s remains.


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