Anjelica Hadsell

missingposterAnjelica Hadsell, known as ‘AJ’ to family and friends, was last seen by a neighbor driving her car towards her parents home on 2nd March 2015 in Norfolk, Virginia. The neighbor reported seeing AJ driving “with purpose” followed by a white four-door vehicle about a minute behind her. That same white car was then seen in the family’s driveway, as relayed to the media by AJ’s step-dad. The college freshman was home on spring break from Longwood University.

As things unfolded, we don’t even know if this information is accurate as the step-dad Wesley Hadsell was arrested and charged on 21st March – four counts of obstruction of justice as well as a charge for possessing ammunition as a convicted felon plus one charge for breaking and entering (Corey French’s residence). He has a violent criminal history; unrelated to his current partner, or step-daughter.

That aside, we undertake an C21 astrology enquiry into the disappearance of AJ Hadsell.  We have two times of interest; the sighting by a neighbour at 2pm on 2nd March and the Missing Person Report lodged by mom the following day – 9:15pm 3rd March 2015.

On this page we will use the earlier date and time – 2pm on 2nd March, 2015

Please be aware that astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court of law.  We use data from the public record and classic texts for interpretation aiming for an unprejudiced enquiry.

AJ-two-events-duoclick on image for full size

Two bi-wheels (method) each with the natal horoscope for Anjelica Hadwell on the outer of the two wheels. Both have similar aspects as the planets do not orbit very much in one day.  The Moon does however, although neither chart reveals tension with the transiting Moon. Anjelica appears to be keeping her emotions in check, if that is the case.

  • Natal and transiting Lunar nodal axis is at the IC/MC axis. Anjelica was heading for home, yet still in a public place. This is likely a traumatic experience as well being the Lunar nodal conjunction.

When we look at Anjelica’s natal chart (the outer circle) we can see that she has Lunar South node very close to herl Saturn Rx.  She has had numerous step-fathers in her 18 years; lacking a stable male-female parenting, albeit due to circumstances beyond her control.  Plus when we see that Lunar South Node is in the conjunction, we know that there is a karmic element with one of these ‘fathers’.

  • tr Mars 8:16°Aries has aligned to conjunct this natal Node-Saturn karmic event.  The karmic wheel has turned; come to completion.
  • tr Sun (orange) opposite natal Mercury (yellow) – date on the calendar indicates there has been communication between Anjelica and this person in the white car.
  • tr Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) opposite natal Sun (orange) in the 2nd house – is this communication in relation to money?
  • transiting Lunar nodal axis is also square 12th house natal Mars – agreeing to meet with others; a dangerous move when we consider this tension.

At the time of the Missing Person Report the following day – we have similar tension, however the house placements have changed and the Moon interaction is no longer in the mix.  Neptune at the angle in both charts does not augur well for finding her unfortunately.

Anjelica Hadsell and the asteroids:

AJ-2events-duo.astroAt 2pm on Monday 2nd March 2015, transiting Mars 8:16°Aries is EXACT asteroid Phaeton 8:45°Aries all tied up with this karmic event; a ‘father’; a traumatic event in a public arena; a vehicle and  Anjelica’s natal Mars 9°Capricorn at odds with transiting Mars 8°Aries  driving the action.

I would imagine this is beyond the capacity of an 18year-old teen to control. She is attempting to tho – with natal Saturn (self-control) in the mix. However when we turn to the asteroids, we know that natal asteroid Wesley#25513 is conjunct Anjelica’s natal Mars – her step-father controls her ability to act –  likely by holding the financial purse-strings and topping-up her credit card.

  • tr Wesley#25513 at 1:08° conjunct natal Uranus 2:00°Aquarius in 7th house
  • tr Angelica#965 at 12:24° conjunct natal Drew#23452 at 10:37°Capricorn in 6th house – ethics and morals on the agenda
  • tr Saturn 4:49° exact Drew 4:45° plus conjunct natal Ceres 3:24°Sagittarius in 5th house (‘entertainment’) – has a flirtation led to a loss of self-control and ‘harvest’ i.e. reap what you sow?

The 3rd house (communication) is somewhat revealing; mirroring the Node-Saturn etc at the MC. Natal asteroids Angel 28:35°(self) conjunct Pholus 28:53°Virgo (should-coulda regrets); plus asteroids Jenni and Money also in the communication house. This suggests that Anjelica regrets these attempts to raise money. Had she tried her mom?

Transiting Black Moon Lilith 10:33° conjunct natal Persephone 10:48° and Mercury all in Virgo as well tells us more about what the money was for when we look further afield. Apart from her weakness (BML) about being frugal with her money (Virgo), the date on the calendar, Sun at 11°Pisces is mirroring the need for “today”. Not tomorrow, or the next day – it has to be today.   Whatever the genuine urgent need for money was for, we will learn in time.

Drew Hadsell:

sighting-DrewHadsell-duoAt 2pm personal needs are on this man’s agenda (blue) Moon in the 1st house – both transiting and natal.

  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal Saturn (self-control) with transiting Mercury (yellow) in the middle.  What communication was interfering with his inflated need for self-control?
  • tr Saturn (red) from the 5th house of ‘fun’, inflates natal Jupiter (green); his ego and self-worth (cusp of the 2nd house) – is the grim reaper whispering in his ear; urging him on?
  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Mars – illuminating his need to take action.

When we turn to the asteroids, we can see whom likely promised the money… In the 5th house of ‘fun’, Drew Hadsell has the natal asteroids Mony 22:15°; Angel 21:25° plus Persephone 22:24°Sagittarius – all in conjunction.  If Drew Hadsell views Angelica in these terms, we need to plant a red flag at this point.

Across the cusp into the 6th house transiting Pallas#2 is also at 23:10° Sagittarius.  Was the payment conditional to ethical and moral considerations being put aside?

There is also another 6th house tension in this man’s bi-wheel – Transiting Ceres  (blue) 20:08°Capricorn is conjunct (red) natal Uranus 17:56° and Neptune 18:56° (weakness for addictive substances). This is the harvest symbol again and so we turn to the placement of asteroid Molly#20472 and it doesn’t let us down. Note: we’ll include the interpretation when we reach the 9th house of higher considerations.

  • In the 8th house (endings/transformation) – (blue) 15:52°Aquarius Mercury plus Vesta 17:06° (communication in an apartment, or hotel room) conjunct natal Saturn (red) 16:45°Aquarius. (see also Corey French)

Note: the transiting Moon will reach the mirror (reflect) by evening,

  • 9th house reveals natal (red) Mars 11:18°Pisces EXACT tr Sun (date on the calendar) and natal Molly (social drugs) – suggests social drugs are in Drew’s system. What is of interest to us, is that AJ’s natal Mercury is opposed at 11:59°Virgo; holding up the mirror.
  • Transiting South Node (note this is the trauma point in Wesley Hadsell’s chart)  is exact natal phaeton (a vehicle).

The astrology suggests that Drew Hadsell is certainly on the scene of what unfolded on 2nd March 2015.  Was he there at her demise?  Time will tell.

Corey French:

Needs in common with Drew Hadsell, we have another Leo Moon although this male has a Capricorn Sun; he’s more dominant and business-like, I would suggest.

CoreyFrench-duoNeptune (turquoise) is at the angle; cusp of the 7th house – subterfuge with public relationships at 2pm on 2nd March. 

  • This male likely has a connection with drugs as a supplier.  We can suggest this when we look at the natal stellium of planets in the 7th house (Capricorn) – Mars (action) EXACT Uranus (rebellion) at 29°Capricorn PLUS the midpoint of Neptune and Mercury.
  • transiting Jupiter (green) conjunct his mid-range Leo Moon (his needs) is also quindecile to natal Neptune.  He’s pushing his subversive agenda.
  • transiting Mercury 15:52°Aquarius conjunct the natal drug flag; Molly 16:05° delivered to transiting asteroid Vesta 17:05°Aquarius.

All the tension in this male’s bi-wheel is directing to this agenda.  The asteroids add a further dimension with natal Money 10:12° EXACT the IC/cusp of the 4th house; a home delivery perhaps?

  • transiting asteroid Drew 4:45° PLUS Saturn (self-control) 4:49°Sagittarius  EXACT natal Drew 4:26°Sagittarius – that’s the connection and likely customer in the 5th house of ‘fun’.
  • Natal asteroid Nemesis 10°Taurus is conjunct Anjelica’s natal social drug flag, Molly 9:27°Taurus – Corey French won’t escape his nemesis; hiding in the military won’t help.  It’s just a matter of time.

Wesley Hadsell:

This man is the step-father of AJ Hadsell, uncle of Drew Hadsell and estranged partner of Jennifer Hadsell (AJ’s mom).  He is no longer residing in the family home; living in a hotel I am told and since mid March in an even smaller room; a jail cell (see top of page).

203-WesleyHadsell-duo Natal asteroid Hekate is exact the social drug flag; Molly in Anjelica’s natal chart 9:27°Taurus – he is at a crossroads in his relationship with Anjelica.

He has been her step-father for the last four years, however he is no longer living with her mom.  We have to ask ourselves whether he is withdrawing financial support to Anjelica due to this estrangement.  It appears that Jennifer Hadsell has moved on with her life.

  • transiting Moon (blue) square natal Mercury (yellow) – Wesley is in communication while at work (10th house)
  • tr Jupiter (green) inflates natal Uranus, rattling his chains; particularly as mid-range Moon is nearby plus squared by transiting Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) – again he is in communication in relation to what’s happening; likely displeased.  Did he leave work early?
  • Transiting Uranus at 14:33° Aries is in direct opposition to Pluto – some rebellion opposing his interference.
  • transiting Pluto  15:02°Capricorn is square this Uranus aspect – revealing a struggle for power from the young cubs most likely.
  • Cusp of the 4th house; home is the midpoint of natal Lunar north node and Pluto – sine qua non; Wesley takes control of a  situation.
  • Transiting Vesta (a confined space) 17:05°Aquarius is opposite to Wesley’s natal Mars – did he walk in on the ‘social gathering’.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) conjunct natal asteroid Mony 7:16°Leo PLUS both male’s mid-range Moon (their needs); all their needs are intertwined with money. 

10am 9th April 2015 – a body was found at an abandoned house 34160 Smith’s Ferry Rd, Franklin, VA.

Cartography with hindsight:  We know where AJ’s home is and where she was found, so we can draw a line connecting the two addresses – this is what we call a locator angle. Considering that we are now working in hindsight, the next step is to generate a chart at the time we have been given for when AJ was found – 10am.

Untitled-whoopsWe know that exactly on the hour (10am) is unlikely, so what we need to do is recognise that a 10am horary chart for 9th April 2015 will likely be close to accurate, but not necessarily exact to the degree.

As per our method, I’ve flipped the event chart to align north to north (astrology aligned to an atlas) then superimposed the horary chart (set for Franklin, VA) over this line.  What is then highlighted in red is transiting 8th house Mars 6:15°Taurus which is conjunct the red locator angle.

Where we can go from here, is check the characters in this madness to see if we have any persons whom may present tension in relation to this locator angle.  The usual suspects are not in the mix, so I’ll just list those whom do have tension with the locator angle, before we turn to the asteroids and look at a deeper level.

Natal charts:

  • Jennifer Hadsell; AJ’s mom has Mercury (communication) in Taurus conj transiting Mars
  • Jennifer Hadsell has Uranus (sudden changes) in Scorpio opposite transiting Mars
  • Wesley Hadsell; AJ’s step-father has Mercury (communication) on the line along with his wife.
  • Joshua Campbell; AJ’s boyfriend has his Lunar nodal axis (trauma) exact conjunct Mars on the locator angle
  • Casi Campbell; Joshua’s mom has her Lunar nodal axis (trauma) square the locator angle
  • Drew Hadsell has mid-range Moon square the locator angle.
  • Corey French has mid-range Moon square the locator angle PLUS asteroid Dejaniera (abduction) 5:04°Taurus; Atropos (end of the line) 5:45°Scorpio; Vesta (confined space) 5:02°Scorpio.

PLUS Corey French’s natal asteroid Nemesis (what will bring him down) at 10°Taurus is conjunct Anjelica’s natal social drug flag, Molly 9:27°Taurus.

Note: The other drug flag to check is WhiteRabbit#17942 (led Alice into Neptune’s realm) Corey French has this natal asteroid at 8:32°Capricorn conjunct AJ’s natal Jupiter 8:47° and opposite her natal Mars 9:56°Cancer.

With this information tucked into our belts, we can generate further charts to winkle out some more information that the heavens would share with us.

CoreyFrench-duo copyBoth charts are bi-wheels from the two events the last sighting of AJ Hadsell by a neighbour on 2nd March and the finding of her body 5 weeks later.  The outer wheel is the natal horoscope for Corey French with a selection of considered pertinent, asteroids.

The first chart is virtually a repeat of that further up the page, while the second chart contains the locator angle Taurus-Scorpio – as per the flipped chart on the map, also above. This reveals the tension as above in relation to the locator angle.

Chart #1 – 2nd March 2015  the blue text are the transiting planets and asteroids while the red text is the natal planets and asteroids for Corey French.

  • 7th house Dejaniera#157 is at 5:35°Aquarius opposite Nemesis#128 6:02°Leo – indications are that if an abduction were to take place on this date, the perpetrator would not get away with it.
  • natal mid-range Moon 6:43°Leo is conjunct by Nemesis – Corey French’s personal needs will be his downfall.
  • 8th house Mercury-Vesta 15:52°-17:05°Aquarius are inflated by Jupiter on the opposite side of the wheel at 14:40°Leo – this has all the markings of an overinflated sex-drive.
  • Mollypettit#20472 (social drugs) 16:05°Aquarius – this man has drugs in his system that are involved in the inflated sexual desire.
  • 9th house Sun is at 11:52°Pisces holding up the mirror, illuminating Black Moon Lilith; – this date reveals the weakness of everyone’s wants
  • Asteroid Angel 12:47°Virgo is conjunct Black Moon LilithAnjelica is what he wants.


7 thoughts on “Anjelica Hadsell”

  1. Who is Corey French? Is he an associate of Wesley Hadsell? I find no reference to him anywhere.

  2. Remember the break-in that Wes was charged with…
    I.e. when Wes found AJ’s rolled up jacket under a pillow where Corey French slept at his parent’s home. Corey is a friend of Drew Hadsell’s and currently in bootcamp (left home a week after AJ disappeared). There was also a romantic link with AJ when they were younger.

  3. Thank you! I didn’t realize Corey French was a friend of Drew Hadsell. I really appreciate your work and place much confidence in it. Wish we still had the astrology thread on WS.

  4. I’m not surprised based on Mountain Mist work. I’m just waiting for the other pieces to fall into place.

  5. Okay, Kate, where are we now. With what we know so far, the charts have preceeded the news. Is there any new information you can use to generate more information about AJ’s demise? You are so busy, I know. If you have time to explore more truth, would you mind?


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