Angie Pipkin

The following is the astrology story in relation to the Heather Elvis case in which remains found on 14th May 2014 are later identified as being those of Angie Pipkin.

The Florence County Sheriff’s Office has now confirmed that remains found in a wooded area along Timberwood Road off Paper Mill Road are human. Law enforcement officers from Horry and Darlington counties were on the scene and a preliminary autopsy report indicates that the investigation is of a homicide.  The media has suggested that the body is likely that of Angie Pipkin.  When I check the astrology birth charts of Angie Pipkin and Heather Elvis it is Heather whom is putting her hand up for us.   We don’t have the time of when the body was found yet, however I’ll base the charts on the current media report – 2:04pm, 14th May 2014.

The body has not yet been identified, however when I check this date with Heather’s natal chart we have a very strong indication that she has plenty to tell us.  So far we have media article at 2:04pm and a further mention of LE on the scene at 11am (thanks Love).

14May2014-HeatherHeather Elvis:   We have Heather shouting from the rooftops when we generate a bi-wheel based on the 14th May perspective. I need to look back to earlier charts for Heather’s symbols, however we all know that Moonchild represents Heather. We note that transiting Moon is in exact conjunction with her natal Moon.  This comes around once a month.

It is a full Moon on 14th May (well done Heather) with both luminaries in the mix; Sun opposite Moon – plenty of light on this scene. Transiting Saturn (grim reaper) is conjunct transiting Moon – do I need to interpret? I don’t think so.

  • Transiting Sun (orange) in the inner wheel is the date on the calendar, 14th May conjunct natal Venus – friends and family highlighted today
  • Transiting Sun opposite natal mid-range Moon – we see the light…
  • Transiting Sun opposite natal Pluto – sudden prominence
  • Transiting Moon conjunct natal Pluto – intensity of personal needs.
  • Transiting Moon conjunct natal Moon – Moonchild, we hear you.
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Venus – reaching out to friends and family
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon – comfort for the lonely
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Pluto – it’s almost as if the grim reaper is on-side; a sobering of power
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel is conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – exposure of the crime
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis is square natal Mercury – This is certainly the message across the ether.
  • Transiting Mars square natal Sun – direct application of energy
  • Transiting Pluto opposite natal Sun – a powerful force in play
  • Transiting Pluto quindecile natal Mercury – dare we suggest the power of prayer answered
  • Transiting Neptune is at the descendant – suggesting that the mystery is at its lowest point.  Is it over?

14May-Elvis-familyElvis family:  Do we need to wait for an LE announcement next Monday? Terry Elvis is bound to make an announcement if it’s Heather. The first bi-wheel, when we interpret the aspects has both transiting and natal Mercury (communication) in hard aspect.

  • Transiting Mercury opposite natal Sun – discussion.  Possible announcement?
  • Transiting Moon conjunct natal Mercury  – ditto

The second bi-wheel is highly emotive as we would expect to see in a sibling of Heather’s, chart.  I choose not to interpret.  Just knowing, is distressing enough.

These charts have been interpreted from the perspective of 2:04pm.  We change the perspective from here on in to 11am as we now know that LE were on the scene by this time.

11am14May-MoorersSidney and Tammy Moorer: These charts are not highly emotive, well there’s no need for them to be is there – they already know where Heather lies so if it’s her, its her.  What they will be emotive about are their own necks, which are now on the line id indeed the body is found to be Heather.  Saturn’s symbol of the grim reaper is certainly in these charts – he stands guard at the door.

Sidney Moorer’s natal Saturn is at the ascendant, however we cannot interpret this as the event-time is still not precise.  If this body is indeed that of Heather Elvis, that removes any fantasy of no-body = no-crime.  Does this mean that Sidney faces the death penalty now?  That would certainly have to be on his mind.

  • Transiting Saturn (grim reaper) conjunct Lunar nodal axis – we would expect this aspect due to the karmic connection between this man and Heather, however the finding of a body has to certainly be a traumatic event for him. 
  • Transiting Sun conjunct Lunar south node/lunar nodal axis – irrespective of the time of day, the date on the calendar indicates that it is pay-back time; karma.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) conjunct Lunar nodal axis – highly emotive reaction
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Uranus – method of victim’s death will no longer be hidden.
  • Transiting Jupiter square natal Jupiter – if it inflates any further the balloon will surely burst.

Tammy Moorer, meanwhile, has some similar reactions as her natal Mars is conjunct her husband’s Lunar nodal axis.  Again this would suggest thoughts turning to a possible death penalty with that transiting Moon conjunct Saturn; sobering any driving needs. Traditionally, the Moon-Saturn aspect relates to strategy and so we may yet see these husband and wife turning on each other in coming days.

  • Transiting Sun conjunct natal Mars – her ego is under attack
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Mars – even more so now, feeling that her ego is under attack.  Attack will be her defense.
  • Transiting Saturn opposite natal Mars – this news has put a dampener on things (probably thinking of her bond appeal coming up)
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) square natal Uranus – rattling her chains

11am14May-CaisonsCaison compound:  If nothing else we must comment, on compassionate grounds, that Tammy’s sibling is urgently in need of supervision. Her bi-wheel reveals serious obsessional behaviour as a result of this news.

  • Natal Jupiter (green) in the first bi-wheel is at the descendant – has her luck run out?
  • Both charts have transiting Moon and natal Moon in hard aspects with the planets – emotions would be running high. 

I trust the children are at least in a calm environment and not in this household.   There will not be any further interpretation of these particular charts at this stage.

The birdcage:  These bi-wheels are of the extended Caison family. They are bound to be Whistling Dixie. These will be the last of the charts that we will generate at this stage.   Interpretations will follow in more detail, given time…


  • Transiting Sun plus Moon and Saturn in the first bi-wheel are in hard aspect with Venus – this man’s family are under intense tension.
  • Transiting Neptune (the mystery) is in quindecile aspect with his natal Pluto.  I’m of the opinion that he didn’t really believe it all, until now it hits his power base.  He is certainly keeping quiet.

What is of particular interest in his bi-wheel is that the Kennary’s Sun-Mercury big mouth is not rattling the bars of his bird-cage.  The second bi-wheel reveals  an OTT reaction, which we do not need to interpret.

16th May 2014

Angie Pipkin:  By request, we include a bi-wheel for Angie Pipkin in an effort to explain why we suggest that, from an astrology perspective, the recovered remains do not appear to be hers – at least there is not a strong emotive reaction when we compare the two charts.  It is with respect we interpret the aspects present at the time of 11am 14th May 2014. (correction 20th May – human remains found last Wednesday have been identified as being those of Angie Pipkin.)

14May-AngiePipkinclick on chart for full size

  • Transiting Sun (orange) is holding up the mirror by opposition to natal Uranus – thereby creating a stir; a buzz of attention in the 5th house of friendship (her friends)

Note that the transiting Sun always represents the date on the calendar.

  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is in quindecile natal South Node and descendant.  The karmic connection is present revealing the connection with this discovery as being obsessional.  I say no more in this regard.
  • Transiting Uranus (9th house) square natal Venus – creating the buzz amongst her community of peers.

Monday, Monday…  A further request for a chart for Monday 19th May and our Moonchild.  As is our want to do when we don’t have a clock time, we use midday.  There will be synchronicities – there always are, however please remain skeptical of the subjective interpretation in relation to the houses and angles.

19May-HElvisThere is not a lot of difference in the charts since last Wednesday with the slower moving planets, the pressure is still on… but there are significant changes with the luminaries.

The major changes are that the transiting Sun (the date on the calendar) has moved on from conjunct natal Venus at 23° Taurus to 28°Taurus.  The illumination with Venus’ symbolism is still there, it’s just less dramatic.

The Moon has continued her monthly cycle from 23° Scorpio to 26° Capricorn.  The Moon is now in opposition aspect with natal Mercury (yellow) – highlighting the driving need to communicate.  This would relate to any official announcement; at least during this particular Moon phase.  Whether this is personal or private, we do not know.  Patience is needed.

The transiting Moon is also conjunct natal Neptune (at the ascendant) – casting her illumination onto the mystery; highlighting the case.

20th May  With the announcement that the remains found in Florence County are those of Angie Pipkin (thanks Lily), this certainly reveals the heightened emotion around this case.  The charts (we generated above) were at the announcement of the finding of human remains and therefore the reactions in the charts of the individuals concerned are as it would be expected – they all reacted emotionally to the news itself plus the possibly of the remains being identified as those of Heather Elvis.

This explains much of the chart interpretation, but not the main bi-wheel, that of Heather herself.  The outcome of her chart brings into question the subjectivity of astrology as a method of derivation.  I have no answers at this stage and apologise whole-heartedly if we have caused distress to anyone.


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