Amber Berbiglia

An enquiry into the Amber Berbiglia murder in Myrtle Beach, SC on 3rd May 2013 remains unsolved. We haven’t had any persons of interest at any stage in this case; well not ones with names, or birth data.

amberberbigliaWe have received a request from  some whom are following the kidnapping of Heather Elvis in Myrtle Beach; the trial of Tammy and Sidney Moorer to make an enquiry of the heavens/astrology charts.  Some wonder as to whether there is any chance that Tammy Moorer could be involved in the murder of Amber.

We don’t know if Amber and Heather ever met, however they worked at similar establishments.  It’s highly likely that Sidney the-wolf Moorer had known both young women.

Note: Please leave any moral judgements packed in your garage please. I am not inferring that Amber Berbiglia was unfaithful to her fiancé in any way. Her murder did not include a sexual assault.

I’ll use the time of 4:30pm for our incident, which is when Amber was found; car motor still running plus the vehicle was still on the road (NOT pulled over to the curb). The car door was shut and the body was outside of her vehicle – skull fractured in 2 places; defense wounds on her arms. Amber died from blunt force trauma to the head; no weapon was found at the scene.

She had been due to start her shift at the Overtime Sports Cafe at 4pm.

  • Location of murder:  2368 Old Sanders Drive (west bound) under the Robert Edge Parkway, Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • Amber Marie Berbiglia DOB 16th July 1989 EDT
  • Tammy Moorer DOB 8th July 1972 EST
  • Sidney Moorer DOB 14th January 1975 EST
  • Incident/event time used 4:30pm 3rd May 2013

Just as law enforcement make a victim analysis, we undertake astrology profiling – seeking out weaknesses in all our characters; be they victims or POIs.

Amber Berbiglia

The Sun represents our wants in life and the Moon, our primary needs.  Amber’s natal Sun is in the zodiac sign of Cancer plus with her vibrant personality; a morning child most likely with a Sagittarius Moon.  Note: If a late evening delivery into the earthly realm, then Amberwould have Moon conjunct Uranus – need to rebel against any restrictions put on her, be they moral, or any other ‘harness’.

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Sagittarius blends the contradictory elements of caution, defensiveness and security of Cancer (her wants) with the much more outgoing Sagittarius tendency to be outgoing and independent (her needs).

She’d set her own standards that she would live by; likely emulating a public persona (possibly an illusion). In many ways Amber would be a  ‘free spirit’, communicating with a frank openness. There’s no weakness or timidity with this mix of wants and needs; no mixed messages.

The weakness in this mix is that Amber has a Saturn Retrograde in her natal chart;  lack of boundaries in male/female relationships.  So her ethical and moral standards were likely set by her immature emotional self.  This is not a judgemental statement.  It is an astrological interpretation of the Sun-Moon mix together with her natal Saturn placement in her horoscope.

Saturn Rx women tend to make buddies with men, which some men then interpret the meaning as equating with desire.  Actually this lack of self-control behaviour works with both sexes.

AmberBerbiglia-duoNatal Saturn (self-control) conjunct Neptune (addictive substances) does also not augur well either in a horoscope. It can give us someone whom leans towards depressive episodes, feeling wronged etc – depending on the house placement.  We do not have Amber’s time of birth and so we cannot nominate where this aspect may manifest.

The first bi-wheel (method) is calculated at 4:30pm when her body was found on Old Sanders Drive. We cannot take the angles  or the houses too seriously as we do not have a reliable time, although it is worthy to note that the angles are at the four cardinal points.

  • The 4th house is that of home/the heart and with transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) plus quindecile natal Jupiter (green) we have an inflated sense of being in love with life; everything is rosey. This would have been how she was feeling for the entire day.
  • transiting Sun (orange) opposite natal Pluto – the date on the calendar has highlighted need for power in her life PLUS
  • Midpoint of transiting Saturn/Node= natal Pluto – a sacrifice is needed; give up the struggle to maintain power.
  • Midpoint Moon/Uranus = cusp 4th house – a rebelliousness in relation to matters of the heart.
  • tr Uranus square Neptune – exploring individuation through one’s imagination; creatively.

In order to seek clarity of these aspects, we turn to the 2nd chart and the asteroids.  This second chart reveals the blue text as the heavens above on 3rd May and red text is Amber’s natal chart.

The Vertex in the incident (blue) identifies a fated connection and at the descendant, this is in opposition to Amber’s physical self.  The transiting Vertex can work for, or against us; however it is always significant.

  • Asteroid Tammy#3403 at 23:47°Taurus is EXACT asteroid Amber#933 at 23:09°Taurus in Amber’s natal chart  PLUS both are conjunct transiting Venus 22:54° Taurus  – so we can say wow, how bizarre is that… 

No it’s not bizarre, but highly dangerous because the fixed star Algol; head of Medusa, shares that space in the zodiac with them. This is the most evil star in the heavens and a destiny if these two women were to meet.  But there’s more…

  • transiting (blue) Phaeton#3200 (a vehicle) is also at this dangerous 24:14°Taurus – vehicles are in the mix as well.
  • Transiting asteroid (blue) Tammy 21:34°Cancer is conjunct Wesson#2017 (handgun) 22:47°Cancer – does Tammy carry a gun for a sense of security, or a need?  These two asteroids are EXACT conjunct Amber’s (red) natal Mercury 22:06Cancer PLUS her (red) natal Sun 24:05 Cancer. I can unequivocally suggest that if these two women confronted each other on this day, Tammy was packing a handgun.
  • Natal asteroid (red) Sidney#68448 at 3:57°Virgo is EXACT Amber’s (red) natal Bacchus#2063 – Amber and Sidney would have certainly spent time socialising and consuming alcohol together. Sidney ‘Wolf’ in action.

So according to the astrology so far, we can suggest that if Amber Berbiglia were to meet someone named Sidney it would be at a venue that served alcohol.  As to when this may happen, there is no particular tension on this date in May 2013 to indicate that it was on that date.

Further if she met someone named Tammy; then Tammy would be handling a gun when they came into contact.

Two transiting planetary bodies could have allowed this second meeting (Tammy) to come about on 3rd May 2013, because asteroids Phaeton (vehicles) and Venus were orbiting in the same region of the heavens to create tension.

Venus represents peer groups and so we could even consider this is an occasion where two female rivals vie for the affections of the same man; even if only one of these women thought they were… 

Perhaps we are jumping the gun, however further analysis of charts will either support this proposition, or not. 

 Sidney Moorer and the 3rd May 2013

Sidney-Berbeglia-duoWe’ve discussed Sidney’s character in detail elsewhere as he and his wife Tammy await trial for the kidnapping and murder of Heather Elvis in Myrtle Beach.

Apart from the natal Saturn Rx; lack of boundaries in male-female relationships, Sidney is in the midst of experiencing a Pluto square Pluto aspect in his life.  This can be an explosive period, coming to terms with the dark side of himself; his inner fears. This is a time when a marriage can be challenged by affairs and a desire for intimacy.

The first chart is indicating the struggle between personal and home; desiring freedom from the responsibilities of a family.

  • transiting Saturn conjunct natal Uranus – self-control and rebellion constantly creating tension.
  • Midpoint of transiting (pink) Venus/Lunar South Node= natal South Node. This weakness for the attention of women appears to be of a karmic origin; creates trauma in a family.
  • Transiting Mars 9:57°Taurus square natal Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel, indicates the desire to communicate; making plans.
  • tr Mercury quindecile Lunar North Node – obsessively wanting to meet with an unidentified ‘other’.

This 23:38°Aries in Chiron man exposes his inner wounds; a need to overcome feelings of worthlessness. Transiting Eris at 22:30°Aries is conjunct natal Chiron. This need is creating trouble and strife at home and likely the lie he tells himself behind his womanising.  

  • When we check the asteroid for ‘lies we tell ourself in order to be happy’, sure enough Sidney has Borasissi#66652 at 21:12°Capricorn conjunct his natal Sun.  Fulfilling his wants are the lies that he tells himself in order to be happy; plus in the zodiac of Capricorn, we know this relates to self-control and/or the lack of.

There are two asteroids that are creating particular tension on 3rd May 2013, Transiting Sidney#68448 conjunct natal Saturn – reinforcing the above suggestion in relation to self-control.  However in forensic astrology terms this loss of self-control can attract the grim reaper.

The other is transiting asteroid GregNorman#16046.  We have included this asteroid in the search for a possible connection between Amber and SidneyMoorer.  Amber was known to have been employed at Greg Norman’s Barefoot Landing Bar plus as we know, Sidney was the wolf on the prowl for pretty young women.

  • transiting GregNorman (blue) 2:03°Gemini conjunct natal (red) GregN at 29°Taurus as well as Atropos 0:59°Gemini and Ceres 1:21°Gemini.  Boy oh boy – Sidney you reap what you sow plus in the zodiac of Gemini, we have charm and lies.  With Atropos in the mix we know this will take Sidney to the end of the line; cutting ties with the earthly plane.

We have confirmation that Sidney most likely knew Amber Berbiglia; at least in a social sense.

Tammy Moorer and the 3rd May 2013

Tammy shares this Aries Chiron aspect with her husband; living with her sense of worth/worthlessness, however it manifests somewhat differently in her case. Tammy’s Chiron at 11:50°Aries is conjunct asteroid Eris at 12:19° – creating trouble and strife is her way of handling her inner wound.  Hardly a way towards healing.

Tammy also walks with the grim-reaper; natal Saturn conjunct the (blue) GregNorman asteroid.  She threatens all the pretty young women working in the bars around town.  We know that Tammy packs a handgun as well, from Amber’s chart, so her threats are backed up.  We’ve all seen this in selfies on social media; Tammy with her handgun and draped around her Sidney.

Tammy-Berbiglia-duoIn the first chart, natal Pluto is at the ascendant; power is on the agenda – Tammy’s power according to Tammy.

  • tr Lunar north node quindecile natal Venus (pink) – a family trauma in relation to a female; obsessive need for desire to be focused on herself, rather than an ‘other’. PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Mars – Tammy is driven to take action.
  • tr Moon (blue) in the inner wheel square natal Saturn and all those Chiron issues that both spouses share.  They are certainly at odds on this date over trips to the GregNorman watering-hole. Personal needs are sure to be on the agenda.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) is square natal Neptune – subterfuge with communication most likely; perhaps checking her spouses phone as natal Neptune is in the 3rd house of communication.
  • tr Jupiter (green) square natal Sun (orange) inflating Tammy’s wants – she wants what SHE wants. PLUS
  • tr Jupiter opposite mid-range Moon (blue) – what Tammy wants fulfills her needs.  This is a heightened and dangerous person to be in a confrontation at this particular time; 3rd May 2013.

So what can the asteroids add to this paranoia?

  • transiting Pholus#5145 is where we have regrets; shoulda-coulda.  At 21:37°Sagittarius we can see that this ties in with the inflation by Jupiter and Tammy’s need fulfillment. Her mid range Moon is at 22:52°Sag.  Tammy may claim publicly to have no regrets, but this particular day is one of them when she does regret her actions.  The heavens don’t get caught up in human belief systems.
  • tr asteroid Amber at 3:33°Capricorn is conjunct natal Jupiter 5:01°Capricorn – in Tammy’s horoscope.  This indicates that Amber is possibly inflated by a ‘puffed-up’ Tammy in relation to self-control.  Is there an actual face-to-face threat taking place on this date?

Transiting asteroid Vesta#4 is in opposition to transiting asteroid Amber in the natal horoscope for Tammy, indicating any possible confrontation between these two women on this date would be away from Amber’s place of work.

  • Tammy’s natal Vesta at 29:50°Pisces, apart from being opposite natal Pluto (wearing the pants at home), Vesta is at the descendant; cusp of the 7th house 0:25°Aries and the Aries point.  Tammy is dealing with a primary matter in relation to her spouse/marriage that requires actioning.
  • transiting asteroid (blue) Sidney at 28:50°Cancer is conjunct Tammy’s natal namesake asteroid; Tammy 29:08°Cancer.  This suggests that the two are in conjunction.
  • Natal Moira#638 is right there as well at 2:04° Aries – indicating a fated event is unfolding.

Transiting Pallas (blue) in the second chart brings our focus to the inner warrior in us all.  On 3rd May Pallas is transiting the heavens at 16:44°Taurus conjunct Tammy;s natal Atropos 17:27°Taurus PLUS her natal Mars 17:53°Taurus.  Whatever Tammy is doing on this day will bring about the end of her life on this earthly plane as well.

I realise that this enquiry is totally circumstantial, as well as in the realm of pseudo science, so not recognised in any court of law.  However I would trust local law enforcement would put aside any outright rejection of our outcome; re-checking everything in the case of the murder of Amber Berbiglia and any possible connection with Tammy and Sidney Moorer.

The heavens suggest that this case is an opportunity to bring the Moorers to account for their actions.

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