Following the iPhones to where they lead us…

Note:  should anyone wander onto this page please note that any maps or images, which appear on this page from time to time are not intended as locators for Allison’s phone.  As I am not in Brisbane, I have a sleuth on the ground confirming co-ordinates from GBC’s phone call log.

I am not suggesting that we are going to find Allison’s phone at one of these co-ordinates.  It is my way of being inside the perpetrators headspace by walking in his shoes, so to speak.

By all means follow the interaction; it cannot remain exclusive as long as it is on the public access.


Think laterally;  right side of the brain preferably…

Farnworth StCo-ordinate #8

Foot access point to #8 – thanks for your ground work DW;  duly noted.

I may come back to this location.  Much behind the scenes to be done first.


blog-locator#9Co-ordinate #9   – imo GBC sent the 2nd text from where the green arrow directs us.

This co-ordinate led to the following post being written:  On the move: an iPhone timeline

7 thoughts on “Following the iPhones to where they lead us…”

  1. Good news Doc…..I have the printout of nine GPS locations from GBC’s phone between the time of the two texts he sent to Allison so will be able to track his movements between 6.20am and 6.41am.
    I have one co-ordinate which appears to have been when he was on foot and in bushland. Do you have a hand-held GPS unit?

  2. Yup – sure do. Plus iPhone and iPad. I have a TomTom 930 top of the range model handheld GPS. I won’t even ask how you got those phone logs… 😉

  3. Check your WS msgs – I see one problem in particular with those coordinates – the timestamps. They’re identical – the phone was stationary.

  4. Been thinking about your map MM and narrowing the search area even more.
    And considering your maps and methods are proving eerily accurate.
    And discounting the (unlikely) event the phone was later recovered for a trip to Gold Coast.
    One: The phone was thrown from the car.
    Two: The phone was taken for a walk to a “hole.”
    Given the possibly flummoxed state of mind of the tosser together with the need for speed, the first scenario would be more likely.
    That would place the phone within a stone’s throw from the road.
    And one would doubt the tosser would simply drop the phone close to the road.
    So, How far is a phone’s throw?

  5. Ooops, should have added to that post. If tossed from the car, phone would be on the driver’s side of the car, considering this should have been a one person mission.

  6. Meaning, right hand side of the road, in the direction of travel.
    That narrows MM’s protractor work considerably.
    (Off topic slightly, but heavy rains twice at later date could have altered position of “tossed” item. Even birds.)
    Personally I don’t think he was that dumb as to simply throw away her phone. Pull it to bits maybe. Or permanently incapacitate it.
    Mind thinking overtime, regarding Innocence, seeing as that is all that matters at about this time.


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