Adrieanna Cave

We had an unfortunate start to this case with a language barrier leading to an incorrect birth-date for the missing 16 year-old.  We’re back on track now in an effort to make some sense of this teen’s disappearance in McKinney, Texas.

sweet16Adrieanna left before the end of her high-school classes; 3:30pm on 3rd March 2015. There has been no contact with her family, or friends apparently.

Missing teenager Adrieanna Nogueira Cave was born 4th November 1998 at 2:40pm in Florida, USA.  As astrologers, we have been asked to give our version of what may have happened at this particular time and on this particular day, that could have triggered her disappearance.

We have a natal chart to work with, which will have relevant house placements in her astrology horoscope. Please remain skeptical of our result as astrology is considered to be a pseudo-science and not accepted in the courts.

AdriennaCave-natal-duoThis teenager has a Saturn retrograde in her natal chart, which could reveal one parent dominant, or the other removed in her formative years due to family circumstances.  Whichever, Adrieanna lacked the male mentoring of learning male-female roles in any relationship between the sexes. This can lead to a girl looking for a father figure among her social circle as she matures.

  • With natal Jupiter at the ascendant of her birth horoscope, this teen has always lived with an over-inflated sense of self.
  • Mars opposite Jupiter – she’d be ‘making waves’ with tremendous energy, wherever she went.
  • Asteroid Pallas#2 conjunct the ascendant reveals a “problem solver genius” in the making. Unfortunately this wisdom is in the sign of Pisces – the dreamer and then becomes a potential “know-it-all”Adrieanna would’ve been quite a challenge for her mother, as Pallas is quindecile natal Lunar North Node.
  • Further compulsive actions relate to self-worth together with self-control and personal primary need for a male partner at an early age; again seeking maturity and experience.
  • Natal Vertex 23:02°Virgo is in the 7th house – again seeking a significant life-partner
  • Chiron#2060 at 22:00°Scorpio opposite natal Moon (blue) reveal someone whom is likely to cover up their feelings of inadequacy with false bravado. Not a good idea for one so young.
  • 23:25°Aquarius reveals a 12th house (the mind) asteroid, Borassisi#66652.  This asteroid is symbolic of the lies we tell ourselves in order to be happy.  Adrieanna has this asteroid mirroring natal 22:09°Leo; Atropos (the end of the line, death) – her false bravado, looking for love could very well be the end of her.

Adrieanna-event-duoWhen we bring this natal chart together with the incident of 3:30pm, we can interpret the tension that she is likely to be experiencing at this time and hopefully an indication of her disappearance (method). The inner wheel is still her natal chart and the outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens when she was last seen at school.

  • Date on the calendar (orange) is at the ascendant PLUS quindecile natal Lunar north node – obsessively looking for recognition as an individual person by her mother.  This is what drives her disappearance. I.e. seeking attention.
  •  Transiting 14:53°Leo Jupiter (green) is also in quindecile aspect to natal Neptune – determined to disappear.  It would appear that the intent is to stay with friends (11th house).  PLUS
  • When we seek out the asteroids we know that 13:51° Leo; Bratfest#7887 (a festival of teenage brats/peers) and  15:57°Leo; Vesta#4 (an apartment rather than a house) are keeping company with Jupiter in the heavens.

So that is Adrieanna’s plan to lay low for a while with friends.  So what would the heaven’s perspective tell us?

event-Acave-duoThis duo of charts are from the perspective of 3:30pm on 3rd March 2015.  The reverse of the above – the inner wheel is what’s happening live in the heavens and the outer wheel is the natal horoscope for Adrieanna.  Blue is the colour of the transiting  asteroids and red – Adrieanna’s asteroids.

The heavens tell us that this was a very risky idea for Adrieanna.  That false bravado (we wrote above) certainly is in the mix;  transited EXACT by the 22°Leo Moon (blue) overhead.  Something has gone terribly wrong with her plans – her parents have gone public…

Has she ‘cried wolf’ one too many times?


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