Adam Baden-Clay – brother

Adam Paul Baden-Clay – youngest child of Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay – brother of the accused Gerard Baden Clay

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This natal chart has been rectified (birth time was not known) calculated as per family relocation from Africa to Australia.

  • Capricorn Sun-Leo Moon – similar to father’s aloofness, appearing detached. Desires power and position, because they usually feel that they’re the one most qualified to run the show. However he would go about getting it in a quiet, cool and collected way.  Parents will likely lean more on him for advice as they age.
  • Saturn retrograde (same as brother) – lack of male mentoring.  Does he harbour resentment as a result?
  • Mercury square Jupiter – likely good common sense; enjoys travelling.  Academia would tempt for a career, as the desire to influence by publication is present in this chart.
  • Uranus quindecile Lunar South Node – karmic issues in relation to sudden changes in relationships.
  • Uranus square MC – several career changes

On the opening day of the trial, Adam Paul Baden-Clay was absent from court although by the time it came for his brother to take the stand, he was in the public gallery and remained until the jury returned a ‘guilty of murder’ verdict.

Chart #1 is from the perspective of the opening date of the trial 10am on Tuesday 10th June, 2014.  The trial is expected to take 3-4 weeks and so Chart #2 is from the perspective of a month later, Thursday 10th July 2014.

Adam-duoAdam Baden-Clay may not live in Brisbane, however we know that he keeps in regular contact with his parents via Skype. We can view his emotive reaction to matters in Brisbane and there are a-plenty – I’d say Christmas in July, but it’s only June.

We know that Adam’s natal Moon is in Leo, needing recognition, appreciation and honour, however there’s no honour to be won in Brisbane for this thirty-nine year old. I expected to find a calm, collected ex military man whom had served his country to be stoic under fire, however that is not the case.

There is an undercurrent of highly emotive reaction to this trial.  We note that the tension is mostly by conjunction where the energies swirl together generating a confusion as to any separation of urges.  The pendulum can swing either way; good or bad depending on the combination of planets.

With a very busy third house in the first chart, apart from the communication realm, we know that this house also relates to one’s siblings.  We also know from previous analysis of individual charts this family have a very much ‘us versus them attitude’ to their place in the world; closing ranks.  The trouble with this is that they’ll not likely take direction from legal counsel and are a law unto themselves.

  • Natal Moon (blue) in the outer wheel is in the 1st house – we can expect a highly emotive interpretation.
  • Tr Mars in 2nd house conjunct natal Pluto – extreme force being used in relation to protecting (family) assets; position in society ie the family ‘name’.
  • Tr Moon conjunct natal Uranus – intensified drive to fulfill personal needs as well as siblings (the accused)
  • Tr Saturn conjunct ascendant – putting self aside as a measure of control, resulting in possible health breakdown
  • Tr Saturn conjunct Venus (pink) – fear of not being accepted is driving this conjunction
  • Tr Pluto in 6th house conjunct Mercury (yellow) – in communication with brother’s legal team probably in an effort to persuade, even demanding new perspectives be undertaken.
  • Tr Uranus conjunct Jupiter (green) in 8th house – boundless optimism in relation to his influence generating a transformation of the trial
  • Tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal Mars – actively supportive of family on opening day and during the trial. 
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel opposite natal Sun (orange) – communication between Brisbane and Canada is likely using up the data big-time.

The second chart is a different story, a month later. Obsessive activity has taken over the focused energy during the opening stages of the trial of his brother.  with natal Mars at the mid-heaven, there is a change of status within the family

  • Tr Venus conjunct natal Mars at mid-heaven – I would suggest that this is an intensification of a relationship within his family.  Is he now Nigelaine’s #1 son?
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) in 3rd house – any obsessive childhood sibling rivalry is finally absolved; honour of self, uppermost.
  • Tr Moon is also conjunct natal Neptune – self delusion likely
  • Tr Sun (orange) opposite natal Mercury (4th house) – date on the calendar also intersects with tr Pluto to oppose natal Mercury, bringing his focus back to his domestic situation.  Note – this energy is waning – it would have been stronger about 5 days earlier.
  • Tr Jupiter quindecile natal Mercury – hopefully common sense prevails, demanding new perspectives to get him past this obsessive focus.
  • Tr Pluto is also square natal Pluto – likely drawing him back to his own domestic family situation in Canada.



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