creating a bi-wheel

it’s all in the software… Here’s how it is done:

Firstly we need a clock timed event:   here is an example –

If you note the ascendant is at 17 degrees Virgo 03“.  This is the base point for overlaying a natal chart to create a bi-wheel.

What the computer does is that it takes the natal wheel of the person we are going to discuss and aligns that chart to the same ascendant point (as the timed event) ie 17 degrees Virgo 03“.

When the two charts are put together – they therefore have the same ‘starting point’, the ascendant.

The planets from the natal chart remain in the same position against the zodiac as when the child was born.  It is the planetary configuration that lines up when we generate a bi-wheel

The inner chart is exactly the event chart as above and the outer chart is the natal chart rotated to align at the same ascendant.

I’ll explain it one more way:

  1. Create a chart of a clock-timed event (a snapshot of the heavens at the time a vehicle drove out the driveway).  note the ascendant is at 17 degrees Virgo 03″.
  2. Create a natal chart (larger size than the first one) for a person of interest or a victim (a snapshot of the heavens at noon on the day they were born). Their ascendant/rising sign is not likely to be at 17 degrees Virgo so let’s say for arguments sake it is 00 degrees Aquarius.
  3. Rotate this chart until the ascendant is at 17 degrees Virgo 03″ ignoring the original Aquarius ascendant point.
  4. Cut a hole in the middle of this 2nd chart and insert the 1st chart.  You will then have a bi-wheel.

The computer software does this for me.

We could of course make two charts and lay them side by side and compare them, however the genius of software  means that we get the tension aspects between the two charts jumping off the page.

8 thoughts on “creating a bi-wheel”

  1. I have to ask about the source of Dane’s birth details…and did you rectify his chart? Thanks Daryl.

  2. Hi, I’d like to request a reading for Marilyn Wallman, the cold case that happened in Mackay, about/ more than 40 years ago, this one broke my heart when I heard about it, that was 2 years ago now,

  3. Hello ,
    Was wondering if a wheel could be created for young beauty queen Heather Ciccone who was murdered execution style on a country Road in Spotsylvania Virginia last year . Her murder or murderers were never caught. Thank you, Jackie


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