Sandrine Jourdan

We have all heard of Provence, of Marseilles, of Cannes, of Nice, of the Côte d’Azur; azure skies and the Mediterranean, but among these tourist venues there are many pretty little towns. There is one in particular, which is nicknamed the Provençale Venice.  This is Martiques.  The charm of the canals, its docks and bridges gave Martiques the nickname, which translates in English to The Venice of Provence.  Martiques is the birthplace of Sandrine Jourdan.

As we leave Martiques, a wine-growing region in Southern France to a new locale in Caboolture, Queensland Australia, we hear of a vibrant woman who is today, officially a missing person.

Sandrine is not a tourist or a visitor to our country. Australia is her home. Sandrine is a mother, a sister and a much loved member of the Jourdan family; one of our own.  From such a bubbly, bright beginning comes the disquiet of not knowing, of silence.

At 5.30pm on 13 July, 2012 Sandrine Jourdan disappeared without a trace. One moment she was there and the next gone. We have the image of this vibrant lady, in a good place, happily walking down a driveway on her way to meet with friends.

Sandrine didn’t meet with any of her friends then and she has not met with any friends since.  There is silence.

As an astrologer, I begin my journey of locating a missing person by entering the realm of possibility, the pseudo-scientific area of forensic astrology.  I carry my toolkit and a map of the heavens.

In this post, as is my prerogative, I will not mention any facts other than what is on the public record.  I respect the privacy of the family and the information that they have provided. I will however share what astrological interpretation reveals itself. I have the consent of Sandrine’s family to do this.

From what the family have told me, I have enough data to produce horoscope charts on two persons (Sandrine and a person of interest – POI) and an event (the time of her disappearance). These astrology wheels, together with Google maps will have their say.

Let’s break that silence together with the help of Sandrine’s horoscope.

The first wheel on the left, is the horoscope of Sandrine Jourdan. This is the pattern in the heavens at the time when she was born; the placement of the planets in the sky in Martiques, France at the moment of her birth.

The first thing we notice is the stellium (a bunch of planets in one place).  Those who are familiar with my work know that a stellium in a chart holds the significance that this person is a bright light and we also know that, bright lights can attract insects in the night; moths to the flame.

The planets I want to draw your attention to are Pluto in the 12th house (left-hand side above the horizon line) and Saturn in the 9th house (top right-hand side). See pink highlighter.  It is the placement of these two planets that we look for in the chart of a missing-person as they are the major planetary indicators of such an investigation.

The second wheel in the middle, is of the event; the time when Sandrine was last seen.  This time and date I can share as it is on the public record.  The time is 5.30pm on 13 July, 2012 at Caboolture, Queensland. We are at the celestial points of Latitude 27S05; Longitude 152E57.

Again the planets I draw your attention to, are Pluto in the 12th house (left-hand side above the horizon line) and Saturn in the 10th house (top just to the left).  Is your attention piqued?   These two planets are at almost identical positions of house placements and distance between them as the previous wheel.

It is only a matter of a few minutes of degree difference between them.  These planets are not astrologically aligned (the planets are in different zodiac signs), however they are a snapshot of planetary positions in the heavens at any given time. Is this just a coincidence or is it a sign?

The public record tells us that Sandrine is 37 years old, so on the day of her birth in 1974 and the time of her disappearance in 2012, both Pluto and Saturn were in similar positions in the heavens. These two planets happen to be the two, which we need to research.  This is not Venus or Mars. Pluto and Saturn are the big weights; heavy duty.

For me as a researcher, this coincidence/omen indicates that we are not out in the wilderness and there is signage present. For another, it probably holds more significance or none depending on your persuasion.  I flag it anyway for future reference, if needed.

The third wheel on the right, is of a person of interest whom the family has asked I include in this investigation. I have the date of birth of this person, however as I have no knowledge of the time of birth or the life-experiences of this individual, I am unable to make a rectified wheel. We set the time of birth (as is classically accepted in astrology) as 12midnight – when the clock clicked over to that specific date of birth.

In this wheel, the only planetary body, which may differ slightly during a day, is the Moon at 23 degrees Aquarius.  This may need to be rectified at some future date to the early degrees of Pisces and of course the house placements cannot be accepted as accurate.

As a stand-alone wheel it is only ‘of interest’, however it is when we include it with a known ‘accurately-timed’ wheel, we can see what this person’s planetary interpretations have to add.  Another way of putting it is, that when we look at this person from the driveway where Sandrine was last seen, we have a point of reference. He is not a phantom.

We turn to a classic Plutonian approach now for interpretation as Pluto represents, apart from the mythical God of the Underworld, a perspective – the relationship between two things. In our case the relationship between two horoscope wheels – the bi-wheels.

I have produced three sets of bi-wheels of data to reveal the inter-relationships.  The Event and Sandrine (from the perspective of the time of her disappearance) then a reversal of this to Sandrine and the Event (from Sandrine’s perspective) and the third bi-wheel is The POI (person of interest) and the Event.  What is very surprising is that despite the fact that we don’t know the time of this POI’s birth, he has a lot to tell us.

According to astrological interpretation, this individual is indicating that they had knowledge of the event of the disappearance of Sandrine and even possibly, the aftermath.

Pluto, in forensic astrology is the major planet to identify a death.  In all our horoscopes, at the point of our death, Pluto is inevitably involved.

Saturn, in forensic astrology often relates to the body of a deceased person and their location.  There are other significant factors, which can come into the picture, however this is not the place nor time to share that lesson.

Suffice to say that at this point as a result of my observation of the relationships between the above bi-wheels, our missing Sandrine is not likely to be found alive. I have highlighted the areas relevant for students of forensic astrology.

It is of utmost importance to remind you at this point that this information is not factual.  It is as a result of an interpretation of the planets in the heavens, not of science.  Astrology is a pseudo-science.

If Sandrine is indeed no longer of this world, the next step in our research is endeavour to find where she may be located.  Again the bi-wheels will light our way, together with that wonderful Uranus inspired innovation, interactive maps.

Before we fire up Google, I need to share with you that astrology is a topsy-turvy world to the layperson.  North is at the bottom of the wheel and south at the top and so in order to work together with maps and cartography, an astrology wheel needs to be flipped vertically so that the ‘two norths’ are in alignment.

I have flipped all pertinent wheels and superimposed each of them over the exact position of her disappearance on a map of the area and then looked for a relationship between them all – once flipped they show us the way, the direction to a possible location.

Please note here that I am a math challenged person; am unable to tell you the degree of the angle I have found in common with the planetary positions of Pluto and Saturn. I need to show you the common thread that weaves it all together in a visual form.

I have produced nine different pictures with the same method used – each wheel superimposed over the point of disappearance and in all nine images they all point the same way, to the exact degree. There are different configurations with the all important big bells – the angles, Pluto and Saturn. All have an input to the overall picture.

In particular I want to share that the nodal axis is also included in the bi-wheel of the Event and POI. For those who are familiar with my writings, this is where a person has their 15 minutes of fame or notoriety on the public stage.  For many this is the point of karma.

I reproduce one of these maps here.  It is that of Sandrine herself, her birth horoscope wheel flipped vertically and superimposed over a map of the area, centred over her point of disappearance.  I want her to break the silence, not I.

This particular picture is not a complicated mass of planets directing us, nor is it a complex matter for her.  It is simply the planet Saturn indicating to us the driveway to her possible location.

When I look at this picture in detail, following the red line, I note that there is one particular point, which leaps off the page to my experienced eye.

 I reproduce a street-view here to share and not the address, as until such time as a possible body is recovered, the address is not on the public record.

In my opinion it is a possible place to search in an effort for this family to find their missing girl.

The family has been notified of a possible location and it is up to them as to whom they share that information with, not us.

5 thoughts on “Sandrine Jourdan

  1. I want to ask one thing regarding my missing brother.My elder brother (Shardesh Gupta or Bantu) has been missing from Allahabad ,Kumbh Mela 2013 since 24 feb 2013 .He is MENTALLY CHALLENGED.His date of birth is 30/10/1985.He is 27 yrs old.Sir,can you find out my missing elder brother ?God will bless you.

  2. I want to ask one thing regarding my missing brother.My elder brother (Shardesh Gupta or Bantu) has been missing from Allahabad ,Kumbh Mela 2013 since 24 feb 2013 .He is MENTALLY CHALLENGED.His date of birth is 30/10/1985.He is 27 yrs old.His permanent address is Area- Ishlamabad, Kadaura ,Distt-Jalaun (Uttar Pradesh)India Pin code 285203.2Sir,can you find out my missing elder brother ?God will bless you.

  3. Hello, I am a seer. Do you have an old family friend who makes cigarettes or cigars??
    Not far from him is creek. to the north west from the creek at a point you can go downhill. Good luck.

  4. Hello and hoping this finds you well. I am fastidiously honing in a point of reference. Am a seer, and had just predicted Sandrines birthtime which is aligned with her last time of appearance. My email is supplied, i would like to ask you to check my address with your point of reference and if they match the look is on, it would be great to stay in touch.

  5. Hi, my name is Paula, I am admin for Sandrine Jourdans Facebook page and personal friend of Christine Day Sandrines sister, as she has so very much going on in her life atm I request that you converse with me. Can you please pass along your incite into Sandrines disappearance. Thank you for your precious time. Sincerely Paula O’Keefe.


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