Gillian Edie Meagher

The missing person is a 29 year old Irish born woman who resides with her husband in an apartment in Lux Way, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia.  Her name is Jill Meagher.

Last CCTV footage – en-route her home on foot (believed to be talking to her brother in Perth, Western Australia on her mobile phone.)   The CCTV camera is located at 517 Sydney Road, Brunswick; the time is 1.45am Saturday 22 September, 2012

The first image I have created is based on google maps of the area in question where the woman was last seen (extended to include her home).  Over the top of this image I have superimposed an ‘event wheel’ (snapshot of the heavens at 1.45am 22/9/2012) centred at the location of the CCTV camera.

  • The ‘event wheel’ needed to be flipped vertically before being superimposed in order to align the two maps – the Google map is North at the top as in cartography.  In astrology this is reversed (South is at the top).   See Baden-Clay case.

The red line connects the point of the CCTV camera (centre of the wheel) with the approximate location of the Meagher apartment in Lux Way (as provided by msm – exact address not known).  The line is extended to the outer edge of the wheel in order to include any planetary impact that might be present.

The blue line has been created by Google to suggest the path, which might be taken from point A to point B. 

Pluto is on the red line.  The God of the Underworld appears to have carried the missing woman across the River Styx.  Indications are that she is deceased.

The second image (following) has been created to incorporate the only other wheel that I can produce at this time – natal horoscope of Tom Meagher (husband) –  birth date is 20 January, 1981 in Dublin, Eire – time of birth not known at this stage.

On this occasion, my computer has generated a bi-wheel with the ‘event wheel’ (snapshot of the heavens at 1.45am Saturday 22/9/2012) as the inner wheel (reference) and the outer wheel a snapshot of the heavens on the date that Tom Meagher was born in Dublin, Eire.  As I do not have his time of birth the Moon position is not exact/reliable.  Again I have flipped the ‘bi-wheel’ vertically to be in-line with the Google map.

Using the same background map, the same red line, we see the bi-wheel superimposed over the site of the CCTV camera.

Note that Pluto is still on the red line on the inner wheel as per the previous image.  This time Venus is intersected in the outer wheel (see pink line) connecting the site of the CCTV camera and the residence of Jill and Tom Meagher.  Venus, the Goddess of Desire and all that represents the feminine.

  • Venus represents Tom’s wife Jill – nothing sinister in that.

Calculating a rectified time of birth for Tom Meagher (by Solar Arc Uranus to progress to the cusp of the 4th house – when he moved to Australia) gives us a time of birth of ~10.15pm.  Using this date to create a wheel with his natal horoscope as the reference point (as an alternative view to the time of the event), we create a different point of view.

Please note that this view is speculative, rather than a confirmed fact.

This time I have used a green line (random choice of colour).  The line intersects more of the ‘event wheel’ (outer wheel) as well at Tom’s natal wheel (inner wheel). The green line intersects – 1. Event Sun/Mercury midpoint as well as the planets Sun and Mercury; 2. TM’s Saturn Rx and Saturn/Jupiter midpoint; 3. Event Uranus.

  1. We know that Sun/Mercury in the 12th house is making plans, lots of ideas a mind that never stops – well that’s understandable considering what has happened. The event has created a lot of attention.
  2. The line intersecting Tom’s retrograde Saturn and Saturn/Jupiter midpoint – we know that anything Jupiter touches makes it bigger, inflates what is related to.  The retrograde Saturn (as far as I can see at this point) could be interpreted as Tom’s father not supporting him at this time of crisis/making a big deal about, “I told you not to go to Australia”….  There are bound to be other interpretations, however that’s what I see at the moment.
  3. The line intersecting Uranus in the 6th house is always chaos, upheaval, sudden changes in the every-day approach to ‘work’ or getting through the day. Again nothing more than we would expect.

With what I have in front of me, I just can’t see anything malefic in relation to Jill’s husband being involved in her disappearance.

Extract is from:  Thanks Robbo and Reality Bites for creating a timeline for me.

28 September, 2012:   While under parole for previous offences, Adrian Ernest Bayley, 41 led police to the location of Jill Meagher’s body, buried in a shallow grave.  He has been charged with rape and murder.  This man has a history of sexual violence according to msm and is possibly responsible for the rape of a backpacker last month. Committal hearing for the accused – 18 January, 2013

Google to the rescue once again.  A map connecting the domicile of the accused to the location of the body, with a bi-wheel centred over the Coburg location, provides us with another view of events.   The same bi-wheel as used in the last map above – a rectified time of birth for Tom Meagher (rectified by me before knowledge of the murder).

This map has results, which are outstanding.  It is said that souls connect on levels beyond our rational minds. Souls have spoken here.

On the red line is Tom’s Pluto (inner wheel) and the abduction time the ‘event wheel (outer wheel) Saturn.  Pluto is the connection to the Lord of the Underworld and Saturn is traditionally a locator of a body in forensic astrology.

There will no doubt be more to see here as things develop, however enough of me for now.

When a fellow blogger told me of a possible birth date for Jill (thank you QCL) I started thinking. Whether the date is correct or not, doesn’t really matter. In astrology, as in life,  it is not that we must be correct.  It is more a case of being relevant. That the time we have here, our lives, have meaning. Jill Meagher has reminded us of how relevant all of our lives are.

I have used the date 0f 10 October 1982 to create a bi-wheel of the married couple and we can see that they have at least three planets in conjunction. Three rings that bind them astrologically; three rings which bring relevance to their short time together.


Information to hand (thanks EE) – Gillian Meagher born 20 October, 1982, Drogheda, Ireland gives us a Moon at 5 degrees Aries, right on the cusp of Tom’s seventh house – this makes an astrologer smile – a perfect placement for a difficult Moon.

Jill’s horoscope wheel is  another example of a planetary stellium – a light that shines very brightly for a short time.

Rest in peace, Jill Meagher.

note: for further comment in this regard see my post – A grave concern.

Postscript 20th June, 2013:  Adrian Bayley plead guilty to all charges – sentence 35 years without parole.

5 thoughts on “Gillian Edie Meagher”

  1. Jill Meagher was due to celebrate her 30th Birthday in “a couple of weeks time” according to reports dated 26 September 2012.
    That would make her birthday on or around 10th October 1982 according to my reckoning.

  2. Hallelujah! Thanks EE. I should be able to get the Moon right and go close with the time – family moves in 1991 and 1996 will help with rectification. Shall see how I go.

  3. Will Tom be okay? I worry about what will happen to him and if he’ll be able to cope with everything including all the attention the case will get once more details about it come out. I imagine Jill’s parents will become involved in victims of crime support groups, improving laws and raising awareness for violence against women, but what will happen to him? Will he return to Ireland? Would he even be able to stay in Australia since he’s Irish? He seems a gentle and sensitive soul and I did wonder why his parents didn’t seem to get mentioned. Maybe it’s just me but I got the feeling he wasn’t that close to Jill’s parents (hope they don’t blame him); Perth is quite a fair way away. I imagine he would need to return to work at some stage financially, perhaps that will help him through the early stages.

  4. Thanks ST. From a humanistic perspective, I would expect the accused to plead guilty. We can only trust that he will, then the detail of the crime and aftermath will not reach the ears of the innocents.

    As I don’t have detail on Tom Meagher’s early life or indeed his time of birth, I am unable to rectify the time he was born. In predictive astrology, we need to work with the big bells, the angles of the chart. I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess, sorry.
    Let’s all wish him well in any endeavour he chooses to follow. The same goes for the Meagher’s and the McKeon’s.


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