David Lee Lykken

A rather enterprising con by the name of Aloysius Black Crow succeeded in putting David Lee Lykken in the frame for a double-murder, that wasn’t a murder.  Fortunately all was revealed prior to trial and in due course the case was solved; a sad case of the accidental death of two girls who had been missing for many years.

Nonetheless, Lykken will continue to serve his 225 years for other crimes.

Lykken’s natal chart/horoscope reveals aspects not previously discussed in great detail on our blog…  possessiveness and jealousy.

The first victim was once Lykken’s wife, to whom he was married for four months. Apparently he would rape her repeatedly and strangle her, or threaten to kill her son if she didn’t listen to him.

The second victim was a waitress in a café in 1982 when she met Lykken and began dating him. She said he had physically and sexually abused her when she tried to end the relationship.

Lykken kidnapped the third victim in 1983, driving her to a rural area in Clay County and raping her. The two had dated for about three months prior to that. He also broke into her son’s apartment and raped her again. Lykken eventually pleaded guilty to burglary for that incident and was placed in a court-ordered program for rehabilitation.

A fourth victim met Lykken at a “Singles Christian Conference” in 1986. He’d tried to start a relationship with her, but she rejected him. The court ordered Lykken to move to Colorado, based on her reports of his “bizarre” behavior during the time when he was taking part in the rehab program, but he returned to South Dakota.

When Lykken returned, he went to her residence and started ‘ranting and raving’ about how God had told him that she loved him. Lykken raped her, and threatened to kill her children, if she reported him.

The fifth victim, whose case would lead to Lykken’s arrest in 1990, was also a former girlfriend.