Terri Bevers Pt.1

The murder of Missy Bevers, revisited by request…

Camp Gladiator is a group-name within the fitness industry, so when a murder is committed within this family of instructors, the astrology is sure to include Greco/Roman mythological symbolism to support this tag.

As the victim, Terri Leann Bevers was female, Penthesilea immediately comes to mind; the leader of a group of Amazons (female warriors) who fought with the Greeks in the battle for Troy.  Another mythological character is Spartacus, the greatest of male gladiators.  He also had a checkered history of rebellion with the Romans.

  • On the night of 17-18 April 2016 the asteroids Penthesilea, Spartacus, and Ixion (murder flag) were transiting shoulder-to-shoulder at 24-25°Sagittarius.
    • Penthesilea is always portrayed with her axe, and Spartacus, his shield (attack, or deflect).
  • Also at this point in the heavens is the star Sargas; the red star in the tail of the Scorpion. The victim of this murderous sting is Terri/Missy Bevers.

By 5:01am in the morning in Midlothian Texas, these asteroids were in the public realm when the Midlothian Fire Dept was dispatched following 911 calls for assistance. Law enforcement officers were to follow closely on their heels.

We know that the location relates to the business at hand; the fitness industry class due to begin at 5am – the Arabian Part Business Partnerships is at the Ascendant (location) and Arabian Part Assassination is at the Midheaven (timing).

For this reason alone, we focus our research on who would benefit from the removal of Terri Bevers from a scene of business… who would be potential competitors within the fitness industry of Camp Gladiator.

By a process of elimination of those suggested to me as potential persons of interest, and following my initial astrology charting, I settled on closer scrutiny of the Tucker and Dennis families; primarily Alfred Jerome Tucker Jr and his wife Courtney Dennis Tucker. There are extensive criminal records in these families on the public record.

The following is the result of a search for an answer as to any involvement by AJ and/or Courtney Tucker, in the murder of Terri Bevers – interpretation of the tension in horoscopes; an astrology enquiry.  Please note that astrology can only be considered to be opinion,as the method is considered to be pseudo-scientific.  Nonetheless, we use textbook interpretations of the tension in the following charts

Astrology pattern in the heavens at 5:01am, 18th April 2016 in Midlothian. Texas.

  • The angles:
    • 15°Pisces-Virgo Ascendant, on the horizontal axis, is indicative of the location.
    • 21°Sagittarius-Gemini, on the vertical axis, is that of timing.
  • Potential motive:
    • 15°Pisces Ascendant=Narcissus/Venus – excessive self-interest within a peer group at a particular location.
  • Potential intent:
    • 16°Aquarius Narcissus and 15°Aries Venus are each quincunx (disregard for the consequences of one’s actions) the descendant; mirror for the ascendant.
    • Narcissus is also under direct tension from Vesta-Mercury in the 2nd house; value of self is potentially under threat.
  • The malefic planets/potential for malice:
    • 17:29°Capricorn, PlutoRx (power-control symbol) is conjunct asteroid Mjolnir; the murder weapon.
    • Together, Pluto-Mjolnir generate an Earth Grand Trine in this chart, with the Moon-North Node and Mercury-Vesta; ie practical matters/planning contained within a family (nodal axis).
    • 15:56°Sagittarius, SaturnRx (self-control) is square the horizontal axis (together with all above in relation to the ascendant).
    • Saturn is also square the Moon at 17°Virgo allowing for a distancing of emotions, strategy desires, and awareness of ambition.

Note we can confirm this by referencing the box below the chart – Cardinal-Water (emotionally driven) lacks any planetary input.

    • 8:54°Sagittarius, MarsRx (fired up internally) in the 9th house of delusion, is quincunx 7:56°Taurus, asteroid Lie (in the house of value of self) and sextile to 8th house (transformation) Juno Rx (a jealous, possessive spouse).

What was repeated of a conversation, and potential for lies told within a couple’s relationship?

From this point, we explore the horoscopes for AJ and Courtney Tucker; their individual versions of reality.

We must work with mid-range Moon placements, as birth times, and locations are unknown. Secondly, we have no angles or house placements to work with as a result, so we generate synastry charts; the relationship between a native’s version of reality, and the transiting planetary pattern at a specific place and time; a bi-wheel.

Please be aware that I interpret the behavioral weaknesses, which can generate problems, not a rounded character analysis of a birth chart for each of the following characters.

AJ Tucker – natal chart

Potential malefic indications in a horoscope.

  • 29°Aquarius Sun-South Node conjunct identifies a likely mother complex; attempted resolution by reflection from those around him will likely lead to a public life.
  • 21:36°Libra PlutoRx mirrors by opposition with Ceres (personal appetites) at 22°Aries. This identifies the need for physical interaction, however when we note that Juno is retrograde in his horoscope, this then also suggests a tendency to jealousy and possessiveness within his spousal relationship.
  • Juno Rx is also conjunct asteroid Nessus Rx (abuse of trust); trust issues could well be skewed from accepted cultural norms. So the public and private expressions of physicality in this man, could well be very different.
  • Malefic potential in relation to Pluto, includes a quindecile (obsessive behaviour) between Ixion and Phaeton (use of a vehicle with murderous intent) and also Ixion quincunx Eris (generating trouble and strife) – both delusional/subversive activities. Power is a two-edged sword for this male.

Note: There are further indications in this pattern that the public, and private personas are potentially in conflict.

  • SaturnRx is also square asteroid Spartacus (gladiator symbol) – portraying the gladiator is not his natural stance; not his personal version of reality when we consider the tension.
  • 8:19°Virgo Mars Rx is quincunx Narcissus and also Venus generating a midpoint of Mars=Narcissus/Venus – ie the need to take action as the focus of excessive self-interest within a peer group.
  • Asteroid Penthesilea is conjunct Lie and mirrors Nessus-Juno Rx – this connects to his spousal relationship; manipulation by deference.

With his trio of malefic planets (Pluto-Saturn-Mars) in retrograde, this suggests that AJ’s natural version of reality is as a schemer, rather than a doer. Is it he who ‘loads the gun’ for his spouse to carry out his wishes? Or would he turn to the experience of familial felons to carry out his desires?

We generate a synastry chart from the perspective of the authoritative time of 5:01am on the morning that Terri Bevers was murdered and interpret tension to support his preference…

The angles:

  • Location – 15:21°Pisces Ascendant=natal Mercury/Pallas – this aligns with the Arabian Part of Business relationships; Terri Bevers and AJ Tucker were both fitness instructors for Camp Gladiator.
  • Timing – 21:00°Sagittarius, Midheaven conjunct natal Neptune – subversive activity during this time period; a contrived alibi perhaps.
  • The malefics:
    • Transiting 17°Capricorn, Pluto-Mjolnir is in the mirror/opposite natal Juno Rx-Nessus
    • Transiting 15:56°Sagittarius, Saturn Rx is quincunx natal Juno Rx-Nessus
    • Transiting 8:54°Sagittarius, Mars Rx is quincunx natal Chiron – abandonment of responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Societal/cultural tension:
    • 13:56°Virgo, Jupiter Rx opposite natal Pallas + quincunx natal Eris. A sense of urgency builds to generate trouble…
    • 13:56°Virgo, Jupiter Rx = natal Ixion/Juno-Nessus (all Rx) – inflate spousal weakness
    • 13:56Virgo, Jupiter Rx generates an Earth Grand Trine with natal Lie-Penthesilea and natal Chiron – project
  • Personal planets:
    • 18:33°Taurus, Mercury = natal Mercury/Juno-Nessus – communication with spouse in relation to abuse of trust issues.
    • 15:42°Aries, Venus conjunct natal Eris + square natal Juno-Nessus + square natal Lie-Penthesilea – projection of personal desires onto one’s spouse.
    • 15:42°Aries, Venus = natal Lie-Penthesilea/Juno-Nessus – again a manipulative projection to conceal jealousy.
  • Desires:
    • 28:48°Aries, Sun (date on the calendar) conjunct natal Phaeton (vehicle) – need to nominate a means of transport.
    • 17:25°Virgo Moon (highlighting driving needs) opposite natal Mercury + quindecile natal mid-range Moon-Mjolnir – heightened emotional intensity; hammering home driving needs.
    • 23:39°Virgo Vertex conjunct natal BML/mean apogee – life will never be the same again.

There is always more to unpack if we were to interpret the asteroid tension in this synastry chart, however I leave that to others.  There is more than enough to indicate intent.

Astrology tension suggests that this character’s behaviour would be to conspire with his spouse. We need to seek if confirmation of this potential is also in the horoscope for Courtney Tucker.

We continue…. Part 2.

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