Jennifer Farber Dulos Pt.2

Synchronicity is certainly at play in this case. In Part 1, we explored the synastry charts of Fotis Dulos, and the two women in his life; wife, and lover. We found areas in the zodiac, which are in-common to all three characters, enough for me to continue along this theme and uncover what we can from an astrology perspective.

The concept of synchronicity as intended by Carl Jung, may well indicate meaningful coincidences that occur in nature seemingly without cause. However this case is an extreme result – revealing not just one set of synchronicity in the dates of birth of all three characters, but also at the specific time of an incident (in place and time) that is also relevant to all three characters.  Double trouble all round.

Place and time is everything, as we know…

Further charting reveals a second set of synchronicity, repeated in all three horoscopes and under direct tension on the date in question.  I doubt I’ll see this again in my time under scrutiny of the heavens.

Case: Disappearance and demise of Jennifer Farber Dulos
Last seen: 24 May 2019
Location: Connecticut, USA
Estranged husband: Fotis Dulos
His lover: Michelle Troconis

Following access to Fotis Dulos phone records, and viewing of CCTV, law enforcement recovered physical evidence from a 4 mile ‘trash run’ in Hartford Connecticut by the lovers in the aftermath of Jennifer’s disappearance; evidence enough to arrest the pair for “Tampering with, or fabricating physical evidence, and Hindering prosecution in the First Degree”.

We continue with the synastry and synchronicity study of all three horoscopes, together with the time that Fotis Dulos returned to his residence after the ‘trash run’; 8:10-8:12pm, 24 May 2019.

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8:10pm a a snapshot in time…. Fotis Dulos returns home to Farmington after disposal of damning evidence in Hartford.

In any chart, the midheaven is the timing relative to the location. This is the time that Fotis Dulos was caught on cctv by a neighbour – a snapshot of the heavens over Farmington, Connecticut.  This chart’s midheaven is 22°Virgo, a point in the heavens that has relevance to all three characters’ horoscopes. (See synastry charts in Part 1).

  • In the mirror of the midheaven; at the IC, is Arabian Part Fortuna at 22°Pisces = suggestive that this incident will likely be the ‘destiny’ of this case; the demise of Jennifer Dulos.
  • Midheaven is also quincunx (disregard for consequences of one’s actions) the stellium of asteroids  – Martir-Lies-Vesta-Eris at 22-24°Aries = perceived martyrdom+outright lies+concealment+trouble and strife; self-explanatory, I expect.
    • Note: this point in the heaven is highly significant in relation to each of the horoscopes.
  • Pluto Rx in 2nd house (personal assets) square Martir-Lies-Vesta-Eris – Pluto does not represent a body in astrology – Saturn is the body symbol.  Pluto is the malefic intent ie taking of a life by removing of power. So in this case it is the removal of incriminating evidence that would hold power in any investigation.
  • Ascendant (relevant to location) quincunx transiting Uranus 4°Taurus = disregard for consequences of unstable behaviour at the location ‘showtime’ revealed.  There is total disregard for being exposed (showtime), thereby exposing a lack of conscience for actions.
  • Ascendant is also quincunx 7th house Mars = disregard for the consequences of actions involving a relationship. This describes the lovers cooperative effort in the ‘trash run’.
  • Midpoint Mars/Uranus=Sun – unstable actions on the date of the calendar (Sun)
    Mars 5°Cancer is also square Chiron at 5°Aries (in 4th house) = taking responsibility for one’s actions is under tension with the already compromised Mars, which is likely ‘taking care of business’.
  • Narcissus 29°Gemini opposite Ixion 28°Sagittarius – obsessive self-interest (from the 7th house of relationships) leads to murder.
  • Note: Asteroid Photographica #443 is conjunct Neptune in the heavens and was therefore exact the IC during the time that the ‘trash run’ was taking place in Hartford during the previous half-hour.  This confirms the cctv recordings of the event; caught on camera.

Synchronicity at particular points in the heaven…   The first set are three separate birth dates which are years apart, plus the date of the disappearance of Jennifer Farber Dulos in 2019.

22-24°Aries; in-common for all birth charts, as well as with the date of 24 May 2019.  The following are in-common.

  • 24 May 2019 – transiting asteroids Martir-Lies-Vesta-Eris
  • Fotis Dulos natal chart – BML/mean apogee
  • Jennifer Dulos natal chart – Saturn Rx.
  • Michelle Troconis natal chart – Chiron

The second set…

21-23°Virgo; in-common in all three birth charts, as well as the time and place that Fotis Dulos returned to his residence following the ‘trash run’ in Hartford.  (time is as per court affidavit).

  • 8:10pm 24 May 2019 = midheaven (timing)
  • AP Fortuna in the mirror at IC
  • Fotis Dulos natal chart = Uranus
  • Jennifer Dulos natal chart = Pluto
  • Michelle Troconis natal chart = Venus

These two sets of synchronicity are in direct tension with each other in the heavens…  21-23°Virgo is quincunx (disregard for result of one’s behaviour) 22-24°Aries.

Horoscopes strip bare the basic motivating factors in anyone’s life. Without knowing a birth time, we can identify some potential basic weaknesses that have led to the conflict in this case. The following is not intended to be an unbiased profile in relation to the traits (good,or bad) in a particular character.

Astrology is not recognised in any court of law; is pseudo-scientific and can only be considered to be opinion. All interpretation is from classic astrological and mythological texts.

FOTIS DULOS horoscope

Born in Turkey 6 August 1967 on a New Moon with the Sun and Moon keeping company with Jupiter; in the heavens in the constellation of Leo; -a ‘would be if he could be’, ruler of his empire.

The choice for this Leonine Sun-Moon is to be a benign king, or tyrannical ruler. There are all indications of the latter in this horoscope.

Saturn is indicative of ambition, self-control, the father principle, and more. When Saturn is retrograde/Rx in a horoscope, this is indicative of a misinterpretation of male-female behavioural norms. The origin is believed to be related to male mentoring opportunities by observation; learned behaviour in early childhood.

  • Saturn Rx 12°Aries is quindecile asteroid Alekto = prone to sudden outburst of anger/rage in relation to ‘fairness’; obsessively so when we note a quindecile aspect.
  • Saturn Rx conjunct asteroid Eris = controls by whatever method works; making trouble/strife.
  • Saturn Rx quincunx asteroids Child-Juno-Honeycut-Venus = lack of self-control in relation to spouse, children and money; wanting a bigger slice of whatever ‘pie’ is on the table with total disregard for the consequences of his actions in order to achieve control of his surroundings.
    • This intense tension then brings Chiron (innermost fears) into the equation – Chiron at 29°Pisces at the cusp of Aries – knowing that he will have to answer for his actions, yet delusional unto the end. The fears are so deep-seated, that he likely is of the belief that he is in-control at any given opportunity.
  • Juno-Honeycutt-Venus quindecile Chiron = obsessive/compulsive tendency in relation to women/money/peer groups. He would just as easily marry for money, or enter into a polygamous relationship with this pattern in his horoscope.
  • Alekto at 27°Libra is under direct tension as the midpoint of BML/mean apogee and LNA North Node struggling in the heavens.
    • Note: BML= weaknest link in a character ans North Node = family and early childhood relationship with mother. This tension developed as the ‘behavioural norm’ of a young child would likely exhibit as tyranny within the family unit when an adult. Tantrums in public would not be out of the question.
    • The Lunar Nodal axis reveals the weakness of this tyranny; potentially becoming deadly with the South Node (outcome/effect) – Ixion (murder) at the cusp of Scorpio.

His fire is with Saturn and Eris. The need to harness Eris (trouble iand strife) exposes the weakness of this male figurehead. With the lack of Cardinal Air and Earth elements, this man is no entrepreneur.


Born in Memphis, Tennessee on 26 September 1974 Sun and Moon in air signs = primary drivers in the mental plane.

  • The Sun at 3°Libra is in a tug of war (generating a midpoint) with Mars at 9°Libra with the focus on Pluto at 6°Libra; ie Sun/Mars=Pluto. This puts the focus on all the symbolism of Pluto; power, control, big money and in the realm; of society. This would suggest that this female is potentially highly competitive in social situations with self-image important to her.
  • Pluto-Mars together are quincunx Juno-Pholus (both retrograde) at 7°Pisces = without regard for any consequences, this tension indicates jealous and possessive behaviour in potential spouses/life-partner relationships; to her detriment … Pholus= where one shoots oneself in the foot. Jupiter at 10°Pisces, takes this behaviour up another notch.
    • Then we note that there is a square/at-odds with Juno-Pholus-Jupiter to Neptune 7°Sagittarius. Neptune tends to indicate subversive/underhanded behaviour.

It is at this point in the heavens in the constellation of Sagittarius, that we note an extra focus is present with Neptune, which struggles with Lunar North Node 13°Sagittarius. The resulting focus is on Narcissus (self interest). This tension relates to early-childhood behaviour of getting what she wanted, primarily from her mother (any tension with the North Node usually relates to a mother complex).

The child, and now adult, lies to her family, as an abuse of trust. Note: Asteroids Lie 28°Gemini – Nessus 0°Cancer in her horoscope.

  • There is another asteroid indicative of lying; Borasissi – lies to support self-image. At 17°Capricorn, Borasissi mirrors natal Saturn – symbol of self-control, and ambition.
  • Mid-range Moon 10°Aquarius is close enough top BML/mean apogee to suggest that her emotions are her weakest link, and when we note that this combination is quindecile asteroid Jennifer at 25°Leo, Troconis wants to usurp the Leonine Jennifer Dulos – to the point of obsessed by the overwhelming desire to supplant the wife of Fotis Dulos.
  • Venus at 22°Virgo is quincunx Chiron Rx at 23°Aries, which in turn is under tension by opposition from asteroid – wanting a bigger slice of the pie; Honeycutt, at 22°Libra.
    • Chiron in Aries is symbolic of being fearful of taking responsibility for actions when weakened by, in this case, the greed of Honeycutt and Venus. The struggle appears to be related to social status and wealth.
  • Mercury-Uranus at 26-28°Libra generate impulsiveness in decisions opposite the asteroid Martir Rx in Aries = ‘if only’ used as a manipulation. This tension is further ascerbated when we note that asteroid indicative of a tendency to ‘rage/anger’; Alekto Rx at 25°Pisces is also under tension by quincunx Mercury-Uranus.

In all, a manipulative individual who is stymied from success by her very nature.

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