Anne-Elizabeth Falkevik Hagen

Formed by the continually moving point where the Sun and Moon meet on the ecliptic (calculated according to the orbits of the Moon around the Earth, and the Earth’s orbit around the Sun), the  resulting Lunar Nodes are particularly sensitive areas in an astrology chart; both natal and during family crises.

The North and South Nodes are mathematical points that are with us every day of our lives interacting with the life-givers of Sun and Moon; father and mother – familial.

When there are conflicts in astrology charts in relation to the Lunar Nodal axis, our attention is piqued.  We can expect significant familial connections and potential traumatic incidents in the lives of those who experience direct tension with the LNA. This is such a case.

An alleged kidnapping and ransom demand for €9m in the cryptocurrency Monero. No proof of life was ever received; no ransom paid; the victim remains missing, and no arrests have been made.

Location: Lorenskog, Norway.

CCTV of suspicious activity: 7:36am 31 October 2018
Missing Person call to LE: 2:10pm 31 October 2018
Law Enforcement kidnapping alarm: 4:06:58pm 31 October 2018
Missing person: Anne-Elizabeth Falkevik Hagen

The following is an astrology enquiry into the relationship between the missing person and her son; together with any added tension in the heavens at the end of October 2018 that may have contributed to Trym Hagen willingly, or inadvertently being responsible for her alleged abduction, ransom demand, and potentially her death.

Astrology is a pseudo science and as such is not accepted in any court of law.  The interpretion is therefore considered to be opinion only.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen – birth date LNA 9:17°Aries-Libra

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Anne-Elizabeth Hagen was born with a plethora of retrograde planets and asteroids. We are not aware of her birth time and so house placement cannot be determined.

  • Nonetheless there is every indication in the pattern of early childhood difficulties of mentoring within her birth family. This would surely lead to an introverted life, particularly with the Mars-SouthNode conjunction (mother complex).
  • There is an element of martyrdom present as we would expect in the overall pattern : In Sagittarius, asteroid Martir is in a tug of war with Ceres (personal appetite) with the focus on Chiron, however this resentment set-back is countered by Pluto mirroring Jupiter and square Pallas. The spirit is dampened, but not totally overwhelmed.

Trym Hagen – birth date LNA 0:46° Cancer-Capricorn is the son of Anne-Elizabeth and her husband Tom Hagen.
Note: Trym Hagen does not reside with his parents.

As we would expect Trym was born into a similar cycle with LNA under direct tension with Neptune 28:57°Sagittarius’ accompanying potential resentment and alienation within the family unit; particularly with mother.

  • 04:13°Scorpio Saturn retrogradation also indicates a lack of male mentoring in his early childhood (parental modeling of male-female relationships).
  • Pluto Rx does not indicate a propensity to follow his father’s entrepreneurial talent; moreso obsessively generating trouble and strife (likely part of the self-fulfilling resentment/mother complex).
  • He also carries the ‘Martir gene’ mirroring asteroid Honeycutt (expecting a bigger slice of the pie; entitlement).

Notes of significance revealing inter-personal tension between son and parents:

  • Trym Hagen natal 6:51°Aries; Venus = his parent’s North Node 7°Aries.
  • Trym Hagen North Node 01°Cancer = his parent’s Uranus Rx 01°Cancer
  • Tryn Hagen Mercury 19°Aquarius = his mother’s Jupiter 19°Aquarius
  • Trym Hagen 24°Virgo; mid-range Moon = his father’s Mars Rx 24°Virgo – plus opposite his father’s mid-range Moon 22°Pisces.

There is plenty of behavioural tension within this natal chart; Trym’s version of reality. With a high level of resentment present, is it enough to make him a person of interest in his mother’s disappearance?

The time period between 8pm, 30 October 2018 and 4:07pm, 31October 2018 – LNA 0:38°Leo-Aquarius

  • 8pm 30 October – LNA = House 1-7 forming a box pattern with 5-11 houses Venus Rx 0:35°Scorpio and Uranus 0:17°Taurus. Moon 25:29°Cancer in House #1.
  • 7:36am 31October – LNA = House 9-3 . Venus Rx opposition with Uranus now in 12-6. Moon 02:17°Leo
  • 2:10pm 31 October – LNA = House 7-1. Venus Rx opposition with Uranus now in 8-2. Moon 06:09°Leo
  • 4:07pm 31 October 2018 – LNA = House 11-5. Venus Rx opposition with Uranus now exact horizontal axis. Moon 07:17°Leo.
    • Note: AP Fortuna= Venus/Uranus

As is our regular practice, we use the authoritative times for interpretation of incidents; specific points in time that relate to the investigation.

The Missing Person report chart – 2:10pm, 31October 2018.
LNA 0:38°Leo-Aquarius in the 1st and 7th houses of relationships; personal/spousal.

North and South Nodes are square 4th house Uranus (sudden changes in personal relationships; potentially meeting with unusual people – in the home potentially traumatic).

Note: on the previous evening a door-to-door salesperson is reputed to have called at the home, uninvited (apparently cold-casing the street). This event could also be attributed to this square aspect as creating an unsettling within the family unit).

  • North Node conjunct Moon at 6°Leo (heightened emotions within relationships; potentially spousal – 7th house). Note that this Moon carries all the symbolism of Leo; pride, queen complex etc.
      • North Node quindecile Vesta at 15°Capricorn A quindecile involves compulsive behaviour to the point of obsessional and when Vesta is in Capricorn, this very much relates to security, duty, obligations expecting others to agree to any commitment.
        • Note: again this could very well relate to discussion following a visit by an security alarm sales person.
  • Midpoint of South Node/Pluto=Ascendant. The ascendant at a particular point in time relates to the location. Pluto equates with power and the South Node – the outcome. This midpoint is classically interpreted as the need for influence.

At 2:10pm, we know that Tom Hagen made this call to law enforcement reporting the disappearance of his wife. This interpretation relates as much to Tom Hagen and his relationship with his wife, as to the disappearance of Anne-Elizabeth. He may well have been of the opinion that she had left of her own accord as a result of a family struggle.

The LNA is not the only tension in the heavens at this time, however we continue to focus on the Nodal axis for this astrology enquiry.

Notes of significance revealing tension between this time of 2:10pm transiting planets and asteroids, together with the natal chart for Trym Hagen.

  • Midheaven (significance of this clock-time) 9°Sagittarius + asteroid Photographica 10°Sagittarius = Trym’s Jupiter-Uranus 9°Sagittarius.
  • Midheaven square Trym’s natal Sun 9°Pisces
  • Transiting 0°Sagittarius Mercury = Trym’s natal asteroid Lie 0°Sagittarius (note also square natal Photographica)
  • North Node = Trym’s natal Nessus (abuse of trust)

Kidnapping Alarm released by law enforcement 4:06:58pm 31October 2018 LNA 0:38°Leo-Aquarius EXACT the horizontal axis.

With Uranus at the ascendant and Venus at the descendant, we interpret this as ‘show time for a peer group’. This identifies the LE attention to the evidence of a likely crime of abduction.

  • Square to this axis is transiting LNA (family connection) plus the all-important Arabian Part; Fortuna (expected outcome of this investigation/destiny).
  • A disregard for the outcome of actions (quincunx aspect) is evident with transiting 7th house Mercury 0:32°Sagittarius to the Ascendant/Uranus.
  • Mercury is also mirroring 1st house Juno and Narcissus (both retrograde) – LE would hopefully not miss this familial soft aspects of sextile to the North Node and trine to the South Node from Juno-Narcissus.
  • Moon is now in the 5th house (children) with quincunx to the midheaven and asteroid Lie; both in Capricorn.

Notes of significance revealing tension between this time of 4:07pm transiting planets and asteroids, together with the natal chart for Trym Hagen.

  • Natal Pluto 29°Libra at the Descendant conjunct transiting Venus and opposite transiting Uranus. This is a highly significant aspect; damning in fact.
  • Natal asteroid Nessus (abuse of trust) 1:38°Leo is conjunct the North Node in the 5th house.
  • Notes (see natal chart above):
    • Natal Nessus is also the midpoint of natal North Node and asteroid Alekto (rage).
      Directly opposite at 1-2°Aquarius, is natal asteroid Ceres (personal appetite) together with Borasissi (lies we tell ourselves in order to maintain our sense of reality).
    • This then identifies that natal Ceres is conjunct transiting AP Fortuna/South Node.

I would suggest that Trym Hagen is delusional to believe that he would ‘get away with’ any resentful act that could lead to the death of his mother.

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