Gypsy Rose and DeeDee Blanchard

In a Munchausen-by-proxy relationship, if anyone is going to be murdered, it would be the child every time, unless of course the child has the stamina to turn the tables. Gypsy Rose Blanchard is an example of an adult-child who did.

Location: Springfield, Missouri
Murder: June 2015
Mother: Clauddine (DeeDee) Blanchard
Daughter: Gypsy Rose Blanchard

The following is an astrological interpretation – from factual planetary positions and classic astrology texts. The charts are maps of these positions at a particular place in time; while the interpretation is based on math – potential behavioural weaknesses in a character’s version of reality; their norm.

In this particular case, as we do not have birth times of mother or daughter, the mid-range Moon on the dates of their birth is used for charting.

Greco/Roman mythology has been part-and-parcel with astrology in the early classic texts. In mythology, Pallas was the sparring partner of Athena (daughter of Zeus) and when Athena accidentally killed Pallas, Athena took on the her name and became Pallas-Athene. Hence the astrology interpretation of Pallas as being symbolic of a partnership, as well as stamina (the ability to sustain prolonged physical, or mental effort).

Note: the asteroid Juno is symbolic of a romantic partnership, whereas Pallas is not considered to be ‘a spousal matter’; the chattels perhaps, however not the bonding relationship such as a marriage.

When we investigate the astrology connections between mother and daughter; their partnership, we begin to see the threads of Pallas woven into the fabric of their lives.

Pallas asteroid #2

On Clauddine’s date of birth, Pallas was orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter at 26:26°Taurus mirroring/opposite asteroid Vesta 27:11°Scorpio. Vesta is the asteroid associated with the Vestal Virgins; keeping the home-fires burning, as well as the shadow; hidden deception in a confined space (keeping it in the family). Taurus is the natural 2nd house (personal assets) while Scorpio is by nature, the 8th house (other people’s assets/money).

Note: ‘by nature’ is nominated without a time of birth; i.e. the classic order within zodiac texts. We cannot determine exactly where this tension manifests in each natal chart, ie as a character’s individual expression, due to not being aware of the birth time.

On Gypsy Rose’s date of birth, Pallas was at 28:03°Capricorn and also in retrograde motion (appearing to go backwards; an optical illusion). Capricorn is the natural 10th house; public face/career. Her Pallas is greatly afflicted in her horoscope by being exact Neptune 28:45° and asteroid Narcissus at 28:46°Capricorn – plus in a stellium with AP Fortuna (destiny)…. devious, and narcissistic together with the ability to sustain prolonged physical, or mental effort is destined for a child born on this date.

Leading up-to, and including the murder of Clauddine1 (sunrise chart for 14June as example), Pallas was orbiting at 20:05°Sagittarius conjunct Ixion (murder flag) at 22:20°Sagittarius and also illuminated-by the transiting Sun (date on the calendar) in the mirror at 21-22°Gemini. Mars was also conjunct the Sun 23:09°Gemini. driving the desire. The zodiac of Sagittarius is the natural 9th house (hopes and wishes/fantasy). Gemini is naturally the 3rd house(communication).

In general, the natal aspects are harmonious for the partnership for mother and daughter, if life was static, however the planets don’t stop for anyone. Transiting Pallas position of 20°Sagittarius reveals intense tension (over the murder period) with Clauddine’s natal chart.

So to the nominated relationship of Munchausen-by-proxy (a mental illness involving the ‘unnatural’ transference of character weaknesses onto a child). There actually is an asteroid named Munchausen #14014, and so we will include it in our charts along with the asteroids we would expect to see under such tension – eg Swindle#8690, Mony#7782, Lie#26955, Narcissus#37117 etc.

CLAUDDINE BLANCHARD DOB 3 May 1967 (time unknown)

The natal pattern in relation to Clauddine’s natal Mars Rx – assessing actions before acting on them; as well as the reverse; ie actions not naturally expressed. Natal Mars Rx is at 18°Libra (social realm). We don our ‘math hats in order to recognise her unique pattern.

From 18°Libra it is 30 degrees to Pluto at 18°Virgo; then a further 30degrees to asteroid Mony at 17°Leo; and another step of 30degrees to asteroid Munchausen at 18°Cancer then a double-up of 60degrees to asteroid Swindle at 19°Taurus.

All these degrees as individual aspects are apparently ‘soft landings’, however within this overall connection are the hard aspects/tension between Swindle and Mony, as well as Munchausen and Mars. That is the basic Munchausen inter-connectivity, albeit without considering any transits over time, or the interaction between mother and daughter.

Natal Mars Rx is also quindecile (obsessed by) Mercury (communication) at 3:27°Taurus. Note we are in money-territory again (Taurus). Clauddine holds the purse.

Further tension in the natal chart, of significance enough to interpret here, is natal Sun (egotistical ‘wants’) at 12:34°Taurus quindecile (obsessed by) Vesta (keeping the home fires burning; at what cost); Vesta mirroring Pallas (as discussed above); Chiron 28Pisces (trouble making) mirroring with asteroid Narcissus 26:53°Virgo (self-focused to the exclusion of others) and Neptune Rx (potential addict/deception) quincunx Venus. In all, disregard for consequences of deception in relation to money.

With 8 planetary indications of the retrograde phenomenon, we can suggest that this character has considered her position; taken opportunities, rather than react to external suggestion in relation to deceit and money.


If mommy’s chart is complex, Gypsy Rose’s natal chart is best described as intense. The most troubling aspect that I first note, is that Pallas-Neptune-Narcissus (all retrograde) are EXACT and therefore one ‘entity’; working in unison and unable to separate their individual traits – 28°Capricorn. This identifies a self-focused, driven, deceptive individual with the tension in the mirror of Juno 26:36°Cancer.
Juno, as mentioned above, is the life-partner indication within relationship astrology horoscopes. Any life-partner, or public relationship with others will be fraught with danger of possessiveness and jealousy.….
In Gypsy Rose’s natal chart, Juno is also square natal Vesta, which in turn mirrors Chiron in Libra (fear of not being socially accepted for who she is).

Gypsy-Rose’s Moon is midrange 12°Scorpio, so could be up to 6 degrees either side of this noon-time position. Asteroid Mony at 6:54°Scorpio reveals the motive. Math time again – Pholus (where she makes mistakes) is at 6°Libra; Swindle is 7°Leo; Uranus 7°Aquarius. Money, or rather lack of it, is what has motivated the murder of her mother. Not being given autonomy is what has driven the action; something Clauddine was unable to do, due to her mental state.

On the date of her birth, Gypsy Rose’s Sun was at 22°Cancer (seeking security outside of the personal realm). The Sun is also quindecile (obsessed by) natal Uranus 7°Aquarius; likely manifests as the desire to rebel.

In terms of the synastry of the relationship, you’ll notice that we getting connections already between the two charts. As to whether the aspects are generating tension, or working together by soft aspect, it’s an exercise in math. Oh for a quantum computer…

We can note the quincunx connections automatically (green dotted lines); where disregard for consequences of each of their actions arise.

  • Clauddine’s Sun is 12°Taurus (her ego’s wants) quincunx Gypsy Rose’s natal Mars at 12°Libra.
  • Clauddine’s Uranus 20°Virgo has big connections – firstly the quincunx with her daughter’s Saturn (disregard for Gypsy’s desire for self-control
    • PLUS conjunct her daughter’s nodal axis (familial connection likely generating trauma) at 21°Virgo-Pisces axis
    • PLUS natal Uranus quincunx Gypsy’s natal Jupiter inflating this rebellion desire by Gypsy (Jupiter inflates tension).
  • PLUS Clauddine’s own LNA (familial connection) at the axis of 7°Scorpio-Taurus is square Gypsy’s natal Uranus = the pair working the swindle of money together.

These are natal positions and not learned at mother’s knee (nurturing). All this tension is innate.

Then if that is not enough… a full moon in the partnership:
Clauddine’s natal Sun at 12°Taurus mirrors Gypsy Rose’s mid-range Moon at 12°Scorpio. The child fulfills the mother’s ego ‘wants’ and the mother fulfills the child’s emotional needs.

Yes, there is absolute evidence of what the medical fraternity name ‘Munchausen-by-proxy’, however mom milked the generosity of society with this partnership of deception. Astrology indicates that Gypsy Rose was complicit in her mother’s deception (albeit naively), until she reached an age where autonomy became more important to the teenager.

At the time of the murder in June 2015, Gypsy Rose was one month shy of being 18 years-of-age. Both Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn are now incarcerated for the murder of Clauddine Blanchard.

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