John D Miller… a paedophile

A lifeless child left naked in a rain-swollen ditch, legs spread, teeth marks on her thighs; symbols carved into not yet developed mammary glands.

aprilIt was April 1988 when DNA evidence was collected from the body of April Marie Tinsley (8 years of age). Just two years later, another crime with a similar MO; Sarah Jean Bowker (7 years of age).

Fort Wayne’s children were to be taunted further over the years. Messages scrawled on a barn; used condoms and notes left in children’s bicycles. Years passed, until scientific progress led to a genealogy DNA bank aligning itself with law enforcement records.  In 2018 a match –  John D Miller of Grabill, Indiana was arrested and charged with the murder of April Marie Tinsley.  Trial expected in 2019.

Alleged perpetrator: John D Miller DOB. 7th July 1959
Potential victims:
April Marie Tinsley DOB 18th March 1980
Last seen: 3:30pm 1st April 1988
Sarah Jean Bowker DOB 30th May 1983
Last seen: 3:30pm 13th June 1990

Note: this assault and murder of Sarah Jean Bowker was laid at the feet of Roy Hensley, and needs to be re-examined after consideration of the coroner’s comments made in 1990:

I think the same person killed both of them. There’s too much similarity between the two cases. If they have enough evidence to say that Hensley killed Sarah Bowker, then I believe Hensley killed April Tinsley.

Astrology is a pseudo science, and as such an interpretation is not recognised in any court of law. Our enquiry remains; opinion.

Due to the nature of the case, asteroids to be included:

Child #4580 – a minor
Dejaniera #157 – sexual assault
Ixion #28978 – murder flag
Nessus #7066 – abuse of trust
Prey #6157 – predatory behaviour
Ragazza #1839 – a young girl
Sado #118230 – sadistic behaviour

John D Miller was 27 years of age at the time of the abduction, sexual assault, and murder of April Tinsley.

JohnMillerclick on charts for full size

John D Miller’s natal chart reveals a Saturn Rx 2:56°Capricorn – revealing that the opportunity for male mentoring was not available to him in his formative years. However it is Chiron at 27:02°Aquarius that has determined his isolationist fear of societal acceptance.

  • Chiron is square Mean Apogee/BML – Nessus (abuse of trust) 25-26°Taurus – sharing the heavens with the star Algol (the gorgon Medusa) associated with ‘a pile of corpses’.
  • Chiron is also quindecile Mercury 11°Leo, which likely developed into a sadistic ‘fantasy of enactment’ when we note that Mars at 22°Leo is square Jupiter-Sado 22-23°Scorpio.
  • Chiron also mirrors Venus-Vesta (exact) at 29°Leo (into the lion’s den)
    • This Venus-Vesta conjunction brings Greco-Roman mythology into our interpretation of potential behavioural weakness – the potential for the fantasy of virginity+ females+availability.
    • Venus-Vesta=Uranus/asteroid Prey – the fantasy manifests as desire of ‘the female as virgin.

The appetite for this fantasy (Ceres 14°Scorpio) is revealed by asteroids Prey/Ceres=Pallas-Child in Libra. His target becomes paedophia with victims; very young female children.

This pattern of sadism in Miller’s horoscope has been with him since birth; his version of reality. He likely started experimenting with small animals when a child himself, as well as with siblings if he had the opportunity.

The sadistic assault and murder of April Tinsley will not likely be a single event in John D Miller’s history as a sexual predator/paedophile.

1st April 1988 – 3:30pm abduction of April Marie Tinsley


The Midheaven is 25°Taurus and the star Algol, so we know that this is also the Mean Apogee/BML-Nessus point in Miller’s horoscope.

This Midheaven is also square the Mean apogee/BML on the date of the abduction 25°Leo as well as square Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) 24°Aquarius.

  • It is Chiron in Gemini that reveals the greatest tension – quincunx (without consideration of/disregard for) Ixion (murder) and Vertex (life-changing event).
  • Chiron is also under direct tension by square with the Lunar Nodal axis – generating a traumatic event.

There is much more tension in this chart, however I leave that to others.  We have the basics of the potential.

1st April 1988 3:30pm abduction of April Tinsley perspective together with the natal chart for John D Miller, aligned by the zodiac.


As noted above, Miller has transiting tension at the Midheaven. The 0:42°Virgo Ascendant is similarly under tension, with natal Venus-Vesta conjunct, PLUS mirroring Miller’s weakness; natal Chiron.

  • Transiting Saturn-Uranus conjunct natal Saturn Rx.
    Note: Saturn returning to the same position as that of birth triggers a call to manhood (self-control test). Transiting Uranus at the same time, certainly threw that notion out the window; generating rebellion of social norms.
  • Transiting Ixion (murder) is at the IC angle; conjunct natal Jupiter-Sado – this is the murder trigger along with Chiron in the heavens by tension as a quincunx (disregard for his actions).

The malefics are in play…

Abduction of Sarah Jean Bowker 3:30pm 13th June 1990 – sexually motivated murder – together with the natal chart for John D Miller

FortWayne-13June-MillerRuler of the ascendant, Venus is in the 7th house square to natal Uranus generating a buzz…

  • Transiting Mars conjunct natal Vertex (life changing event)
  • Transiting Moon mirrors natal Saturn Rx – personal needs are the driver for the action.
  • Transiting BML-Ixion are conjunct Miller’s Jupiter-Sado and mirror exactly with asteroid Sarah in the heavens.
  • Transiting Ceres (personal appetites) is conjunct natal asteroid Sarah.

Note: Asteroid Sarah #18768 is significant in both the chart for the incident time, as well as John D Miller’s natal chart. This would appear to indicate that she was personally targeted by John D Miller.

  • Transiting Chiron-Jupiter in Cancer are exact natal Sun (ego) mirroring transiting Neptune – the subterfuge in this particular case merging with the ego.

Note: With both transiting Neptune and natal Neptune under tension, this can well be indicative of a higher level of subversion in this case – possibly that another person was wrongly attributed with the crime.

  • Transiting Neptune quincunx (disregard for) transiting Lunar South Node (outcome) which is also conjunct Miller’s natal Mercury.
    Transiting Mercury-Vertex is quincunx natal Neptune in the 1st house.

Indications from the astrology are that John D Miller is the likely perpetrator of this crime.

  • Miller may yet get to face justice. One would hope so for the sake of Roy Henley’s family.

There is another unsolved case in Indiana that occurred prior to the murder of April Marie Tinsley, and Sarah Jean Bowker, that we need check. We are NOT aware of whether John Miller had means, or opportunity to undertake this crime.

Abduction of Shannon Marie Sherrill 1:30pm 5th October 1986 – sexually motivated murder.

130pm-ThorntownAbducted 1:30pm Sunday, 5th October 1986 Thorntown, Indiana.  Note asteroid Shannon #18838 is included for this crime.

  • Neptune is at the ascendant; 3°Capricorn, which usually indicates that the crime would not be solved quickly/remain a mystery eg Neptune is symbolic of hidden matters.
  • Ruler of the Capricorn Ascendant is Saturn – unaspected/feral in this chart at 5°Sagittarius = no self-control restraints.
  • Mars-APFortuna 28-29°Capricorn quindecile Vertex (significant life changing event)
  • Mars-APFortuna square Midheaven-Ceres 27°Libra – personal appetite drives the tension and timing.
  • Asteroid Dejaniera (sexual assault) 17°Aquarius mirrors Ragazza (young girl)
  • Dejaniera quindecile (obsessive) Nessus – the abuse of trust is important to the perpetrator; likely related to control issues.

1:30pm Sunday, 5th October 1986 Thorntown, Indiana together with the natal chart for John D. Miller aligned by the zodiac

Thorntown-JMWhen we bring John D Miller’s natal chart to the equation; aligned by the zodiac positions for the incident of 1:30pm 5th October 1986, we can interpret the personal tension as a result of these transits.

  • Natal Saturn 2°Capricorn is at the ascendant and conjunct transiting Neptune 3°Capricorn – he’s on the scene at the time; hidden from view/likely without witnesses.
  • Natal Shannon/Neptune 3-4°Scorpio conjunct by transiting Mercury – this is the personal planet of communication merging into the hidden realm of Neptune. This conjunction links the two characters in space and time.
  • Natal Chiron 27°Aquarius quindecile transiting Vertex 13°Leo, which we know is also quindecile transiting Mars – the lone wolf (Chiron in Aquarius)
  • Natal Uranus/Mars = (opposite) transiting Dejaniera – frenzied sexual assault (note all the natal tension on this point in his horoscope).
  • Natal Pluto 2°Virgo exact transiting Nessus 2°Virgo, which is also quindecile Dejaniera in the heavens on this date.
  • Natal Pallas-Juno 12°Libra exact transiting Sun (date on the calendar). – possessiveness is the shadow of Juno, while Pallas is symbolic of inner stamina,
  • Natal Ixion 21°Libra conjunct the transiting Lunar Nodal axis – a violent assault

Disregard for consequences; the quincunx:

  • Transiting Chiron 21°Gemini quincunx natal Jupiter-Sado 22-23°Scorpio
  • Transiting Jupiter 14°Pisces quincunx Juno-Pallas
  • Transiting Neptune-Ascendant 3°Capricorn quincunx natal mid-range Moon
  • Transiting Mars-APFortuna 28-29°Capricorn quincunx Vesta-Venus (virgin child) 29°Leo, which is in turn mirroring natal Chiron.

I have no hesitation in suggesting that John D Miller is the likely perpetrator of the abduction, rape and murder of 6 year-old Shannon Marie Sherrill.

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