Ally Brueger

Ally Brueger had a jogging routine through Holly and Rose townships in Michigan, that would leave her vulnerable to attack. Shot and killed with no witnesses; the case remains without a resolution. Justice has not yet had her day in court.

Victim: Alexandra Nicolette Brueger DOB 9th November 1984
Ex-boyfriend: Wesley Sutherland DOB 14th November 1984
Father: Franz Brueger DOB 15th March 1948
911 call: 2:35pm 30th July 2016

Please be aware that an astrology enquiry and any interpretation that results from the tension in the charts, is not recognised in any court of law; is pseudo-scientific in origin, and can only be considered as opinion.

AllyimageAsteroids specific to this case:
Alekto #465
Alexandra #54
Fanatica #1589
Franz #3917
Gunn #18243
Ixion #28978
Wesley #10019

This is a challenging case for several reasons. The victim and her ex boyfriend were born just five days apart. Without knowing birth-times of either of these two, we cannot determine their inter-personal relationship in any great detail, nor the house placements for the natal charts, however all is not lost for an astrology enquiry.

During the 5 days in November 1984, between the birth of Ally Brueger and Wes Sutherland, due to the rotation of the Earth, we only really have the luminaries and the personal planets that will reveal obvious comparable behavioural weaknesses between these two characters.

What a difference five days makes….

The Sun changes position – 5 degrees; the mid-range Moon – 64 degrees; Mercury – 7 degrees; Venus – 6 degrees and Mars – <4 degrees.

What is working ‘with us’, as astrologers on this occasion, is the overall pattern in the heavens during the relevant period in November 1984; a planetary stellium across the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and early Capricorn.

ab-wsclick on charts for full size

Synastry chart with Ally Brueger’s planetary spread on the inside and Wesley Sutherland’s horoscope as the outer circle (mid-range Moon placements).

In the natal chart for Ally in particular, we note a fan pattern – with natal Moon holding the handle of the fan; a horoscope managed from personal needs, desired as her primary focus.

Whereas in the chart for Wesley Sutherland, his Moon in Leo mirrors natal Mars; the primary need for his character is to take action, whether concerted or reactionary.
Sutherland’s natal Mars at 29°Capricorn, square Pluto and mirroring the mid-range Moon suggests a need to control; maintain power likely by aggressive action. Pluto square Mars is the blanket over a hand-grenade in classic texts – i.e. potentially explosive behaviour without prior warning. Some would suggest, a ‘loose cannon’.

Note: Both charts lack the element of Air; mental deliberation as they stand, however when we are informed that Ally’s passion was to become a creative writer, it would be safe to take a punt that she was born in the early degrees of a Gemini Moon, rather than the latter quarter of Taurus. That gives her the ‘air’ element and passion for communication.

On the 30th July 2016, we have a pattern in the heavens that also has a lack of ‘air’ element in the planetary spread, apart from the Moon, which is again in the zodiac of Gemini – a need to communicate.

Violent crimes more often than not, relate to a desire that is not being met – whether a desire wanted, or a desire needed. This pattern for the 911 call relates to a the latter. Unfortunately the communication has resulted in a shotgun blast that took a life, rather than a more civil manner of discourse.

Holly235This pattern in the heavens at the time of the 911 call reporting the murder of Ally; together with the inclusion of a selection of asteroids, tells it’s own story.

  • At the all-important angles, Venus at 22°Leo is at the midheaven ‘in position’.
  • Straddling the ascendant, ‘timing’ at 11°Scorpio reveals the asteroids of Franz (victim’s father) and Wesley (ex-bf).

Note at this point of our enquiry, that asteroid Franz is in the 12th house (mental) and Wesley is in the 1st house (physical).

Despite this being the C21, this is a power struggle of two men with the focus being on the symbolism of the planet Venus – likely ‘a woman as an asset’. Without communication, social behaviour reverts to primitive societal values.

Wesley Sullivan may have his natal Moon in the regal house of Leo, however the horoscope of Franz Brueger has the heavyweights of Pluto-Saturn-Mars in Leo = no contest. Wesley Sullivan was never going to usurp Franz’ position in Ally’s eyes; nor supplant the unbroken bond it seems.

911 call pattern in the heavens:

  • Jupiter 21°Virgo exact Fanatica (fanaticism) square Vertex (a life changing event) 22° Gemini.
    • Note: Fanataca is an asteroid is symbolic of ongoing obsession, rather than a quindecile aspect which is a transitory event.
  • Juno is conjunct Alekto (rage of a partner) 2-3°Scorpio in the 12th house – jealousy and rage simmers in the mind along with BML – the mind/mental acumen is the weakest link in this case.
  • Uranus is conjunct Eris – sudden changes in behaviour in order to create trouble 23-24°Aries.
  • Asteroid Gun is conjunct Pluto at 15°Capricorn standing apart from the human struggle in the heavens.

It will take human interaction/reaction with these asteroids to give us more information in this regard and the result that we know eventuated..

The quincunx (purple lines) generate the lack of consideration; disregard for consequences and add to the tension already present.

  • Venus – Chiron: communication breakdown likely.
  • Jupiter/Fanatica – Uranus/Eris: obsession leads to disregard for troublemaking.
  • Moon – Mars: highly emotive actions.

This is indicative of no restraint to follow this traumatic incident. The victim as the focus, is to be lost in the aftermath.

235-allyA bi-wheel with the 911 call as the inner chart and the outer chart, that of the birth chart for Alexandra Brueger – aligned by the zodiac positions at 2:35pm on 30th July 2016.

  • Transiting Juno-Alekto at 2-3°Scorpio is conjunct natal 2°Scorpio; Pluto in Ally’s natal chart. This is indicative of jealousy used in a power struggle of a relationship.
    • The risk of a relationship with close birth dates is that of the relationship developing into a co-dependent situation under difficult transits.

We don’t know how inter-personal relationship were managed behind closed-doors, however it is likely that jealousy was uppermost in their relationship during this conjunction.

It is Wes Sutherland who already has the natural tension of the control-seeking power-broker – Pluto in his natal chart – square his 2°Leo mid-range Moon. Further tension by transiting Juno would be enough to seek an outlet. That is where Alekto upped the ante and the cauldron boiled over.

  • Transiting Mars conjunct Ally’s natal South Node – action brings the resulting trauma.
  • Transiting Mars mirrors her natal Moon plus being on the Lunar Nodal Axis – indicates an attempt to flee from a traumatic situation.
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Uranus – malefic indication (would be in both charts)
  • Transiting asteroid Ixion is conjunct natal Venus – murder indicator.
  • Transiting Moon is conjunct natal namesake asteroid Alexandra – highly emotive situation by Ally.
  • Transiting Venus is conjunct natal Vertex significant life-changing event.

The 911 call together with the natal chart for Wesley Sutherland tells its own story.

What a difference five days makes… 31 years later.

235-wsWesley Sutherland’s natal Sun 22°Scorpio, which had changed position by 5 degrees in 1984 is now under direct tension by square with transiting Venus 22°Leo.

  • Wesley Sutherland’s mid-range natal Moon differed from Ally’s Moon by some 64 degrees and is now square transiting Juno-Alekto.
  • Alert bells ringing yet? Don’t forget that natal Pluto is also at this same position in the heavens…
    • The blanket over the hand-grenade classic interpretation of a square aspect with Pluto would result in a jealousy outburst of personal need; rage-driven by Alekto.
  • Mercury’s 7 degrees of difference at 11°Sagittarius (conjunct Uranus) has now resulted in a precise square with Neptune-South Node in the heavens 11-13°Pisces
  • Natal Venus – 6 degrees of orbit to <1Capricorn generated a conjunction with natal Neptune 29Sagittarius and now in the mirror of the transit position of the Moon 29°Gemini.
  • 29°Capricorn, natal Mars – <4 degrees is now exactly quincunx the Moon transiting at 29°Gemini – disregard for his actions in a highly emotively-charged situation.

In the two years since the murder, both Wesley Sutherland and Franz Brueger have taken lie detector tests, and a battle of words continues… 2 years later and Lilith still has Wesley Sutherland by the tail.

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