Delphi murders Pt.2

the crime….

In Part 1, we explored the synastry/relationship between each of the victims; Libby German and Abby Williams, together with the natal chart for our person of interest, Gabe Ellis. For the victims we have the time of birth. For Gabe Ellis we use the mid-range Moon (noon on the date of his birth).

Astrology is a pseudo-scientific method of profiling and is therefore not accepted in any court of law. The interpretation from classic texts is considered to be opinion.

bridgeoverdeercreekTeenagers, Libby German and Abby Williams’ bodies were recovered on St Valentine’s Day 2017 in a wooded area near the Delphi Historic Trail, approximately one and a half miles upstream from the abandoned rail bridge over Deer Creek.

Autopsy/toxicology results have not been released to our knowledge, although images and audio were recovered from Libby German’s cellphone and released to the media

Libby German – DOB 27th December 2002, 12:01pm
Abby Williams – DOB 23rd June 2003, 7:26am
POI Gabe Ellis – DOB 7th November 1976
Date of murders – 13th February 2017
Missing Person Report filed – 5:30pm

Missing Person Report (MPR) time of 5:30pm; our incident chart used to interpret the crime.MPRclick on images for full size

This chart concerns the practical matters of the crime itself together with potential associated behaviour weaknesses, according to interpretation of the pattern in the heavens.

  • Vertex (life-changing event) 14:17°Capricorn is squeezed between Juno (a man) and Ragazza (young girls), plus quindecile (compulsive behaviour) with Dejanera (sexual assault symbol).
  • AP Fortuna (destiny) is now conjunct Chiron 23°Pisces (one drama after another) in 8th house. This aspect is unfortunately also quincunx Jupiter, which is indicative of disregard for a resolution; transformation into a result (8th house)
  • Midpoints of particular relevance for this chart identify potential for drug involvement.
    • Descendant = Pluto/Neptune – the gate to the underworld as a result of subversive activity with the focus on ‘the choice’.
    • Neptune= Mercury/Mars – making of plans in relation to Neptune’s activity.

There is plenty more to interpret in this chart, which I leave to others at this stage. Our focus is the interaction between the dates – identifying a perpetrator, rather than the detail of the crime itself.

The black arrow in this MPR chart points to transiting Vesta 21°Cancer as the outlet for the tension. What I can reveal in hindsight (see chart below), is that this point in the heavens is exact the ascendant of Abby Williams natal chart; the time that she was born.


Abby #31631 – victim
Dejanera #157 – Sexual assault
Dunke #6865 – drug of choice/meth amphetamine
Gabe #21701 – POI, Gabe Ellis
Libby#5672 – victim
Photographica #443 – images
Prey #6157 – predatory behaviour
Ragazza #1839 – young girl
Roach #5945 – predatory behaviour


A subjective perspective of this time of the MPR by viewing from the natal chart for Libby German, reveals transiting Saturn is at her mid-heaven 25°Sagittarius, directly opposite her natal Saturn at the IC; 24:47°Gemini.
Transiting Mercury is in her 12th house exact natal Neptune
Transiting Sun is also in her 12th house conjunct natal Uranus

When we follow our regular method of interpreting criminal behaviour, we view Libby’s natal chart through the MPR lens, we get a less subjective view of events and the tension that her horoscope was experiencing; her ‘norm’.

MPR-LibbyThe angles take priority precedence in interpretation of any chart.

  • Libby’s natal Jupiter-asteroid Dunke are EXACT the ascendant – excessive drug use is indicated
  • Libby’s natal asteroid Alekto is EXACT the midheaven – becomes very angry (toxic drug reaction perhaps)
  • Transiting asteroid Gabe EXACT natal Juno identifies ‘a man’ as being Gabe
  • Transiting Juno EXACT natal AP Fortuna – a sense of destiny prevails
  • Transiting Ragazza-Vertex EXACT natal Sun – significant life-changing event for a young girl born when the Sun was in the same position in the zodiac; Libby.
  • Transiting Roach EXACT natal Chiron – a predator exploits the weaknesses of a Capricorn Chiron; criticism of self-identity as being sensible
  • Transiting Sun conjunct Uranus-Pallas – date on the calendar encourages rebellion with her partner-in-crime and best friend, Abby Williams.
  • Transiting Venus conjunct natal Ceres – enjoy the good things; personal appetites tempted
  • Transiting Dejanera conjunct natal Saturn is indicative of sexual assault

Again there is much more tension in this bi-wheel that could be interpreted.


Her personal perspective angles have some tension to share.
Transiting Vesta is EXACT natal Ascendant
Transiting asteroid Prey is EXACT the descendant
This combination of tension may well reveal an attempt to conceal herself from the predator.
Abby’s personal chart may not reveal the intensity of tension that Libby experienced, but then her nature is more adept to assertive behaviour in public; a 10th house Aries Moon.
Transiting Uranus is in the 12th house conjunct her personal needs, encouraging rebellious behaviour.

MPR-LibbySnapchat-photoWith the crime perspective up for interpretation:

  • Natal Jupiter 16:32°Leo is EXACT the ascendant – likely an attempt to be proactive.
  • At the midheaven transiting Photographica is conjunct natal AP Fortuna-Photographica 10-12°Taurus, confirming what we know; the photo imprinted in all our memories.
  • Transiting Uranus-Abby-Eris are all conjunct natal Moon-Eris-Pallas in the 9th house. Just wanting to have fun, Abby falls victim to a predator’s delusion of ‘fun’.

GABE ELLIS – potential perpetrator

EllisA snapshot of the heavens on the date of Ellis’ birth with a mid-range Moon… note the ominous conjunct to the gorgon star in the same constellation; Algol – a pile of corpses.
In real terms, this natal Moon placement could be up to 6° either side of this midpoint over the 24hour period of his birth date. Nonetheless, his personal needs are the driver of this horoscope – from Taurus to the stellium of planets in Scorpio with the potential of a quindecile to Ixion from the mid-range Moon.

Moon quincunx Venus-asteroid Abby indicates a disregard for recognition of Abby – objectivity used psychologically, in order to order to victimize without conscience.

  • Note the modes and elements (box at bottom RHS of chart).
    • Fire/mutable = Venus,Neptune,Dunke, Abby – i.e. a lack of passion/ability to separate – another flag for dehumanisation of individuals
    • Water/mutable= Pholus,Libby,Photo – a sociopathic response to personal error
  • Black Moon Lilith (weakest link in any chart) 11°Taurus mirrors by opposition to asteroid Ixion at 10°Scorpio.
    • Being 11 degrees this is indicative of a personal choice as to whether to commit murder; ie ‘fixed’ behaviour.
  • Pluto 12:52°Libra mirrors asteroids Prey-Eris; a predator.
  • Asteroids Photo-Libby are quindecile his personal appetites of Ceres 18°Virgo and natal Saturn as well – likely recognises Libby as a ‘potential victim’.

MPR-GEIt is when we put the two charts together as a bi-wheel/synastry chart, then we can see the tension between the transiting planets and asteroids and the natal chart for Gabe Ellis.

When we have malefic planets of potential perpetrators under tension on an angle of an incident chart (ascendant/descendant and-or, midheaven/IC), this ‘ups the ante’ in a crime; takes precedence over other aspects. Natal tension at the angles, represents time and place; indicative of motive and opportunity.

  • The Ascendant for the MPR chart –16:35°Leo = Gabe Ellis natal Saturn – 16:30°Leo.
  • The IC of 7:18°Scorpio = Gabe Ellis’ natal Roach-Uranus at 6-7°Scorpio.
  • Nudging the IC, asteroid Gabe is transiting at 9°Scorpio = Gabe Ellis’ natal Ixion – 10Scorpio
  • The Midheaven 7:18°Taurus = Gabe Ellis’ natal Lunar South Node/BML midpoint.
  • Other primary malefic indication – transiting Mars at 12°Aries (conjunct natal Prey-Eris) mirrors natal Pluto 12°Libra.
  • Transiting Nessus-South Node in the 7th house is conjunct natal Photographica-Libby.
    • We have to ask ourselves if this synchronicity confirms that he is indeed the male in the photograph taken by Libby German.  In my opinion, it does.
  • Transiting Ceres EXACT South Node suggests that his appetites will come full circle.
  • Transiting Vesta conjunct natal Alekto indicates the underlying criminal activity (likely drug-associated) induces rage.
  • Transiting Dunke=natal Saturn/Pallas-Vertex – self-control together with inner warrior are under the influence of the drug of preference; meth generating a life-changing event.

As to whether there is more criminal activity behind the scenes, as to the reason why Gabe Ellis was potentially at the time and place to interact with the teens, is unknown. It may have been a separate ‘business venture’ and their paths crossed. Astrology cannot answer that question.

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