Delphi murders Pt.1

Part 1; the synastry…

Relationship astrology is more the realm of romantic encounters, however this case brought us the added advantage of birth times of the victims; an opportunity to view the incident chart from the perspective of each of the victims. The methodology of interpretation is similar, however our focus is on the potential weakness of the characters, rather than potential joys.

Astrology is a pseudo-scientific method of interpretation of human behaviour by interpretation of tension in planetary positions against the backdrop of the astrological zodiac. As such it is not accepted in any court of law.

Case data:
Delphi, Indiana
13 February 2017
Snapchat photo upload 2:07 pm
Missing Person Report (MPR) 5:30pm
Libby German DOB 27 December 2002
Abby Williams DOB 23 June 2003

With the sleuthing support of our Facebook group, I have checked scores of potential culprits’ birth charts in this crime. This is my pick of the lot to date; the likely killer of these teenage girls in Delphi, Indiana. His name is Gabe Ellis – ex Lafayette and Kokomo, Indiana.

At the time of the Delphi murders, Gabe Ellis was living just 30 minutes away in Kokomo. He was 40 years old. Abby and Libby were just 13 and 14.

The asteroids for this enquiry have been selected with the knowledge of Gabe Ellis’ special interests in child pornography, meth amphetamines, and the company of teenage girls. Gabe Ellis is currently incarcerated in a high security facility in Indiana for unrelated crimes.

Abby #31631 – victim Abby Williams
Dejanera #157 – Sexual assault/rape
Dunke #6865 – drug of choice/meth amphetamine
Gabe #21701 – POI, Gabe Ellis
Libby#5672 – victim Libby German
Photographica #443 – images
Prey #6157 – predatory behaviour
Ragazza #1839 – young girl
Roach #5945 – predatory behaviour

Our posts have usually started with the crime, however the apparent incredible synastry between the birth dates, leads me to open with the potential of inter-personal tension.

Intensity of ‘triggers’ of behaviour start with the angles of any chart. The vertical axis of arena of tension; the Midheaven (the where) together with the mirror of the IC, plus the horizon of Ascendant (the when) together with its mirror, the Descendant.

The malefic planets – Mars,Saturn,Pluto.

Libby German and Gabe Ellis
Having the time of birth for Libby we can view the tension from her perspective; guided by classic texts. The inner chart in blue text is Libby; red, Gabe Ellis.

  • At the IC and mirroring the Midheaven 24:47°Gemini; Saturn is conjunct conjunct his asteroid Ragazza
  • 24:47°Gemini Saturn also mirrors by opposition, his Venus at the midheaven
  • 1:05°Pisces asteroid Libby conjunct his asteroid Libby-Photo
  • 17:14°Leo Jupiter-Dunke conjunct his Saturn
    • This is the major malefic aspect of interaction – is also square to Libby’s Mars; i.e. resistance
  • 14:47°Libra Moon-Roach conjunct his Pluto
  • At the cusp of the 8th house of ‘transformation by endings’, 9:09°Scorpio Juno conjunct his Uranus-Ixion-Roach stellium of instability
  • 16:48°Scorpio Mars conjunct his Sun-Mercury – ego-driven communication
  • 19:44°Scorpio Venus-Pholus conjunct Mars-Dejanera
  • 18:07°Sagittarius Pluto merges with his asteroid Dunke in the 9th house of illusory belief
  • Asteroid Ragazza conjunct his asteroid Dunke-Abby-Pluto

Abby Williams and Gabe Ellis

Another time of birth; another synastry between victim and alleged perpetrator. This tension may not be indicative at the angles, however the connection is primarily driven from the ‘idealisation’ weakness of Mercury-Venus conjunction in Abby’s 11th house/need for friends. This position is intercepted by her own asteroid Pholus (shooting herself in the foot), plus is quincunx/’disregard for’ Gabe Ellis’ Sun-Mercury; getting what he wants.

  • Jupiter 16°Leo is exact his Saturn
  • Jupiter 16°Leo square his Sun-Mercury; what he wants would be inflated by any resistance from Abby.
  • Mercury-Venus 16°Gemini quincunx his Sun-Mercury – a major weaknesses
  • Pluto-asteroid Gabe 17°Sagitarrius not only mirrors her own idealism weakness, but also is conjunct his asteroid Abby-Dunke
  • 2:43°Pisces Mars-Uranus (rebellious behavour) is conjunct his natal asteroids Libby and Photographica.
  • 10-12°Taurus natal Photographica and Arabian Part Fortuna align with his natal Black Moon Lilith (weakest link in a chart).
    • note: photograph of male on the trail released to the media, plus FBI sketch of POI (images above).

All astrology indications are that meth amphetamine is on the table, perhaps as his method of seduction remove the girls ‘down the hill’ and to their demise. Toxicology of the girl’s remains would either confirm, or deny this suggestion. The autopsy has not been released to-date.

We are not aware of the birth time for Gabe Ellis and so his mid-range Moon at 23:25°Taurus could be up to 6degrees either side of its position in his natal chart and possibly conjunct the gorgon star; Algol – a pile of corpses..

  • Further tension in relation to his driving personal needs (natal Moon), could be…
    • Conjunct Abby’s asteroid Prey, Libby, or BML
    • Mirroring the Scorpio stellium in Libby’s natal chart

2:07 pm on 13th February 2017
Libby took a photo of her friend Abby with her cellphone and uploaded it to snapchat. We have a time in which to explore the tension in the atmosphere, while these girls were together on the abandoned rail bridge over Deer Creek.

  • Asteroid Abby 20:58°Aries is conjunct Uranus in the heavens, potentially instigating sudden changes (Cardinal-Fire).
  • Asteroid Libby meanwhile, is transiting at 19:25°Capricorn indicating some discord in their planned afternoon together. According to the asteroid positions, Libby is the more-practical of the two on this occasion

It is when we indicate this particular tension in the heavens with the hard aspects between the planetary and asteroid positions overhead, that we can begin to understand and interpret the combination.

  • Asteroid Ragazza is at the horizon mirroring the ascendant; Abby ‘in the frame’ literally.

Underlying locked-in emotive position; a Grand Trine in the element of Water (red triangle).
The red triangle between Chiron 22°Pisces (one ‘deadly’ drama after another) in the 10th house of the public arena – together with Vesta 21:55°Cancer in the 1st house (physicality of a hidden agenda) and the mathematical position of Vertex (significant life-changing event) at 23:20°Scorpio in the 5th house (house of fun/creativity/entertainment).

Black rectangle of the tension resulting from Libby-Abby (asteroids) interaction together with the outlet for that tension (Vesta)

Uranus-Eris-Abby with asteroids Prey-Libby and the third leg being Jupiter 23:03°Libra in the 5th house.
This then becomes at risk (prey) when mirrored with Vesta. It is a choice as to whether they follow this outlet, although there is no other available to them according to this chart.
Vesta is the midpoint of Dejaniera (sexual assault) 20:58°Gemini in the 12th house of the mind (a mental concern/unspoken perhaps) and asteroid Dunke (drug flag) at 20:09°Leo in the 3rd house of communication/short journeys.

Asteroid Gabe is in the 5th house 9:11°Scorpio square Mercury-AP Fortuna 9:10°Aquarius.

Destiny with Gabe Ellis awaits.

Subjective Note: Vesta will cross the horizon and into view at the Ascendant at 3:25pm (timing).  That would be the most critical time for these young teens, I would expect.

To be continued with Pt.2; the crime.

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