Zachary Witman

York County Common Pleas Court, Pennsylvania…

On Thursday 8th February 2018, Zachary Witman was given the option to be retried for the murder of his brother, of which he had been convicted in 2003…. or, he could plead guilty to a 3rd degree murder charge.

Despite having denied any guilt for 14 years, Zachary Witman took the plea deal, as he would then be eligible for a parole hearing with his first opportunity for freedom; 3rd January, 2019.  Zachary Witman would then be 35 years of age.

The following is an astrology enquiry into the murder of Gregory Witman in New Freedom, Pennsylvania, October 1998.

Astrology is a pseudo-scientific method of study that is not accepted in any court despite its common name of ‘forensic astrology’; is considered as opinion within the realm of western society. The same goes for Greco-Roman mythology.

911 call to report the crime: 3:17pm, 2nd October 1998
Victim: Gregory Witman (13 years of age) – DOB 31st January 1985
POI: Zachary Witman (15 years of age) – DOB 16th May 1983

In order to determine our choice of extra asteroids for this case apart from our regular tool-kit, it is a no-brainer that we have sibling rivalry in the crime.

Asteroids ‘as-named’ orbiting in our solar system:

  • Fraternitas #309 (brotherhood)
  • Romulus #10386 (killed his brother Remus in a dynastic power struggle)
  • Zachery #104052
  • Gregory #2527

A snapshot of the heavens over New Freedom, PA at 3:17pm on 2nd October 1998 for the planets and asteroids as if we were there, with the addition of a backdrop; the astrology zodiac

317click on images for full size

As is our regular method of interpretation, we identify the potential weakness/tension that could be present at this time; our toolkit.

The all important angles are our priority – Ascendant represents the timing and Midheaven – the place/crime scene. In this case we have 17°Scorpio; Chiron, at the midheaven.

The natural ruling planet for Scorpio is Pluto and so we know that Chiron in Scorpio will be related to behaviour. The driver is an inadequacy within an individual in relation to the use of power; a desire for transformation from powerless, to powerful.

With the gift of hindsight in this case, we can confirm that this is indeed what has happened – a lack of restraint, with the victim Gregory Witman stabbed 80-100 times in quick succession.

The second step for an astrology enquiry, is to seek out the position of Saturn in the heavens at the time, because Pluto and Saturn together are serious contenders for ‘control’ weaknesses; a lack of self-control in relation to a power struggle.

In this chart the house of siblings; the 3rd house – Saturn is in retrograde motion (Rx) at 1°Taurus mirroring by opposition to 9th house BML (weakest link in a chart) at 2°Scorpio.

Saturn Rx is also quincunx Venus at 2°Libra, which is indicative of a lack of regard for social interaction between the sexes. Apart from the age difference indicating their interest in members of the opposite sex, this aspect identifies the tension between the brothers; tension that apparently led to the deadly confrontation according to Zachary.

“Zachary got mad at Greg because Greg was mad at him for hanging up on his girlfriend. Greg wouldn’t drop the matter.”

Note: When Scorpio comes up repeatedly in a case, we are reminded of the water element symbolism for Scorpio. While Cancer is symbolized by a river and ‘go with the flow’ as their catch-cry; Pisces is the ocean – ‘ruffled on the surface with great depths below’. Scorpio is considered ‘a contained body of water (a pond)’ with the fear of becoming stagnant, leading to a natural ‘stirring’ to avoid stagnation.

Untitled 2The modes and elements chart (see image – bottom RHS of the wheel; repeated here).

  • Cardinal/Fire indicates that ‘trouble-making’ Eris was the intent with Mars-North Node as Fixed/Fire indicating the depth of desire to take action/amount of trauma is premeditated.
  • Cardinal/Air. The lights and personal planets are in the mental realm and mind-set for action – Sun-Mercury-Venus Pholus.
  • The Moon-Uranus-South Node are Fixed/Air. Suggestion of a mentally-challenged situation.

Intent of what unfolded is certainly present. To what end, is determined by the interaction with the natal chart for the perpetrator

We can determine whether the crime was indeed perpetrated by Zachary and the admission, is just a ploy to get a bid for parole in the current climate, by generating a bi-wheel for the the crime of the murder of Gregory Witman (above chart) together with the natal chart for Zachary.

317-ZWWe can identify this 15 year-old Zachary Witman as the perpetrator of the murder of his 13 year-old brother Gregory Witman by the placement at the all important angles alone – note the black squares on this chart.

  • Natal Ixion (murder) is exact the midheaven (place) and natal asteroid Romulus is at the ascendant (timing).
  • Transiting Saturn Rx is mirroring natal Saturn Rx-Pluto at the BML point in the heavens as well.
    • This is a learning period for the teen in relation to self-control, however the tension is into the 9th house; bound up in respect. Zachary is likely in a power struggle for his position in the family.
  • Lunar Nodal axis of 29 Leo-Aquarius is square natal Mars at 29 Taurus. This generates a traumatic drive to take action and likely explains the over jealous attack.

Note: All the red lines in the chart reveal tension between planets and asteroids and the green dotted line reveals the quincunx; lack of regard for any restraint.

ZWThe natal chart for Zachary Witman is without a birth time and so the Moon is mid-range and could be up to 6 degrees either side of this noon placement. i.e. mirroring asteroid Romulus, or Pallas, or even conjunct Venus.

Either way, the Moon is in Cancer is symbolic of a character who needs to be reminded to ‘go-with-the-flow’.

  • Venus in Cancer is opposite to/in the mirror of, Fraternitas in Capricorn – a peer-group desire for a brotherhood; a choice to be made.
    • Venus is also quincunx Uranus with a disregard for sudden changes; likely a lack of sense-of-humour.
  • Sun mirrors asteroid Zachery in Scorpio – ego-driven self interest.

That tension is what it is. What is very troubling in a natal chart is…

  • Chiron in Taurus is hard up against; merging with Mars at 29°Taurus. There is a quindecile (obsession) with 15°Scorpio; Ixion (murder) plus
    Chiron is quincunx both Neptune-South Node at 26-28°Sagittarius and also Saturn Rx-Pluto Rx at 27-29°Libra.

Chiron in Taurus will always be plagued by the wound of neglect; of a neverending neediness. Zachary has Saturn Retrograde in his chart revealing a lack of male mentoring in his formative years, for whatever reason and likely struggles with a sense of worth.

The natal chart stays with the person for life.  Depending on the rehabilitation, I would suggest that Zachary, or any person with this pattern in their horoscope, remain under supervision.


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