DuPras murders

CARThursday 23rd November – Thanksgiving 2017 in Fresno, California: Eighty-eight year-old Cynthia Houk’s vehicle was destroyed by fire; torched in front of her home.

Her 25 year-old granddaughter, Alison DuPras posed for a photo with the burned-out body and posted it online. If that’s not enough to get my attention, then nothing is.

Asteroids for this case:
Pyrrha #632 (Greek for fire) – eg pyromania=arsonist
Alison #27091
Alain #1969 – Alan DuPras is a self-claimed Francophile, hence the French spelling of ‘Alan’ as selected

Pattern in the heavens of Thanksgiving 2017 in California together with the natal chart for Alison DuPras (DOB from the public record):

thanksgiving-Alisonclick on charts for full size

  • Transiting Moon is in the mirror/opposite Alison’s natal Venus
  • Transiting Venus conjunct natal Pluto
  • Transiting Venus mirroring/opposite natal Mars
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune
  • Transiting asteroid Pyrrha is quindecile Venus in the heavens and therefore also conjunct Alison’s natal Pluto – this is indicative of an obsessively ‘explosive’ power struggle.

Note that anything under intense tension with Pluto reveals a blanket over a hand-grenade – ie likely to explode without warning (not see the pin pulled).

Also the heavens, South Node/LNA is conjunct Alison’s natal Saturn Rx – whoa, hold the horses, team… that is a heavy duty indication that this result (the torching of Cynthia Houk’s auto) is potentially connected to Alison’s relationship with her father.
Note: Saturn Rx is invariably related to a problem in early childhood development. (link)

Please note that astrology is a pseudo-scientific method of profiling and therefore not accepted in any court of law. The interpretation can only be considered as opinion.  Interpretation is in accord with classic astrology texts.

There are far too many malefic indications in this astrology bi-wheel to exonerate Alison DuPras from knowledge of this crime; the torching of her grandmother’s auto.

Just weeks later, Alison DuPras’ mother and grandmother were murdered.

On Monday 11th December 2017 at 3pm, a welfare check on Cynthia Houk and her daughter Jennifer DuPras, found them both murdered; shot in their home. Jennifer was going through an acrimonious divorce with Alison’s father, Alan DuPras. The family was already separated with Jennifer living with her mother.

We would normally turn to the horoscopes of the victims in an effort to interpret the tension in relation to a crime of murder, however we are already being directed towards a different pathway.

The following astrology enquiry will follow the relationship between father and daughter; Alan DuPras (57) and Alison DuPras (25) together with the tension in the heavens in relation to this snapshot in time.

The pattern in the heavens at the time of the welfare check in Fresno, California:

3pmastroRelevance of place: Midheaven – 3:46°Aquarius quindecile (obsessive) North Node and Ceres 18°Leo
Relevance of timing: Ascendant – 22:57°Taurus quincunx Mercury Rx 22°Sagittarius

As with most crimes, a desire is not being met. The midheaven is under tension by an obsession from Ceres and likely a familial connection, with the North Node so closely involved.
Note: 22 °/degrees of any of the zodiac signs is, for anyone who follows the Serbian astrology method, particularly ominous.  Plus the timing… Taurus is usually indicative of money/assets being on the agenda.

  • 18°Leo; Ceres in the 4th house (home) is conjunct North Node (family) PLUS quincunx (disregard for) Pluto 18°Capricorn in 9th house.
    A conjunction to the North Node is usually indicative of a problem with the female nurturer by a character and Ceres relates to personal appetites not being met – likely the ‘lioness’ cub’s appetite on this occasion.
  • Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) conjunct Neptune 11-12°Pisces square asteroid Alain-Venus.
    Neptune relates to ‘unseen’ matters/in the background when subversively interpreted.
  • 12th house tension of asteroid Alison, Eris (trouble and strife) Uranus-Pallas are all in direct tension- mirrored, or by quindecile (obsession) with the Moon (personal needs) Vertex (a significant life-changing event).
  • Asteroid Lie in the midst of this tension as well.

From this pattern, we can discern that this double murder was not a killing at the height of passion, rather a deliberate act. According to the astrology tension, father and daughter appear to be intertwined in relation to the demise of Cynthia Houk and Jennifer DuPras.

From this interpretation of the patterns in the heavens at the time of the welfare check by LE, we would interpret this tension in relation to the individual horoscopes of the characters involved. But first, the father and daughter horoscopes in order to interpret the pattern in the heavens that is their ‘norm’; what they were born under.

Alan DuPras (DOB from the public record) Potential weaknesses include:

Alan-astroIn Aries, a father and daughter team Mars conjunct asteroid Alison is mirrored by mid-range natal Moon; a personal need by choice. Mars-Alison is quincunx North Node (disregard for family). This tension suggests that the father-daughter relationship is likely closer, than that of the husband and wife. – at least in the mind and behaviour of Alan DuPras.

  • 7°Taurus Asteroid Alain, mirrors 7°Scorpio Neptune (subversive by choice) as well as quindecile Ixion (murderous intent).
  • 14°Gemini Sun exact asteroid Money interprets as ego strength is measured by his bank account/assets.
  • 3°Cancer Mercury exact BML – communication is the weakest link in the pattern of his character
  • 3°Virgo Pluto mirrors Chiron at 2°Pisces identifying an explosive dramatic reaction without warning/power play. Chiron in Pisces will often play the victim as a form of manipulation.
    There’s always more to share with astrology interpretation, however we need to check the synastry with Alison – after-all he has been her mentor.

Alison DuPras (DOB from the public record)

Alison-astroThe first surprise is 16°Aquarius Saturn Rx which indicates early childhood problems in relation to her father. This relationship is not perceived in the same manner as her father of his daughter.
Was he absent, when she needed him as a young child?

  • 16°Aquarius asteroid Borasissi is exact Saturn Rx, which is indicative of the young Alison telling herself lies in relation to her father’s absence; lies that were fanciful in order to maintain her need to maintain ‘inner happiness.’
  • This has become Alison’s major weakness as Saturn Rx-Borasissi mirrors Mercury in Leo as well as quindecile (obsessively) asteroid Alison at 2°Leo.
  • Because Uranus-Neptune at 15-17°Capricorn are just 30degrees from Saturn-Borasissi, there is a second quindecile to asteroid Alison. This tells us that 2°Leo transits will always intensify this ‘idealised’ relationship with her father.
    16°Aries, asteroid Alain is square natal Uranus-Neptune.
  • Uranus is also quindecile Lunar South Node – goal oriented rebellion. At what price, we may well ask. We already know that asteroid Pyrrha is in her toolkit with the fire asteroid 0°Cancer is conjunct natal South Node on the date of her birth.

Alison is certainly greatly conflicted in her relationship with her father. If she were born in the evening, her Moon could very well be with Uranus-Neptune. The mental instability is evident.

When we put these two horoscopes side by side, the tension is revealed between father and daughter:
His Mars-Alison is conjunct her Vertex-Eris-Alain
His Jupiter is conjunct her North Node (karma followers note: a previous-life marriage)
His Saturn-Vesta conjunct her Moon-Uranus-Neptune.

So to the Welfare Check time…

3pm 11December 2017 together with the natal chart for Alison DuPras.

3pmastro-AlisonThe malefic indications are about as strong as they can get with the horizon line (timing) of natal Mars-Juno at the ascendant and natal Ixion-Pluto straddle the descendant.
Asteroid Alison-Pholus straddle the IC angle.

  • Transiting North Node-Ceres conjunct natal Mercury in the mirror
  • Natal South Node conjuncts natal Saturn-Borasissi-BML
  • Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) mirrors natal Jupiter – there will be no escape for Alison, her destiny is intertwined with her father’s.

There is plenty more in that bi-wheel to interpret, by those interested.

3pm 11December 2017 together with the natal chart for Alan DuPras.

3pm-Alan-astroThe astrology angles are not in play, although that does not let Alan Dupras off the hook by any means. The malefics are strong in his chart as well.

  • Transiting Phaeton (vehicle) reveals his involvement with the transit conjunct natal Sun-Money in the 1st house.
  • There is a quincunx to transiting Jupiter revealing a disregard for law enforcement being able to identify this connection to the case by suggesting an alternative agenda to the vehicle being at the scene.
  • Transiting North Node-Ceres conjunct natal Uranus indicates his motive along with asteroid Money conjunct natal North Node.
  • Transiting Vertex (a life changing event) conjunct natal Ixion (murder)
  • Transiting Ixion is also conjunct natal Pholus – his mistakes will be revealed. Pholus is where we shoot ourselves in the foot.
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn etc etc

Neither father, nor daughter is innocent of the murder of Cynthia and Jennifer according to the heavens. There will be no holiday-home in France for Alan Dupras. The closest he will get will be in his dreams.



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