Lucas Hernandez

Emily Glass was in a relationship with Jonathan Hernandez and was sole carer for his son Lucas when the child’s father was working away from home for extended periods of time.   She phoned law enforcement, reporting Lucas missing from home.  Note: Emily Glass is an admitted smoker/user of meth-amphetamine.

  • Location: Wichita, Kansas
  • MPR: 6:14pm 17th February 2018
  • Victim: Lucas Hernandez. DOB 3rd December 2012
  • POI: Emily Glass DOB 10th May 1991

This is a case from our Facebook group, where we generated, interpreted and drew up a locator angle in real-time following the Missing Person Report.

Asteroids used during this case:

Borasissi #66652 – lies we tell ourselves in order to maintain the illusion that we’re happy
Child#4580 – child
Dunke #6865 – drug flag
Emily #33399 – Emily Glass
Eris#136199 – creating trouble/argumentative
Ixion#28978 – murder flag (occidental mythology)
Lie #26955 – Lie
Lucas #9349 – Lucas Hernandez
Martir #1582 – martyrdom
Nessus #7066 – abuse of trust

Arabian Part Fortuna – destiny
BML/Mean Apogee – weakest link in any chart
Vertex – significant life-changing event

It was only when I learned that there had been a personal call by Emily Glass the previous afternoon to Lucas’ disappearance; some 24hours earlier, that I was on ‘Amber Alert’ with the astrology. What caught my attention was the comment ’24hours earlier’.

The misconception that an MPR cannot be filed for 24hours remains in people’s belief system. Even though this was not the story that Emily Glass relayed to law enforcement when she reported Lucas Hernandez missing, I elected to generate a chart for the recorded phone call as likely being significant in this case.  It was…

5:43pm 16 February 2018 – phone call

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The astrology pattern in this incident chart is indicative of Emily Glass having decided the fate of Lucas Hernandez during this phone call. Furthermore that the conversation likely included discussion in relation to the financial costs/burden of her current state of affairs. Was the unspoken decision by Emily Glass whether she was to feed Lucas, or buy drugs?  The seeds of suspicion were planted.

Asteroid Ceres in the 12th house (mental/hidden matters) is dominant in this case; transiting at 7:54°Leo quindecile Pluto in the 5th house (children).
Asteroid Lucas is at the cusp of the 3rd house (communication).
Mercury is conjunct 27°Aquarius,
Juno (spouse) in the 7th house.

We all know the mythical story of Ceres – how her daughter was stolen away by Pluto to live in the Underworld. Her search brought a feast, or a famine to humankind. How the asteroid Ceres manifests in an astrology chart is usually identified by the zodiac position at a particular point in time – natal and/or the incident.

Note: Lucas Hernandez’ natal mid-range Moon is also at 8Leo exact by transiting Ceres.

  • Asteroids Lie and Borasissi are strong indicators in this chart as well.
  • 1st house (physical needs) AP Fortuna (destiny) is quindecile (obsessive) to 8th house Borasissi.
  • Asteroid Lie is conjunct asteroid Dunke (drug flag) in the 4th house (home) under direct tension with the transiting Moon at 10°Pisces in the 7th house. This suggests that Emily Glass is denying her drug use during this phone conversation.
  • 11°Capricorn Vertex (a significant life-changing event) is conjunct BML/Mean Apogee in the 5th house (children versus entertainment). The BML identifies the weakest link in a chart.
    Venus is conjunct Nessus in the zodiac sign of Pisces = abuse of trust by a female.

From this interpretation, we can already see trouble ahead for Lucas…
Asteroid Lucas (Lucas Hernandez) is at the cusp of the 3rd house) = likely to be at risk in the care of a female (Emily Glass) and that his fate would be determined long before any 911 call to report that he was missing.

However, we return to the authoritative time; the Missing Person Report (MPR) together with the natal chart for Lucas Hernandez. That is the crime chart that we regularly work with as it is objective; as recorded by law enforcement.

6:14pm 17 February 2018 – MPR

Note: Emily Glass made this phone call to law enforcement.

  • At 6°Leo, AP Fortuna (destiny) is now conjunct Ceres and therefore also conjunct Lucas’ natal mid-range Moon – all now in the 12th house (hidden). What was discussed in the phone call of the previous evening is now in the mind, as the wheel turns.
  • Mercury is at the descendant at the going down with the Sun – 29°Aquarius (Mercury is one of the child indicators)
  • Neptune in the 7th house at 13°Pisces is quincunx North Node; quincunx asteroid Lucas 14°Libra and square Lie-Dunke-Mars-Vesta 11-12-13-15°Sagittarius. The quincunx reveals disregard for the child’s welfare; that drugs have been involved in this lie that the child is missing, plus that he has been hidden (Vesta).

MPR together with the natal chart for Lucas Hernandez – a biwheel

The all important angles give us the child’s natal Lunar Nodal Axis (LNA) at the MC/IC axis indicating the trauma.

Transiting Lunar Nodal axis is exact square Lucas’ natal Venus-asteroid Emily.  That’s the child pointing the finger well and truly at Emily Glass, imo.

  • AP Fortuna (destiny)-Ceres in the heavens is conjunct mid-range Moon in 12th house of Leo.
  • Natal Neptune at the descendant is usually an indication that he would not be located quickly (Neptune=hidden and descendant=exit).
  • Transiting Neptune is conjunct natal Borasissi – toxicology will confirm if this drug flag is indeed part of the child’s demise; ie administered by the adult.
  • Transiting Lie-Dunke-Mars-Vesta are all conjunct natal Sun – malefic tension.
    Meanwhile, In the mirror, transiting Child is conjunct natal Black Moon Lilith-Jupiter, however not being autonomous, the child had no choice in the matter.

MPR together with the natal chart for Emily Glass – a biwheel

  • Transiting Ceres-AP Fortuna conjunct natal Jupiter inflating her behaviour PLUS
    Mirroring natal Saturn.

We don’t lose sight of the fact that Lucas’ natal Moon is in the mirror for this Saturn placement in Emily Glass’ natal/horoscope = lack of self-control is evident to Lucas’ needs both personal and physiological.

  • Transiting Sun-Mercury at the descendant is conjunct asteroid Lucas in Glass’ natal chart.
  • The 6th house contains the placement of the South Node in the heavens conjunct natal Borasissi – lies she tells herself deflect any responsibility.
  • Transiting Pluto-Vertex (significant life-changing event) conjunct natal North Node = traumatic
  • Personal BML/Mean Apogee at the cusp of the 5th house (children) identify her weakest link.
  • Transiting asteroid Emily is conjunct natal Sun (ego’s wants, rather than needs).
  • Transiting Eris and Uranus in the 9th house are conjunct natal Mercury-Emily-Child-Martir-Eris -the grouping speaks for itself for the superficiality of behaviour.
  • Transiting Moon-Borasissi conjunct natal Dunke – use of drugs to maintain denial of actions.

Natal chart for Emily Glass

  • 22-23°Ceres in the heavens is conjunct mid-range Moon in 12th house of Leo.Aries; Asteroid Emily-Mercury quincunx 24°Scorpio Ixion – disregard for any conscience with murderous intent. Any tears will be for self, not any victim.
  • Asteroid Emily-Mercury is also opposite natal Ceres 22°Libra = naturally depressive and exhibiting negative communication.
  • 18-19°Aries Martir -Child quincunx Pluto – disregard for control of outbursts; believing that she is a martyr and powerless to change her situation. Further abrogation of any responsibility for her actions.
  • 20-21°Cancer; Mars-South Node indicate Emily Glass’ emotional wounding with her own maternal nurturer as likely being unresolved. This tension together with the conjunction of 22°Cancer; Chiron, generates a deeply held behavioural response driven by insecurity.  22 degrees of anything is a social challenge /opportunity to master (in this case all that the zodiac of Cancer means for Emily Glass).

Following the disappearance of Lucas, Emily Glass was incarcerated for child endangerment in relation to another child and it was to be some months before she was released; in a position to lead authorities, whether willingly or not, to Lucas’ remains.

Lucas Hernandez’ remains were recovered 24May 2018.

postscript:  Emily G;lass committed suicide on the night of 7-8 June 2018

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