Joseph James DeAngelo

Based on DNA evidence, on April 25, 2018, authorities announced the arrest of 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., a former Californian police officer.  He was arrested and charged on eight counts of first-degree murder.

Whether we address DeAngelo as the Golden State Killer; the East Area Rapist; the Original Night Stalker; the Vidalia Ransacker; the Diamond Knot Killer – it matters not in terms of constructing an astrology profile, unless we were to address the statistics of his potential crimes and location tie-ins. I leave that to others to undertake that monumental task.

DeAngelo’s early childhood involved an early break-up of his parents marriage; a relocation from East to West USA with mother and step-father; a 6th grade power struggle with his primary educators. This age of 11-12 is psychologically important in childhood development.

Enlistment in the US Navy in his late teens, serving until the end of the Vietnam war was followed by an education ticket – ‘Criminal Justice’ his choice.
Following graduation, DeAngelo joined Californian law enforcement in 1973, serving until 1979 when he was dismissed on a minor theft conviction.

The span of criminal activity by this alleged criminal identifies serial criminal activity from 1974 to 1986 – escalating from robbery, to rape, to murder, or a combination of all three crimes.

DeAngelo was born in Bath, New York 8th November 1945; time unknown. From this information we can construct an astrology wheel; a pattern of the heavens on the date and place of his birth using noontime as the mid-range of the 24hour period. The Moon will therefore be midway through the 24hour period (allow for up to 6 degrees either side of this placement for accuracy).

Named Asteroids selected from Occidental and Oriental mythology:

Alekto #465 – rage
Antigone #129 – worthy of one’s parents as a justification
Dejaniera #157 – rape
Eris #136199 – trouble and strife
Gunn #18243 – a firearm
Ixion #24898 – murder
Mony #7782 – money
Nessus #7066 – abuse of trust
Pholus #5145 – where error are made by ‘shooting oneself in the foot’
Prey #6157 – sexual prey
Siva #1170 – crosses Mars orbit/God complex

Joseph James DeAngelo

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Born with the Lunar Nodal axis on the cardinal points of Cancer- Capricorn has to portend a public image of some note before we address anything else. The South Node, of which is quincunx Mars = disregard for the outcome of his actions.

Note that quincunx tension is indicated by the ‘purple’ lines I’ve added to the chart

Further quincunx of Saturn Rx (lack of male mentoring) to natal mid-range Moon is quite complex as the Moon is symbolic of uppermost needs in a character’s development. For a young child, the Moon equates with the mother until autonomy is reached. Natal Moon could even be exact the South Node = a lack of maternal bonding.

Note: It would be useful to know the birth-time of this individual. I am awar that rectification has been done suggesting a 1°Sag ascendant, however as is our practice, we continue with a mid-range Moon and blunder where we may.

Ceres quincunx Nessus = an abuse of trust is disregarded when personal appetites desires are uppermost.
Sun quincunx Uranus = disregard for ego in relation to rebellion/sudden changes. This hints of the ‘random activity’ within the crimes. A Scorpio Sun would be quite comfortable with this aspect as it teams up with the ‘stirring to get a reaction’ that is innate with Scorpio activity.

The most dangerous of all quincunx, in this chart for a rapist, is from asteroid Dejaniera to Venus-Mony PLUS Antigone. We know that rape is a crime of power, rather than sexual appetite and so the motive is revealed in these two tension aspects.

The red lines indicate further hard aspects of conjunction – where the two planets merge as one – eg Mercury would always go hand in hand with Ceres; Money with Venus; Jupiter with Chiron; Juno with Neptune.

Other tension (also red lines) are oppositions where there is always the opportunity for the person to reframe what is in front of them/in the mirror – Mars and asteroid Prey; Dejaniera and Siva. All of which identify the rapist mentality. This horoscope identifies that it is a choice to commit these sex crimes, even if they are motivated by a hidden agenda in the childhood psyche.

From these hard aspects, we can interpret that the relationship that DeAngelo had with his mother is behind much of his power struggles during his life – seeking her approval. The repeated theft of small items and shoplifting are also open cries for ‘parental’ attention. This interpretation would also appear to be borne-out by DeAngelo’s letters to the media during his ‘spree’ era.

His education power struggle, which DeAngelo refers to in his letters, would be a flag for anyone wanting to rectify the birth chart by checking progressions by solar arc.
A simple way of addressing this is to check which of the malefic planets are approximately 11-12° apart. Mars and Pluto certainly are, so a 29:07°Cancer Mars solar arc progression to conjunct 11:27°Pluto would occur around the end of the first trimester of 1958.
Transiting planets would then identify the personal triggers for the rage he experienced with his educators – tension likely within the 3rd house of childhood education, I would expect.

2:29am 25th April 2018, Sacramento, California

DeAngelo was booked for murder. We generate a chart for that incident time and view through the lens of tension that could relate to his criminal behaviour; the hard aspects.

Personal needs (transiting Moon) holds the handle of the fan pattern of planets in the heavens. Quincunx of Mony with the ascendant = no bail. The Moon is quincunx Mercury = disregard for the need to communicate and opposition from the Moon to Nessus is indicative that any bail applied for would be challenged (Nessus=abuse of trust). These aspects hint at a lack of mental acuity of the POI and acceptance of his situation.
The other quincunx is Ceres at the descendant quincunx Saturn-Siva = passive response to authority.
Saturn-Siva is also quindecile (obsessive) Antigone = childlike deference to authority when confronted.

This arrest has been what he has sought during his criminal career I would expect – the attention he always craved.
Asteroid Dejaniera is quindecile Pallas (inner warrior) = desire for power and the struggle is still present with the planet Venus in the mirror. I would interpret this as being that the desire is still present in this man’s psyche.

JJ DeAngelo horoscope viewed through the lens of the booking time and date

The following is a view of the tension and potential behaviour of DeAngelo in relation to the crimes that he was arrested and booked for. We can take this authoritative time as objective and representative of his criminal career.
The inner wheel is the incident time of his booking on 25th April 2018 and the outer wheel is his horoscope – aligned by the zodiac.

With natal Alekto at the cusp of the 10th house/midheaven, I would expect the inner rage in the aftermath was something that lay within his psyche on a regular basis.

The disregard for the transiting inner warrior/Pallas to his natal Jupiter (note Pallas is therefore also conjunct natal Uranus; for transiting Neptune to natal Jupiter. Plus transiting Sun (date on the calendar) quincunx natal Mercury-Ceres. This man appears to be a mental vacuum by this time in his life.

Transiting Ixion is conjunct mid-range Moon; Pholus conjunct natal Lunar South Node plus quindecile natal Uranus. The nodal axis is conjunct natal Pluto. End of the road…..

As for further Solar Arc progression at the time of his arrest… Pluto has progressed to 25°Libra conjunct Venus and Saturn is now 8°Libra conjunct Neptune. Jupiter is now 29°Sagittarius quincunx Mars and his Sun to 29°Capricorn opposite Mars.

I expect following a criminal career of the magnitude that DeAngelo has lived through, being arrested and incarcerated would behaviourally, be an anti-climax for him, but not for law enforcement.  It is a special day when they get a serial killer.

May this arrest bring some sense of resolve to all the families of his victims.

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