Breach of TOC

For those who may be concerned by the disappearance of astrology charts on my blog, Joshua Dewayne Wright has complained to my blog host  company (WordPress) that I have released both his, together with Noah Brandon Davis’ birth data.  As a result the astrology charts for two posts – Noah Brandon Davis Pt.1  and  Pt2 have been temporarily removed by WordPress as per their TOC.

I have responded to this abuse report (to WordPress) with the links to the law enforcement sites where both birth dates are freely available.  We await WordPress in their wisdom to reinstate our charts in due course as we have not breached WordPress terms and conditions.

In the meantime, charts are available on request.

Cheers, MM

Edit:   WordPress has reversed their decision, in our favour and all charts have been made available to students of astrology.  Please note also that astrology is not accepted in any court of law and can only be considered to be opinion.

The detail:

Noah Davis is a convicted felon – DOB on the record already (see below) provided by Joshua Wright, plus the following link to a public site.

The birthdate for Joshua DeWayne Wright is also already on the public record – provided by himself as well as by law enforcement.




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