Noah Brandon Davis Pt.2

When two male children are born seven years apart, with one parent in-common, it does not naturally follow that their stars will be in alignment. They are kin – yes, however these two are not of the same Gotra lineage; from the same ‘cow-shed’.

As adults, one is now missing and t’other is likely responsible for the disappearance of his half-brother. We addressed this potential crime in an astrology enquiry; Noah Brandon Davis, Part 1.

By having birth-times now provided to us by family; not rectified by an astrologer, we now have the accurate position of the Moon for both horoscopes, as well as accurate house placements within the natal charts for Noah Davis and Joshua Wright.

Please note that astrology is a pseudo-scientific belief system, the interpretation of which is not accepted in any court of law in western society. Opinion without prejudice is our intent, as we focus on the weaknesses in a chart that likely indicates behavioural tension.

The Sun determines the ego’s ‘wants’ while the Moon – one’s ‘needs’. Our textbooks tell us that the Moon reflects the illumination of the Sun’s light, thereby allowing both time and tide the opportunity to be aware of these desires.

Natal chart for first born; Joshua Wright with birth time:

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The weight of all planets in the lower hemisphere reveal ‘early childhood learned behaviour’ as the norm for this character. Modes and elements reveal a reactive, rather than proactive individual.

Of primary import in any chart are the angles – ascendant-descendant; the horizontal axis. Plus the MC-IC; the vertical axis.

It is only when we have birth times that interpretation can be made of the angles and houses for a horoscope.

Horizontal axis includes Arabian Part Fortuna – destiny:

Note:  Asteroids: Phaeton#3200 – a vehicle;  Mony#7782 – money. BML – Black Moon Lilith

Ascendant focus =Mony-Phaeton/AP Fortuna (midpoint)
This tension mirrors BML-Lunar South Node at the Descendant…

Joshua Wright’s destiny is bound up with money, value of self, and inter-personal relationships – AP Fortuna 8°Leo quincunx Black Moon Lilith-Lunar South Node 9°-10°Capricorn (cusp of the 7th house). Equally so, for asteroid Mony at 8°Gemini in the 12th house (hidden) quincunx BML-South Node. This then generates the midpoint for Ascendant=AP Fortuna/Mony.

Vertical axis:

IC exact natal Sun (ego’s wants) focus = Moon/Saturn-Noah (midpoint)
This tension mirrors the MC – midheaven (public image).

Joshua Wright’s continual desire/want for public attention following the ‘disappearance’ of his brother Noah reveals a disregard for the consequences of his ego’s desire overriding his Moon’s need. There is more to this particular tension in the chart, however I leave that to others to interpret the 10th house.

Natal chart for Noah Davis with birth time:

Horizontal axis:

Ascendant conjunct Mean Apogee/Black Moon Lilith, which in turn is quindecile Pallas 28°Aries. Noah’s weakest link would be his obsession with being defensive in relation to his Scorpio personality. Scorpio is symbolic of a pond and therefore needs to ‘stir’ the environment emotively, in order to obtain a reaction (keep the pond from becoming stagnant).  Pallas involvement by quindecile reveals a  quick response from the inner warrior – ready for a ‘fight’ at the drop of a hat.  That together with a 1st house Moon is indicative of his super-sensitive behaviour.

Noah’s 1st house reveals a complex personality and highly emotive character.

We can already compare the personalities of these half brothers and note that it was most likely that Noah stirred and Joshua reacted.

Vertical axis:

Asteroid Alekto#465 at the IC reveals an element of rage at home, not seen in public.

Arabian Part Fortuna – destiny:

Noah’s AP Fortuna at 29°Aquarius is quindecile asteroid Mony 15°Virgo in the 10th house (public arena), as well as Lunar South Node 15°Leo in the 9th house (realm of fantasy). This obsession would lead to his demise.

The money houses in a chart are personal money in the 2nd house and other people’s money in the 8th house. Both of which exhibit strong tension in Noah’s horoscope. He would rely on Joshua to bankroll him when necessary.

Synastry from Joshua Wright’s perspective of his half-brother Noah Davis:

The inner wheel is the perspective (Joshua’s) and the outer wheel is the natal chart for Noah aligned by the zodiac.

House #1 Personality clash: Joshua’s natal Nodal Axis at the horizon reveals the family connection and potentially traumatic relationship with his half-brother when we note that this North Node is conjunct Noah’s Chiron in Cancer (red). Joshua would perpetuate Noah’s weakness of Chiron in Cancer – the wound of an outsider; feeling unwanted, un-nurtured and unloved.
House #3 Sibling relationship: Joshua’s Martir-Venus-Lie conjunct Noah’s asteroid Mony = Joshua’s martyrdom approach to personal assets would be lied about, if/when Noah’s need (natal Moon in the 6th house) were to rely on Joshua for financial support.
House #5 – creativity house/sharing: Joshua has a loaded house mostly to the exclusion of his sibling, except for the most dangerous asteroid of Ixion in both charts.
Joshua would be potentially be reactive to the point of a life changing event (Vertex) conjunct Noah’s ‘it’s not fair’ attitude (Juno-Ixion). This clash of Ixion in the two charts would likely erupt from a power struggle, rather than a planned act of violence on the ‘other’ plus being in the 5th house, it could result from imbibing in 5th house ‘creative juices’.
House #7 Public relationships: This is Joshua’s weakest link and where Noah has the asteroid Joshua-Uranus (rebellion). This could also be a potential clash of personalities for Joshua.
House #8 Other people’s money: Natal Vesta identifies potential undercover activity, however Noah’s chart is much stronger in this area where he would take the lead.

Synastry from Noah Davis’ perspective of his half-brother Joshua Wright:

We note a much different pattern with the focus on an assertive/defensive position with the planetary tension on the left-hand side of the bi-wheel. The tension between these siblings from Noah’s perspective, is mainly on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses – ie. personality, personal assets and the sibling relationship.

House #1: So what for Joshua is a 5th house activity, is personal for Noah. So murderous tension is deeply personal for Noah.

House #2: Noah has the asteroid Joshua in this house and so he would see Joshua as a natural provider for his personal finances. As Joshua has his BML and South Node in this 2nd house of Noah’s – it’s a weakness and likely recurring theme for Noah to return to Joshua for financial support. Note this is where Joshua has this mirroring opportunity to reframe his behaviour of his own personality.

House #3: This is the house of horrors for Noah where he carries his most tension. Natal Martir#1582 (martyr) is exact Joshua’s Vesta (hidden criminal activity).

It does appear that Noah expects that Joshua provide for him and likely feels that he is a martyr when he is expected to ‘work for his keep’. This behaviour is also borne out when we note that his 8th house contains natal asteroid Noah plus quincunx his 1st house.

How this relationship escalated to something life-threatening can only be revealed by the time when Joshua picked up the phone to call law enforcement and report his half-brother missing.

We interpreted the crime in Part 1 from the perspective of the phone call and determined that Joshua Wright’s astrology chart indicated that he was responsible for the demise of his half-brother, Noah Davis.

A gagging has been lifted


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