Peer group behaviour

In astrology terms, interpretation of peer group behaviour involves the planet Venus together with the astrology axis of 5-11 houses.

The planet Venus is always considered to be about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with others. Venus concerns itself with love and harmony in emotional attachments with others. It is therefore the natural planet for identity of peer group behaviour.
As for peer groups and the houses in an astrology chart, this involves the 5th house; ‘the desire to give’ and in the mirror; 11th house, ‘the desire to receive’.

Venus does not need to be in these houses. It forms part of the overall pattern of behaviour.

There are three peer groups in this crime and a potential fourth:

  • The victims – three boys; 8 years-old (mutilated and murdered)
    • Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore
  • The law enforcement and Dept of Public Prosecutions of West Memphis, Arkansas.
  • The convicted – three young adults – their later release was based on an Alford plea appeal (circumstantial evidence).
    • Jason Baldwin , Damien Echols,and Jessie Misskelley Jr

On the night of 5 May 1993 when a group of families each filed a missing person report of their child, we take a snapshot of the heavens. It was 9:25pm when Steve Branch was reported missing.

It is my preferred method to interpret an authoritative time in relation to a crime, as it is unbiased as to the outcome. Not that the caller is unbiased, rather that the law enforcement recording of this time holds no emotive agenda.


In the 4th house, Venus (6:58°Aries) is conjunct Ceres (8°Aries) – the peer group are likely meant to be at home (4th house activity). It was close to dinner time is the innocent interpretation, however Ceres is not representative of having a bowl of cereal. It is symbolic of a personal appetites desiring to be filled.

  • Across the chart in the 10th house and the public realm is the planet, Jupiter (5Libra) – mirroring the planet Venus. Jupiter has two meanings for us here.
    • Firstly is inflates the behavior of tension – in this case Venus.
    • And secondly, Jupiter also is symbolic of law enforcement. So we have the 4-10 house axis in play as the arena of peer activity.

Were the children out in public doing what a peer group of small lads (all under 10 years of age) would do; stretching their play-time to the limit, when they were each meant to be home, or were they enticed into someone else’s home?

5-11 house activity:

In the 5th house (desire to give), is the planet Mercury (4°Taurus) – ‘bullish’ communication. The 11th house (desire to receive) contains the asteroid Nessus (4°Scorpio), which reveals that an abuse of trust has likely taken place. The natal ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, and so the abuse will likely be in the realm of ‘power/over-powering’.

From this tension in the chart, we can suggest that the Victim peer group most likely knew the person/s who initiated contact, which led to their violent demise. They were not snatched off the street by a stranger.

Law enforcement as a peer group:

Jupiter is symbolic of law enforcement in astrology, and so when we note that not only is Jupiter (5°Libra) opposite to Venus (6°Aries) on this night in question, Jupiter is also quincunx (lack of discernment) asteroid Pallas (5°Pisces), as well as quincunx Mercury (4°Taurus).

  • Pallas is symbolic of inner resolve/stamina. Mercury for this group likely refers to the investigation/testimonies/statements.

With this LE peer group, Pallas’ inner resolve, likely refers to where the ‘open and closed case’ of circumstantial evidence led the law enforcement peer group to arrest and convict yet another peer group of young men who were not directly responsible for the crime.

The Convicted peer group

They became known as the West Memphis Three in the media; have served their time, released and not the focus of this enquiry.

A Fourth peer group

From these peer groups to a partnership of two men, another peer group of sorts – Terry Hobbs; step-father of one of the victims  together with the second person of interest to us, David Jacoby. Both acknowledged in their interviews that they had opportunity for interaction with the Victim peer group and each gave the other an alibi.

We generate a fresh chart for the same snapshot in time including the asteroids which are most likely relevant to this particular case. The extras:

  • Algol (a pile of corpses) 26°Taurus.  Algol is the fixed star referred to as the gorgon; Medusa.
  • Hobbes #7012 (in the existing catalogue of asteroids)
  • Ixion #28978 (murder)Jacobi #12040 (namesake asteroid)
  • Lie #26955
  • Phaeton #3200 (vehicle) a method of transporting the Victim peer group
  • Sado #118230 (sadism) selected due to the nature of the injuries inflicted on the children
  • Vesta #4 (hidden criminal activity/ a confined space).

Adding another layer to the same perspective as interpreted above:

The box pattern of Ixion (27°Sagittarius) – Vesta (27°Aquarius) – Phaeton-Algol (26°Taurus) – Lie (27°Leo) is an indication of the crime itself – all wrapped up in a box.

  • Ixion – Murder + Vesta – hidden criminal activity (another agenda most likely led to this crime) + Phaeton-Algol – a vehicle was used to transport multiple bodies + Lie – lies overlooked.   
    • The box  just needed unwrapping; unfortunately something more compelling attracted law enforcement.
  • Asteroid Hobbs (26°Capricorn) is quincunx Lie (27°Leo) and also trine (working with) Phaeton-Algol (26°Taurus).
    • Hobbs is the owner/driver of the vehicle used to carry bodies is the indication from this astrology tension.
  • Asteroid Jacobi (16°Leo) is conjunct Chiron (17°Leo) and under tension by square the date on the calendar, transiting Sun (15°Taurus) and the Moon (15°Scorpio); highlighting personal needs. It was the night of a full moon.
  • Asteroid Chiron (17°Leo) is also opposite (18°Aquarius) asteroid Borasissi (lies told to self – e.g. I had to do it because…)

What peaked my attention at this point is Chiron conjunct Jacobi in the heavens in the 9th house of fantasy (16-17°Leo). The zodiac is Leo, which can be feral; indicative of the inner-beast. When Chiron is in Leo, the weakness is a focus on a matter of not getting the attention; the illumination that a character desired (missing out on the limelight).

At the bottom right of each of the above charts is very useful indicator for astrologers. This box provided by Astrodienst contains the elements (fire-air-earth-water) and modes (cardinal-fixed-mutable). So for this case in particular…

  • Black text – Fire signs of Venus-Ceres-Eris:
    A peer group desires to fulfil its appetite by making trouble.
    Jupiter,Uranus and Neptune explain further desires according to their element.
  • Red text – Fixed modality of all the elements with for the malefic, Mars in Fire (action) Saturn in Air (mental) Pluto in Water (emotional):
  • Green text – Asteroid Jacobi = Fire element-Fixed mode – Jacoby would likely be the initiator and once started there would no going back, the desire is to complete the action.
    • Asteroid Hobbes is Earth element-Cardinal mode:
      • Hobbs would take care of the practicalities (Earth element). This underlying craving/desire would include Uranus (rebellion) and Neptune (subversion). Hobbs called the tune.

David Jacoby:

With a birth-time known, when a major criminal potential is at the ascendant, and in the 12th house (the mind) rather than in the 1st house (the personality) this indicates a highly likely mental instability in the character in relation to those indicators.

Bearing consideration that we have the accurate birth time in this case, David Jacoby has asteroid Ixion-Sado in such a point in his horoscope (26°Libra); a potential to be a sadistic murder.
He also has natal Moon (personal needs) in the opening degrees of the 1st house; likely a highly emotive personality.

  • Note: If this description is accurate, then there would be no need for rectification of the birth time. Personally, I have no such knowledge.

What we can interpret without a birth time, is the Air Grand Trine of Ixion/Sado – AP Fortuna (destiny)/Saturn (20-22°Aquarius) – Venus/Mercury (21-23°Gemini).

The desired outlet for this tension that the Jacoby lives with as his ‘norm’:
Ixion/Sado to asteroid Lie (22°Aries). – he would lie strongly (Aries is ruled by Mars)
Saturn/AP Fortuna to Pallas (24°Leo) – stick to his guns (Leo is another fire sign – ruled by Sun-ego)
Venus/Mercury does not have a natural outlet. This is where Terry Hobbs comes into the pattern. Hobbs has natal Saturn (control) at 24°Sagittarius (chart below). Jacoby would defer to Hobbs on matters of idealism, communication and peer group behaviour.

  • It is when we note the Astrodeinst box below (separate from his natal chart) , we can see that Jacoby is by nature – a follower, rather than a leader.

Again we can reiterate that Hobbs would have called the tune. Jacoby is likely the beast who committed the sadistic aspects of the murders, if not all.

Terry Hobbs (step-father of victim Steve Branch)

We include the horoscope for Terry Hobbs, again with the birth time provided to us.

  • BML/Mean Apogee (10°Aries) is exact the ascendant (ruled by Mars) while his natal Mars  (17°Pisces) is in the potentially cowardly position of the 12th house (in hiding) along with AP Fortuna (destiny) at 11°Pisces – note Mars is in the Water element and Mutable mode.
  • Asteroid Jacobi (4°Taurus) is conjunct (5°Taurus) Mercury (communication). They’re likely co-dependent particularly in the realm of Taurus (money).
  • 26°Taurus midpoint of  Sun/Nessus is exact the star Algol (the gorgon; pile of corpses)
    27-29°Gemini; Pallas-Moon (inner stamina of personal needs) mirrors Saturn Rx-Borasissi (24-25°Sagittarius) – relies on self-control which is weakened when located in the 9th house of fantasy.
  • Hobbs also harbors a sadistic streak with the obsession by quindecile between AP Fortuna (11°Pisces) and asteroid Sado (27°Virgo).

When there is tension in any chart, there always remains the choice as to how the tension is manifested by the character – especially as an adult.

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