The Greco-Roman myth of Narcissus ends with a postscript following his suicide. The pond is asked if it misses the beauty of Narcissus. It replies that it hadn’t noticed his beauty, as it was busy admiring the pond’s own reflection in his eyes.

Focusing on what is right in front of you, is probably the way to survive an encounter with a narcissist.

When it comes to astrology, we are all born with the asteroid Narcissus in our horoscopes somewhere. It is when it is conjunct the position of the Sun from the earth’s perspective that it blends with the ego to create a serious problem for the native.

Michael Blagg was born on such an occasion; the date; 18 February 1963. He is our person of interest.

We are not aware of the time or precise location of his birth, however nonetheless, we can interpret much of the tension in the heavens that makes up the pattern that is ‘Michael Blagg’.

The Sun and asteroid Narcissis straddle the cusp between the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces – less than one degree apart. Air and water; whipping up the surface of the water; a mental/emotional mix.

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Michael Blagg’s behaviour is ‘fixed’ early; the strongest motivation is asteroid Eris at 9:55°Aries, generating trouble. It is this motivation that indicates a great weakness – quindecile the midpoint of BML/Ixion (murder).

The malefic asteroid Eris, is also quindecile Juno/Vesta; spousal obsession together with hidden criminal activity.

Asteroids Jennifer #6249 and Gunn #18243 are conjunct in his horoscope.

His wife’s name is Jennifer. She became his victim; murdered on 13 November 2001 in Littleton, Colorado. Their daughter’s remains have never been recovered.

Apart from an astrology interest in Narcissus, we visit this case as Michael Blagg is up before the bench for a retrial in 2018.

The natal astrology pattern revealing tension:

The malefic planets – Mars – 9°Leo. Saturn- 15°Aquarius and Pluto – 11°Virgo.

Michael Blagg’s natal Mars is in the mode of fixed behaviour (no negotiation) and also in a Fire sign (an initiator). Mars is also quindecile (165degrees) asteroids Gunn-Jennifer (23-25°Aquarius). This is indicative that the potential is there that he could shoot his wife.
Mars is also quincunx (150 degrees) Chiron (9°Pisces). Chiron in Pisces is very much tied-up with sacrifice/martyrdom; a wound carried throughout life. We note that a quindecile (obsession) exists between natal Chiron and Lunar North Node, which in turn is square Ixion. Again we get an indication of murderous intent in relation to family.

Narcissists have a natural connection with martyrdom. Asteroid Martir #1582 is at 23°Pisces directly opposite Juno and quincunx BML. His murderous intent is a form of martydom in his horoscope’s pattern; his norm.

So what triggered the event of the murder of his wife and likely his child as well? We need to scan the heavens over Littleton, for the time and date in question; 4:37pm 13 November 2001.

Potential for trouble:

  • Transiting Eris is in Aries (19:18°) quindecile the Moon generating the emotive need to make trouble. AP Fortuna (destiny) at 3:16°Pisces is in the mirror for the Moon as well
  • Juno is with Narcissus (23-26°Leo) quindecile BML-Alekto. This is the weakest link – potential
    • Narcissus rage erupts with a spouse.

There are other malefic indications with Pallas-Chiron-Lunar South Node (26-27°Sagittarius) demanding respect quindecile a Saturn Retrograde (13:02°Gemini).

There is much more to interpret in this chart, however I leave that for others at this time.

As for the tension between these two charts, we include the asteroid Mony #7782…

Transiting Mars is exact natal asteroid Martir in the heavens; merging the tension to take action. However as indicated by the multiple red lines (square aspects) the combination of Moon together with Venus-Mercury weakness of idealism conjunct natal Vertex (life-changing event) asteroid Mony provides the major tension.

  • Transiting Pholus works with us as it identifies where he makes his mistakes in the crime. Pholus (13:25 Scorpio) is exact natal asteroid Mony (13:14°Scorpio).

The murder trigger is transiting asteroid Jennifer (29:24°Libra) conjunct natal Ixion (28:13°Libra).

Following the murders and before he was arrested for the crime of murder of his wife the following summer, Michael Blagg returned to live with his mother in Georgia. This leads us to seek out where this version of narcissus receives his self-nourishment (Ceres).  We refer back to his natal chart and are not disappointed.

Natal Ceres (13:49°Virgo) is quindecile Sun-Narcissus on the cusp of Aquarius-Pisces.

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