Noah Brandon Davis

At 11am, 15 August 2014 a Missing Person Report was filed in Ringgold, Georgia. Later that day, Joshua DeWayne Wright made a statement to law enforcement as to what he knew of the disappearance of his sibling; step-brother Noah Brandon Davis.

As I write this post, Noah Davis has still not called home, and so we undertake an astrology enquiry into his disappearance. Please be aware that astrology is a pseudo-science and as such is not accepted in any court of law. Our enquiry can only be considered to be, opinion.

  • Noah Brandon Davis DOB 17 March 1990
  • Joshua DeWayne Wright DOB 15 September 1982

The age difference between Noah and Joshua is more than 7 years and the months of their births (March-September) are also in opposition; i.e. egos in the mirror. Joshua is the elder with a Virgo Sun sign and Noah; Pisces. 7 years difference also hints at a potential square aspect during Saturn’s transit around the Sun; self-control of ego. Noah’s natal Saturn is on home territory; Capricorn (Earth/practical) while Joshua has Saturn in the zodiac of Libra (Air/mental) both are Cardinal signs (instigators).

Greco/Roman mythology: Two of the earliest Latin-named asteroids are Ceres #1 and Vesta #4. The Greco/Roman Olympian mythology Greek equivalent – Demeter and Hestia. They are sisters; siblings, daughters of the Titans; Cronus and Rhea.

Noah Davis has both asteroids Ceres an Vesta ‘at odds’ in his natal chart; 90degrees apart. i.e. there is the potential for sibling rivalry in his horoscope as a life-long companion.

From this, we’ve had enough pointers to accept that sibling rivalry is our way forward for an astrology enquiry.

Asteroids pertinent to this case:
Noah #30276
Joshua #32213

  • Alekto #465 – outlet of rage
  • Borasissi #66652 – lies told to ourselves in order to maintain ‘happiness’
  • Chiron #2060 – wounds that never heal
  • Eris #136199 – making trouble and strife
  • Ixion #28978 – murder flag
  • Lie #26955 – ‘big’ lies
  • Mony #7782 – money
  • Nemesis #128 – what gets you in the end
  • Nessus #7066 – abuse of trust
  • Pallas #2 – stamina in ‘war’
  • Pholus #5145 – where mistakes are made by ‘shooting oneself in the foot’

A snapshot of the heavens at 11am on 15 August 2014.

The mid-heaven identifies the place – 12:43 Cancer. Nemesis/Alekto=MC – someone has reached their nemesis by an act of rage is the most likely interpretation and then when we check the opposite side of the chart; 12:43 Capricorn, IC (the nadir), Pluto is at 11:21 Capricorn.
Noah Davis is not likely to be coming home under his own power.

Greco/Roman mythology – Pluto guards the gate to the Underworld

  • The ascendant identifies the timing of the report . The mirror of asteroid Lie; 16 Libra and the planet Uranus; 16 Aries, are evident. So when we start ‘doing-the-math’ of the hard aspects, we can note that Uranus is behind much of the tension.
    Note: Uranus in Aries is indicative of playing with fire (Aries is a fire sign) and Uranus is symbolic of breaking-with-traditions. In our case likely including the moral and ethical tradition of the interaction of siblings.
  • Uranus 16°Aries – 165° quindecile (obsessive) 12th house asteroid Pallas (stamina of war) 1:51°Libra.
    • Pallas is by extension; carrying this further, to quindecile with Borasissi 17°Pisces and Chiron 16°Pisces in the 6th house
    • Uranus quincunx (lack of discernment of judgement) with asteroid Mony 16°Scorpio and Saturn 17°Scorpio (self-control) in the personal asset house.
  • Lunar South Node 21°Aries (the fiery outcome and family connection) is under direct tension as well
    • Plus quincunx asteroid Joshua 21°Scorpio in the 2nd house. Note: Scorpio stirs in order to get a reaction.
  • Lunar North Node/Asteroid Lie at the ascendant = asteroid Noah 4°Aries by quindecile aspect. This suggests that the Missing Person Report was indeed a lie; obsessively so.

Noah Brandon Davis – horoscope weaknesses

Note that horoscope is cast with a mid-range Moon placement for the date of his birth and no natural house placements can be interpreted.

As we mentioned above, the Sun-Mercury-Vesta stellium is in the zodiac of Pisces and square Pholus-Ceres.

  • 10:34° Chiron asteroid in the zodiac of Cancer, is indicative of the fear of abandonment by the ‘mother’ (Cancer is ruled by the Moon – ie mother). Noah has this fear-based quincunx tension with Venus.
    Note: He lacks the discernment; that his mother will abandon him (for what he’s done). He would push this notion for what it’s worth when under tension, with behaviour that he knows is not acceptable, albeit unconsciously, in order to punish himself; masochistic behaviour relative to self-worth.
  • 15:34° Lunar North Node is exact Nemesis in Aquarius – his relationship with his maternal nurturer (mother) is deeply flawed and will be his ‘nemesis’. This again likely connects to the Chiron interpretation (as above).
    • Note: in whatever way this manifested, it was pre-determined in his horoscope.
  • North node is also quincunx asteroid Mony – lack of discernment in relation to money would not make him reliable in any financial matters.
  • By conjunction with the North Node, asteroid Borasissi 13°Aquarius is square Black Moon Lilith/Mean Apogee (weakest link in a chart) at 14:53°Scorpio.
    • So any pressing of these buttons will certainly anger Noah to the point of rage, when we note that asteroid Alekto is at 18:53°Aquarius square Pluto (blanket over a hand grenade).

That’s what emotionally immature siblings do isn’t it… press each others buttons. But then, they are supposed to grow up, but Noah certainly didn’t. Noah would react automatically according to this horoscope even as an adult.

Joshua DeWayne Wright – horoscope weaknesses

Note that horoscope is cast with a mid-range Moon placement for the date of his birth and no natural house placements can be interpreted.

Of primary concern when it comes to potential violence, the stellium of Pluto-Saturn-Noah together with Mercury at 16-25°Libra will likely be our focus when we get to generating a bi-wheel.

  • Asteroid Eris 15°Aries is in the mirror creating trouble and strife.  Wherever Joshua goes in his life he has this need for power, control and Noah; his half-brother. all wrapped up together. This will not leave him despite the fact that his half-brother is not physically around to remind him.
  • So when we also note that his Mean Apogee/BML is conjunct the Lunar South Node at 9-10°Capricorn, we can interpret that Joshua would likely not consider the result of his actions/the potential outcome; when under tension. Early childhood trauma has likely generated this response early in his life.
    • This aspect will also be ‘the end of him’ with asteroid Nemesis 25°Cancer quindecile (obsessed with) South Node-BML 9-10°Capricorn.
  • Of further note asteroid Lie is conjunct Venus at 9-10°Virgo. Joshua Wright is likely dishonest in relation to the detail of his financial affairs and money in general.

Joshua Wright was born when Chiron was in the constellation Taurus, as were millions of others; the ‘credit card debt’ generation. Taurus is the constellation ruled by Venus when she’s buying jewellery – it’s all about assets and value – the life-long wound of ‘what can I afford’, or not.

  • Joshua has 27°Taurus; Chiron opposite Ceres-Mars at 27 °Scorpio. He will likely fill this self-nurturing appetite by whatever means are available to him. Scorpio can be very secretive and as the zodiac is ruled by Pluto; power is the ‘game’.

Greco/Roman Mythology: Chiron is a sibling of Ceres and Vesta.

11am 15 August 2014 together with Joshua DeWayne Wright

We view the natal chart of Joshua through the lens of the time of the Missing Person Report. As is our practice, the all important angles take precedence with the midheaven relating to ‘place’ and the ascendant ‘the time’.

By aligning these two charts by the zodiac as a bi-wheel, we can see what came to fruition in the life of Joshua Wright, or at least his version of ‘reality’ in relation to the disappearance of Noah Davis.

  • Asteroid Lie 16°Libra at the ascendant is exact natal Mercury 16°Libra and therefore also the stellium of Pluto-Saturn-Noah and Mercury… So due to personal need for power and control of Noah, Joshua Wright has lied to law enforcement when he told them that his sibling was a missing person. Now why would he do that?

We could end our enquiry at this point and indicate the result….  However, for those who need to know:

  • Transiting Lunar Nodal axis 21°Libra exact natal Saturn 21°Libra and natal asteroid Noah 21°Libra – all lined up; ducks in a row
  • Transiting Ceres 2°Scorpio conjunct natal Pallas 3°Scorpio – ‘me and mine’ at war
  • Transiting 11-17°Scorpio Mars/Mony-Saturn= natal Ixion 14°Scorpio.
    • I have no hesitation in suggesting that Noah Davis was murdered by Joshua Wright and the motive being ‘control of money’.
  • Transiting Pluto 11°Capricorn conjunct natal Lunar South Node-Black Moon Lilith ( see natal chart comments in this regard)
  • Transiting Uranus 16°Aries conjunct natal Eris 15°Aries in the 7th house – generating trouble and strife
  • Transiting Venus 4°Leo conjunct natal Nessus 3°Leo – abuse of trust with money
    Natal Pholus 11°Aries exact the descendant 11°Aries and mirroring the ascendant 11°Libra. He’s ‘shot himself in the foot’ with his lies.

I would suggest that law enforcement likely know already that he is responsible for the disappearance/murder of Noah, and are biding their time as he digs his own grave.