Maelys de Araujo

Police sniffer dogs fell ill, after examining the car belonging to Nordahl Lelandais. He had reportedly used a strong detergent to clean it, the day after Maëlys de Araujo disappeared in La Pont de Beauvoison, France.  Now that is something an ex-military dog-handler would do, if he had transported a body in his vehicle and didn’t want to get caught.

Nordahl Lelandais was a guest at a wedding reception in La Pont de Beauvoison, Isere region of France – as was 9 year-old Maelys de Araujo. One a drug dealer, the other the 9 year-old relative of the bride.

  • Missing child: Maelys de Araujo – Birth 1:45am 5 November 2008, Bourgoin Jallieu, France
  • Accused aductor: Nordahl Lelandais – Birth 6:40pm 18 February 1983, Boulogne Billancourt, France
  • CCTV footage of vehicle leaving the scene: 2:47am, 27th August 2017
  • Police called: 3:57am, 27 August 2017

It has been widely reported that Lelandais left the venue to replenish drug supplies on two occasions during the reception. It was his third departure which was captured on cctv: a passenger in his vehicle – since identified as likely to be the missing child. We could ask straight-up why is a nine year-old girl in a position to be seduced/lured away by a potential predator – it’s 2:47am for heaven’s sake. I thought all children would be safely tucked up in their beds, but then who am I to comment on provincial French culture.

The following is an astrology enquiry, and as such is considered opinion; ie not accepted in any court of law.

The angles in any chart are the primary indicators for interpretation. At 2:47am (cctv time) the planet Pluto is at the descendant – setting in the West. In Greco/Roman astrology Pluto guards the gate of Tartarus; the Underworld. Pluto is also the god who abducted Persephone and carried her away to Hades. This symbolism does not bode well for our case having a happy outcome.


  • Alekto #465 – rage
  • Mollypetit #20472 – social drugs
  • Mony #7782 – money
  • Nessus #7066 – abuse of trust
  • Persephone #399 – abducted young female
  • Phaeton #3200 – a vehicle
  • Photographica #443 – video cctv
  • Pholus #5145 – where self-inflicted errors can be made
  • Ragazza #1839 – young girl
  • BML: Black Moon Lilith – the weakest link of behaviour
  • Vertex: A significant life-changing event

With the gift of hindsight…

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At the time of the call to report the child missing 3:57am 27 August 2017, the Earth welcomed the ‘Morning Star’ at the eastern horizon – the ascendant of an astrology chart. Often last to go to bed and first to rise, Venus rules Taurus as well as Libra and can be symbolic of, apart from the feminine – money and peer groups. Unfortunately when Venus is in Leo, we are made aware of the ‘romantic notion’ vulnerability of Venus.

  • There is a Fire element Grand Trine in the heavens involving the 2-5-10 houses (money-entertainment-public venue). This self-perpetuating fire, has two outlets:
    • 11th house with asteroid Phaeton (26°Gemini) directly connected to Pholus (26°Sagittarius) by the mirror of opposition. This reveals where the perpetrator can be identified/makes mistakes.
    • The second outlet for the Grand Trine is into the 8th house and directly on the Lunar nodal axis from North Node-Mars (24°Leo), again by mirror. The outlet is Alekto-South Node (24°Aquarius) – an act of rage as an outcome.
  • Sun is conjunct Mercury generating a bombastic opportunity for ego; 3-4°Virgo.
  • Moon conjunct Molly (drug flag) 7-8°Scorpio – desire for drugs
  • Saturn-BML 17°Sagittarius are in the 5th house of entertainment – self-control is unchecked

Having the location and birth time for Nordahl Lelandais, we can generate a horoscope and interpret the potential behavioural weaknesses that would likely be connected to our case.

  • Asteroid Alekto is one degree short of the ascendant – hidden, however a major part of his personality which is not immediately recognized.
  • Saturn Rx 4:24°Scorpio – lack of male mentoring
  • Saturn Rx opposite Moon 4:57°Taurus – driving desire to control
  • Pluto 29:25°Libra conjunct asteroid Ragazza 0:12°Scorpio in the 3rd house – potentially a bully if he had female siblings during early childhood.
  • Neptune in 4th house opposite Arabian Part Fortuna – destiny indicates that ultimate home will be in an institution.
  • BML-Ceres (27:59°Capricorn ) in the 5th house – personal appetites in the entertainment house is his weakest link
  • Mercury-Vertex (5:37°Aquarius) is the major force generating tension by square to the Saturn-Moon opposition.
    • The outlet for this tension is in the mirror – Molly-Nessus (3:15°Leo) – abuse of trust in relation to drugs

The elements and modes indicate that this male is likely an opportunist, rather than a planner when it comes to potential predatory behaviour.

Putting these two charts together…

With the timed perspective as the inner wheel and Lelandais’ horoscope aligned by the zodiac as the outer wheel, we can note that at 3:57am on Sunday 27 August 2017, apart from Venus at the ascendant, Lelandais natal asteroids of Molly-Nessus are directly connected by conjunction. Boundaries blur; abuse of trust of ‘niceness’ while under the influence of drugs.

  • At the descendant, natal Mercury-Vertex, as well as Ceres-BML are in the mirror – significant life changing event involving a child. This, together with the ultimate weakness of self-appetite, tells its own story.
  • The loaded stellium in the 2nd house; the swirling of energy of money-action-families-Persephone mythology-a bombastic ego, are all generating tension with natal mental Alekto, erupts; rage.
  • While in the mirror further tension of transiting Alekto exact North node together with natal ego, erupts in the 8th house of endings and transformation.

Maelys de Araujo’s natal chart is aligned to the 3:57am chart by the same manner as Lelandais.

The horizon line reveals her personal desire and heightened emotional drive at the descendant mirroring by opposition to transiting Venus. What is highly suggestive in this chart, is the position of natal asteroid Molly (drug flag) is exact the ascendant.

  •  Whatever drug Lelandais was peddling at the wedding reception is in the system of the child, whether self-administered, or provided by the drug peddler himself.
  • The stellium in the second house is conjunct natal Ceres (personal appetite); a little girl wanting to be a grown-up is evident with this romantic notion all around the 1st quadrant of the bi-wheel.
  • There is an indication of a potential confrontation with a financial arrangement, as transiting Mars-Mony is square natal Mars-Mony.
  • The 5th house (entertainment as well as the house of children) contains natal Venus-BML-Persephone-Pluto-Juno (our Greek myth again) all under tension by transiting Saturn-BML-Pholus.

Note:  A 9 year-old girl does not have the emotional maturity to engage in a mature manner at this level of tension.

Synastry/relationship in astrology terms…

  • The ascendants of both charts are close to alignment by the zodiac.
  • Lelandais planet Neptune is conjunct Maelys’ natal Pluto-Persephone at 29°Sagittarius in the 4th house. The classic Pluto-Persephone abduction recurs….

However humans are not the gods of mythology – we cannot survive in the Underworld of Hades.

Nordahl Lelandais has corrupted Maelys de Araujo, likely telling himself as so many ‘lovers of children’ (paedophiles) do… that the child seduced him.

Considering the intensity of searches by police over the intervening time, any locator angle we could produce would only identify a potential crime scene, rather than locate missing Maelys.


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