Jon Venables

From his arrest when he was 10 years of age for the murder of 2 year-old James Bulger – Jon Venables has made an ass of the British legal system. Protected from public scrutiny with not just one new identity, but two; as ruled by the courts in 2001.  He continued his ‘stellar’ career…

There are many opinions in relation to what ‘makes’ a lover of children; a paedophile. All however agree, that it is a mental aberration in the psyche of the offender. As astrologers, we can add to the conversation with this example of Jon Venables, or whatever name he goes by these days. He is still only 35 years of age as I write; having been apprehended in November 2017 for a further charge in relation to having child pornography in his possession.

Criminal history:

  • 1994 – Conviction for the murder of 2 year-old James Bulger
  • 2001 – Paroled with a new identity
  • 2008 – Drugs arrest: no jail time served
  • 2010 – Child pornography conviction
  • 2013 – paroled
  • 2017 – Child pornography charges laid

Dates for an astrology enquiry:

  • DOB 13 August 1982 – Jon Venables – person of interest to us
  • DOB 23 August 1982 Robert Thompson – co-conspirator; a murder conviction
  • DOB 16 March 1990 James Bulger – 2 year-old murder victim
  • CCTV 4:03:03 PM Merseyside, Liverpool – last sighting of James Bulger in the company of Venables and Thompson

Apart from the planets orbiting the Sun, of interest to us as astrologers, is Algol (the demon’s head) a star also known as the Gorgon; Medusa.

Greco/Roman mythology note: The hero Perseus slayed the Gorgon, with the help of the Gods of Mount Olympus. The position in the heavens at any given time, when viewed with the backdrop of the medieval zodiac, is always in the vicinity of  26°Taurus.


  • Chiron #2060 – wounds we carry with us as defense mechanism
  • Devience #21419 – sexual deviance
  • Ixion #28978 – murder symbolism
  • Narcissis #37117 – self-absorbed to the exclusion of everyone else
  • Neverland #5405 – childhood fantasy-land (without restraint)
  • Prey #6157 – victim as prey

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Jon Venables natal chart is not particularly informative when viewed as a stand-alone astrology chart – the value of which is limited, due to not having a time of birth known to us. However knowing-what-we-know, we can look deeper into the asteroid belt for potential weaknesses.

Every child born on this date would have a similar pattern, however they obviously don’t all have a tendency to paedophile behaviour. It would be the precise time of birth that would determine the house placements for a horoscope. Then a fertile environment during early childhood for mental aberration, provides the weaknesses to flourish.

  • At the heart of Chiron-in-Taurus behaviour, is the pleasure of sensory stimulation. How this manifests is dependant on the placement in the horoscope.
    • We know that Venables has personal desires in the mix;  that Chiron is quincunx his natal planet of Pluto and asteroid Prey. This is already hinting at predatory behaviour for sensory stimulation and the perceived power it brings to the ego.
  • Algol-Narcissus-Chiron are all ‘stuck to each other like glue’ 25:55° – 27:31°Taurus. Natal Moon is at the mid-range and could very well be tightly ensconced with this trio if Venables was birthed – pre-dawn.
    • Quincunx = lack of discernment between this stellium of Algol-Narcissus-Chiron plus Moon with Jupiter-Prey-Pluto.
  • Devience mirrors Neverland by opposition – reflection of each other; knowing no boundaries.
  • Uranus hints at the instability of the character by its opposition to Chiron-Moon.

Potential is certainly there for what unfolded, over time.

The foray into the criminal realm, as known in the public realm, began with the CCTV time in Merseyside video-capture of 10 year-old Jon Venables leading 2 year-old James Bulger towards the railway line and his death. We can interpret Venables’ likely reactive tension to the transiting planets during the abduction. This then can give us some insight into the aberrant behaviour

At 4:03:03pm on the railway tracks in Merseyside. Liverpool.

The where – midheaven: 22°Aries. Serbian astrologers would sit forward in their seats – 22° is the ominous degree for murder in their text book. A numerologist also would recognise this significance – #22 represents an opportunity/challenge to master social interaction. With the mid-heaven in the zodiac of Aries, we know that Aries  is ruled by the planet Mars; of the Fire element – instigating action in a public area (10th house).

  • The asteroid at the mid-heaven is Neverland; no boundaries for a child.

The when:  Ascendant is at 12°Leo. The tension and potential weakness is focused from the 1st house (ego driven). Knowing what we know about Chiron in Venables natal chart, we note that transiting Chiron is in the 1st house at this time of the abduction; nearing the ascendant.
The asteroid Pallas (stamina/fortitude) is in the mirror for the timing at the cusp of the 7th house – the agenda for Venables could very well be ‘pride’ and ‘showing off’ to his companion.  I am the king of the castle (Leo).

The first why:
When exploring the asteroid Chiron, Greco-Roman mythology symbolism is the key to getting a handle on what is unfolding. In classic astrology, Chiron is part of the Sagittarii group of asteroids and indicative of festering wounds in our psyche.

Sagittarii (Latin, plural form of Sagittarius) is the Latin term for archers. The term sagittariorum in the title of an infantry or cavalry unit indicated a specialized archer regiment. Regular auxiliary units of foot and horse archers appeared in the Roman army during the early empire.

With Chiron being in the astrological constellation of Leo at the time of the murder of James Bulger, the influence by the Sun (ruler of Leo) generates an intense illumination (harsh reality of day); the drive being for ego-driven self-expression when the asteroid is positioned in the 1st house of a chart.

  • The tension of quincunx in this chart goes beyond the 1st house – Chiron at 20°Leo with the stellium of Neptune19°Capricorn-Vesta 20°Capricorn-Uranus 20° Capricorn is what is driving the tension; the lack of discernment; disregard for concealment – chaotic subversion revealing a lack of practical considerations (6th house) undertaken.
  • 11th house Lunar South Node 19°Gemini is also quincunx this stellium of Uranus-Vesta-Neptune identifying disregard for the causal outcome, together with a lack of empathy.
  • The Sun (date on the calendar) is conjunct Saturn (was exact 2 days previously; hinting at pre meditation rather than an opportunistic crime.
  • Saturn (21°Aquarius) is in opposition with Chiron in the heavens; the grim reaper reflected in the mirror.
  • It is the Moon at 12°Scorpio that gives us the square to the horizon line – ascendant-descendant/cusp of the 7th house (12°Leo-12°Aquarius). Personal desires are heightened emotively at this time.
  • Pluto-Ixion generate the triangle with asteroid Prey and Sun (date on the calendar) with the outlet mirroring the star Algol at 26:05Taurus.

Memory flag:  Before we take our next step of combining the two charts, there are two things to remember from this time in Merseyside – the position of Algol (as per arrow) and the position of transiting Chiron at 20:11°Leo.

CCTV time together with the natal chart for Jon Venables – a bi-wheel.

We can view and interpret the influence of the tension in the heavens on Venables’ version of ‘normal behaviour’.

Note the 1st house – the second why:

  • Transiting Chiron is exact Venables natal Sun (ego) 20°Leo.
  • Algol (as per arrow) is in the same region of the heavens (note: the charts are aligned by the zodiac positions).
  • Transiting Pluto-Ixion mirror the stellium of natal planets together with Algol in the sky above Merseyside, bearing witness to an act of evil.
  • Transiting asteroid Prey is conjunct natal asteroid Lie – this is an indication that Venables knew the social boundaries in relation to sexual deviance/morality – enough to lie.
    • This interpretation is borne out by transiting asteroid Lie (on the date of the murder) conjunct natal Mercury (communication).
  • Natal Saturn-Pallas-Pluto=IC (mirroring the midheaven) – the murder flag is planted at the lowest point in the bi-wheel.

As for the quincunx – lack of discernment:

  • Natal Sun (already under direct influence of transiting Chiron) quincunx (lack of discernment) to transiting Uranus-Vesta provides the insanity of a toxic family (whatever ‘family’ means for Venables) and the excuse to project the blame for any wrongdoing onto an ‘other’.
    • Likely attempted to lay all blame onto his companion; Thompson.
  • The other quincunx is transiting asteroid Lie conjunct natal Mercury (in the 1st house) to transiting Venus in the 9th (fantasy). Venus in his natal chart is trine Uranus.

Many children explore their sexuality around the early stages of puberty, however obviously not to the insane level that this boy has done. He may not be clinically insane as he knows right from wrong, nonetheless according to the astrology, IMO he has exhibited the actions of a March Hare.


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