David Timothy Crowley

The pitch; a totalitarian foreign regime conquers the U.S. and a band of patriots form a resistance. The stuff of a movie for a student of film studies with military experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. The year was 2010.

David Crowley had settled in Apple Valley, Minnesota with his wife and baby; both adults working from home.  Financing his project with crowd funding, David Crowley was enraptured with his project as an independent film producer.

Fast-forward four years…

Prior to the holiday season at the end of 2014, a deal to make his movie fell through.

12:56pm, 17th January 2015 a 911 call was placed, to report the discovery of the Crowley family; apparently a murder/suicide.

Neptune’s realm: Conspiracy theories generating a martyrdom mystique …

We undertake an astrology enquiry without knowledge of the time of birth of the family members, interpreting the inter-planetary tension from the perspective of the recorded time of the 911 call; pattern in the heavens overhead.

David Timothy Crowley: DOB 7 July 1985
Komel Rasool Crowley: DOB 20 November 1986
Raniya Lynn Crowley: DOB 6 August 2009.

Some asteroids of choice,  for this particular case:

  • Borasissi #66652 – lies to support self-delusion
  • Fanatica#1539 – fanaticism
  • Gunn #18243 – weapon of choice
  • Ixion #28978 – murder signifier
  • Juno #3 – spouse
  • Martir #1582 – martyrdom
  • Mony # 7782 – financial situation
  • Moirae #638 – the Fates
  • Pallas #2 – inner stamina
  • Phototgraphica #443 – film-making project

12:56pm, 17th January 2015:  the pattern in the heavens over Apple Valley, Minnesota revealing potential weakness of behaviour.

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The overall highlighted weakness for the murder/suicide… flying a kite.  We could suggest, a heavenly project blowing in the wind.

  • The ascendant is the timing in any chart; Martyrdom in this case. Saturn is in the mirror; conjunct the descendant Father Time.
  • At the top of the kite, Venus-Mercury are conjunct. Note: whenever Mercury and Venus appear as a conjunction in a chart, we know that ‘idealism’, as a weakness, will be the agenda.
    • The kite’s wing-men are Uranus-South Node-Fanatica, as well as Moon/Pallas; overall – indicative of psychosis.
    • The tail of the kite in the 4th house is Juno/Jupiter; the strength of a marriage partnership.
  • When we consider the financing of his project as a potential problem – the potential in the heavens of asteroid Money conjunct Ceres (desire for self nurturing) together with asteroid Photographica by opposition to AP Fortuna (destiny) in the 12th house.  All indications are present to confirm this potential.
  • 11th house Mars conjunct Neptune; in-turn mirrors Mean Apogee/BML in Virgo – the weakest link in any chart. This whiffs of religious undertones and conspiracy theories ahead.

Sadly a kite pattern indicates that whatever martyrdom is undertaken relative to this clock-time is not grounded in reality.

David Timothy Crowley’s natal horoscope with a mid-range Moon placement.

This pattern is his ‘norm’. The overall pattern fills out the character, however we are practiced to note the weaknesses that generate weakness in behaviour.

  • Green-dashed lines in this chart are the aspects of quincunx 150°. Note: Behaviourally, 180° is an opposition; an opportunity to reframe tension, however a quincunx is an ’embracing’ (in a positive light); lacking of discernment for our purposes, when we are seeking weaknesses.
  • Venus has a dual quincunx with Neptune, as well as Pluto. With the focus on Venus as the creativity aspect, Crowley’s interest in the meta/supernatural (Neptune-Pluto) is quite apparent, however this combination also can be delusional when a lack of discernment is in the pattern, as in this case.
  • The second quincunx is also dualistic – focused on his Sun (ego). Jupiter/Uranus=Sun. Jupiter and Uranus together, tell us that the combination of energy is seeking the ‘big-break’ and success.
    • So then when we note that the focus of this combination is on natal Sun, we know it is the ego that is driving this lack of discernment. We can expect a lack of grounding with this individual.
  • The blue triangle identifies a grand trine in the element of water.  Note a Grand Trine locks someone into a self-fulfilling belief system. So his Sun-Mars and Moon (his wants and needs together with action) generate this trine with South Node-Ixion-Saturn. I would not be the least bit surprised if he had exhibited emotionally driven commentary in terms of his film project; being his ‘life’s work’.

There is a lack of earth element in this chart = lack of practical considerations; an excess of water = emotively driven.

Lacking earth in his horoscope allows for emotive and fanciful notions to grow and this lack of discernment tension overrides an otherwise very creative individual. IMO, this is likely a lack of training in the classics during his education, which does not allow for an unbiased result to his creative endeavours.

A bi-wheel from the perspective of the 911 call as the inner wheel in blue and the outer wheel the horoscope aligned as per the zodiac positions overhead on 12:56pm, 17th January 2015: 

Combining this two charts and viewing through the perspective of the 911 call, the all-important angles take precedence for interpretation.

  • We know that transiting Martir is conjunct the ascendant, and when we look to David Crowley’s natal chart, we note that natal Venus is conjunct; bringing all that lack of discernment interpretation from his natal interpretation of accompanying weakness to the story.
  • Immediately overhead is natal asteroid Borasissi (lies we tell ourselves in order to maintain happiness).
  • Transiting Saturn is at the descendant revealing Father Time at the door of the relationship.

This combination of aspects give us the short answer to the crime. Adults may make a pact to die together; if indeed this is what happened in this case, however the death of the child is nothing short of murder.

  • This bi-wheel also reveals transiting the other malefic; Pluto (inner wheel in blue) in opposition; mirroring the natal stellium of Fanatic-Ceres-Sun-Mars.
  • Transiting asteroid Gunn is in the midst of this opportunity to reframe the tension; the manner of death to hand.
  • What is more compelling in relation to this opposition. is the quincunx (lack of discernment) to transiting Venus-Mercury (the idealism weakness) PLUS transiting asteroid Ixion (murder).

David Crowley made the conscious decision that the timing was ideal to murder his family.  The precise time; unknown to us.

8:13am on 21st December 2014, Komel Crowley used her cellphone to send an innocuous text message, unrelated to their relationship, or current situation. This was several weeks before the bodies were discovered in January 2015.

We can use this authoritative time to consider the transiting tension in the heavens that Komel’s horoscope would already be experiencing. However, we firstly generate her natal chart as an introduction to the potential character weaknesses already as part of her ‘norm’.  She is also emotively driven.  As a couple they are well suited.

Komel Crowley also has a kite pattern in her natal chart; a support team to her husband as it turns out – due to the fact that asteroid Juno (spousal signifier) is at the crown of her kite.

  • The ‘wingmen’ are Mars and Pallas (inner stamina) and the tail is Moirae-BML (the fates-Black Moon Lilith).

Komel Crowley is basically a fatalist, which is her weakest link. We could suggest that she has her husband ‘on a pedestal’. We are not aware of her time of birth, however if she were born in the early hours of the date of her birth in Pakistan, then her natal Moon (personal desires) would also be at the tail of the kite.

When we reproduce a bi-wheel from the perspective of the time of the text message on 21st December, 2014 together with the horoscope for Komel Crowley, we can observe the pattern is already set for her demise.  Time may have passed in the intervening years, however the kite has remained with her; it is her ‘norm’ behavioural pattern.

  • Transiting Ixion (murder) is exact her natal asteroid Juno. This is indicative that David Crowley murdered her as well as their daughter.
  • Transiting Juno is conjunct natal asteroid Borasissi. The lies people tell themselves in order to be happy.


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