Tania Ebert Pt.1

What began as a romance; a young European backpacker travels to the Australian outback; meets and marries the quintessential Aussie male, ends in tragedy.  In her early 20’s, on an adventure on the other side of the world, a romantic notion would cloud any perception of what remoteness can reveal of a character once they are stripped bare, over time.

Tania Ebert and Michael Burdon lived on a remote sheep station in the red dirt and saltbush expanse within the state of South Australia; a life that is perceived to be the ultimate dream of so many, however station life in the outback has its challenges for the unwary; particularly the trials and tribulations of a psychological nature.

In her early 20’s, on an adventure on the other side of the world, a romantic notion would cloud any perception of what remoteness can reveal of a character once they are stripped bare, over time.

Michael Burdon shot and killed himself on Oulnina Station, South Australia while police were preparing to search for what they expected to be, the body of his wife Tania.  To date she has not been located; alive, or dead.  Did the police and public opinion consider the case to be a murder-suicide?

We can undertake an astrology enquiry to attempt to answer this question as to whether it was a murder-suicide, as our resulting interpretation of events is not accepted in a court of law.  By exploring the weaknesses in a natal chart, we can interpret the behaviour of criminals and victims.  Note: the weaknesses, rather than the strengths of characters.  It is when we connect these patterns with a particular time in space, that we can reveal tension that can trigger behaviours outside of a person’s ‘norm’.

Tania Ebert was born in Germany. As a result, we can generate a horoscope for the mid-range of the date; noon.  There is no house placement in this chart as we are not aware of the location of birth, nor the time of her delivery into the world.

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As we are not aware of the time of birth, Tania’s Moon could be up to 6° either side of the position in this chart.  In fact, if born in the early evening, her natal Moon would tightly mirror Neptune in her chart,  creating a desire to protect her privacy; even subversively so.

  • The Sun identifies her ego’s ‘wants’ and the Moon, her driving force; her needs in life.  Both are in the water element = emotive more-so than practical, or mental.
  • The blue triangle; a Water Grand Trine identifies how her emotions are a self-perpetuating force with her emotional security needs as primary above all else in her life.
    • This triangle also identifies the point where triggers can change this triangle pattern into a ‘kite’ if/when there are transits in the heavens during her life that orbit through the ancient pattern of the zodiac in the lead up to conjunct natal Neptune at 22°Capricorn.  The personal planets make it personal; Jupiter and Saturn social and the outer planets more life-challenging.  Being the kite pattern, it is symbolically exactly that – flying a kite in the wind; potentially illusory.
  • Natal Sun is conjunct Saturn, blending the energies of ego and self-control (or not) = physical projection could be overindulged when we note that asteroid Pholus (shooting oneself in the foot) is holding up the mirror by opposition at 1°Virgo.  Taking care of the details would appear to take the back seat to her actions.
  • Pluto-Lunar North Node identifies the link to her mother as being power-based and likely intense during the early nurturing period.  We have to question as to whether this mother-daughter relationship interfered with her independence.  Then when we also note that asteroid Ixion is also in this mix –  there is bound to be unfinished business in the mother-daughter relationship carried into adulthood.   The cauldron simmers.
    • This stellium is also connected with natal Mercury as a sextile; i.e. working to some degree, however the closeness to Sun-Saturn with Mercury reveals the weakness in communication is bound up with a fragile ego — stemming from early childhood maternal nurturing.

In hindsight, knowing that Tania Ebert remains a missing person, I may be appearing to state the obvious, however the Cardinal Qualities of her horoscope, together with the Fire Element, reveal a very challenging lifetime aspect – Aries: BML-Vesta-Eris.  This perceived  toxicity (by Tania) within her marriage/family, is her norm.   In order to create trouble and strife, the toxicity tends to be externalised/projected away from personal responsibility for her actions.   This reaction is learned-behaviour by a child and unless addressed, remains an immature behaviour into adulthood.

A dominant natal Moon can appear to be a vibrant personality by others, however if afflicted, the driver is more likely to be personal/internal needs, as in this chart.

Michael Burdon is a different kettle-of-fish.  Where his wife is driven by emotional need for security, he has Sun and Moon in Aquarius; clinical mental activity.  So what’s new, we have to ask – these roles are typical of female-male roles in a relationship.  She’s emotional and he’s not.

Michael Burdon’s Sun and Moon’s quality is Fixed; rigid. Once his mind is made up, i.e. a decision becomes fixed, that’s it for him, unless a legitimate (in his mind) proposal can override his fixed attitude. What this male does have to his credit; plus in a mutable sign (flexible), is his natal Mars at 15°Gemini, however this planet is stymied by having Neptune in the mirror; in opposition at 13°Sagittarius.  The Gemini communicator could be evasive under direct tension.

This potential weakness requires us to check the zodiac sign of Taurus – the bull likes to chew his cud in the paddock by choice and can remain stubborn; resisting change.  Michael Burdon does not have any major planets in Taurus, however the Lunar South Node is at 18°Taurus.  This is indicative of the outcome of any aberrant behaviour and a quick check of the natal chart for Tania reveals that she has natal 17:54°Scorpio Nessus (abuse of trust) holding up the mirror opposite his South Node and therefore (at the other end of the axis) also conjunct her husband’s natal North Node.

Note: Nodal conjunctions in a synastry chart (a relationship) reveal the major issues – positive, or negative in that relationship.  Trust is this couple’s major challenge.

Not knowing Michael Burdon’s time of birth creates an issue for us as his mid-range Moon at 7:57°Aquarius could be, as it is with the natal chart for Tania Ebert, up to 6degrees either side of the position in this noon-time chart.  Either way, he was born on a New Moon, certainly.  However a late evening birth would give us significant conjunction with asteroid Mors; a death wish – the need to self-sabotage.

  • Natal Pluto opposite Vesta-BML-Eris – a potentially toxic family life in a natal chart can be perpetuated by choice of relationships when it is seen in the natal horoscope.  Eris = trouble and strife.
    • This aspect is also in tension by square to Hylonome (suicide flag)
    • Hylonome is then noted to be quincunx back to the Sun-Mors (ego-death wish).  This is likely to be a self perpetuating mythology.
  • Natal Saturn is in retrograde – indication of a lack of male mentoring in early life.  This can be for any number of reasons; a reticent father and dominant mother, an absent father for those early years etc etc.  A Saturn Rx does not have to be symbolic of a tyrannical father.

This interpretation of Michael Burdon’s natal chart likely indicates a serious affliction in his natal 2nd house; self-worth – low self-esteem, behind the Aquarian facade.

On 8th August, the couple travelled to Adelaide on a family outing, plus I suspect an opportunity to talk through their relationship.  The travel time for a round trip is some ten hours.

We can follow the couple to Adelaide and interpret the transiting tension in the heavens at a particular time/space as they were caught on cctv in the city.  Triggered behaviour becomes apparent to us as astrologers……

Continued in Part 2.


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