David Lee Lykken

As if a sentence of 225 years wasn’t enough, a rather enterprising felon by the name of Aloysius Black Crow succeeded in putting David Lee Lykken in the frame for a double-murder, which as it turned out, was not a murder at all

Fortunately all was revealed prior to trial, and in due course the case of the missing girls – Pam Jackson and Cheryl Miller was solved when their bodies were recovered still in their vehicle; death by misadventure.

David Lee Lykken was no innocent victim, however. Born on 24th July 1954, he remains of interest to us in terms of an astrology enquiry.

Apart from obvious sociopathic tendencies in relation to male-female relationships as a teenager, Lykken’s first victim (of those known to us) in 1962, was his wife. It had been a marriage that lasted a total of four months. According to the public record, he would rape his wife repeatedly as well as strangle her to a point of unconsciousness, or as his alternative; threaten to kill her son, from a previous relationship, if she didn’t listen to him.

The second of our victims was working as a waitress in a café when she met Lykken. When interviewed some years later, she said that he had physically and sexually abused her when she tried to end the relationship.

Lykken kidnapped his third victim, driving her to a rural area in Clay County and raping her. The two had dated for about three months prior to this incident. Shortly after, he had broken into her son’s apartment where she had retreated to and raped her, yet again. Lykken plea was guilty to burglary and he was placed in a court-ordered program for rehabilitation.

A fourth victim met Lykken at a ‘Singles’ Christian conference in 1986. He’d tried to start a relationship with this victim, however she rejected him following his repeated unsociable behaviour. His ’bizarre’ behaviour resulted in a court order to relocate to Colorado for rehab. He absconded from the program and returned to South Dakota.  When Lykken returned to victim #4’s residence; ‘ranting and raving’ about how God had told him that she loved him, Lykken raped her and threatened to kill her children if she reported him.

Before we get to the case that put him away for 225 years, we can note that Lykken is already revealing a pattern of predictable behaviour; identifiable red flags for us astrology profilers… He appears to be a sociopath by nature – lacking empathy; his behaviour has developed into psychopathy, harboring a total absence of self-control and a serial rapist.

Astrology note: For those who are interested in rectifying birth charts, David Lee Lykken is bound to have a ‘loaded’ southern hemisphere in his natal chart, revealing unfinished business in his early childhood – i.e. when the anti-social behaviour began to take root. The transits on his 10tth birthday reveal much in this regard.

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His natal chart, reveals a particular pattern of interest – with the gift of hindsight. Apart from the obvious quincunx of Mars-mid-range Moon-Neptune-Uranus madness…

  • Jupiter at 13°Cancer conjunct Lunar South Node and square the asteroid Ceres at 13°Libra reveals an unnerving relationship with his mother; a nature and nurture collision.

This observation of a potential anomaly leads us to check the other major asteroid placements for ‘the ladies’ in the heavens on the date of his birth.

  • The planet Venus and asteroid Juno are conjunct at 13°Virgo, working intrinsically (trine) with this Jupiter-South Node collision.
  • Ceres also has two asteroid companions of note at 13-14°Libra:
    • Aphrodite #1388 – Greek mythological character ‘woman personified’ (Venus in Latin)
    • Persephone #399 – daughter of Demeter (aka Ceres) who was kidnapped by Pluto. This myth is very much related to seasons, sessions etc.

Worthy of note – Juno has a particular role in our societal values – both in mythology (aka Hera in Greek) as the ‘ideal’ of a wife (married to Zeus-Jupiter)  and sotransposes into modern societal sexual liberation times – ‘ideal”partner.  I.e. with ‘ideal’ being in the eye of the beholder.

In astrology interpretation, we romantically toss about the symbolism of Juno as being a potential marriage partner in synastry/relationship charts and oftentimes the interpretation of a ‘male’ in forensic astrology. I tend to ignore the latter as superficial. Tightening the rein, we really need to interpret Juno as the weaknesses in inter-relationships of as in this case; males and females – within a patriarchal system. Juno very much is an indication of possessiveness and jealousy in these relationships.

So with all these cosmic ladies watching, we can address the final crime thanks to court documents being on the public record.

At 1:15am on Tuesday 10th July 1990, David Lee Lykken crossed the moral line for the last time.


  • Transiting Mars is at the ascendant; Neptune immediately overhead – time and place determined
  • Saturn Rx mirrors Jupiter-Persephone – brutish behaviour to be expected
  • Moon square Pluto and quincunx the IC/cusp of the 4th house – boundaries are ‘selectively’ compromised. This is the danger of a quincunx – ie. compartmentalisation of knowingly immoral behaviour in order to absolve moral responsibility.
  • Juno mirrors the Fates/Moirae in the 1st house as well as being square her sister Ceres. Therefore the Lunar nodes 5-11 house axis cannot be ignored – ‘casual appetites’ creating trauma.


When we put these two charts together and view from the perspective of the timed incident, a bi-wheel reveals the direct tension.


  • Transiting Mars mirrors natal Saturn-Mean apogee/ Black Moon Lilith – revealing his weakness of self-control
  • Transiting Neptune is conjunct North Node and mirrors his Jupiter/South Node damage (see natal comment) at the cusp of the 4th house.
  • Transiting Moon quincunx natal South Node-Jupiter (see natal comment above in relation to this aspect)
  • Transiting Moon quincunx with natal Venus-Juno (see natal comment)
  • Transiting Jupiter-Persephone is also quincunx natal Mars in the 9th house – Persephone myth is fantasised.

There is more of course, however this suffices for our exercise today.

At 4:15am, as per the court record; some 3 hours after his moral assault commenced, the sexual attack by David Lee Lykken ends when natal Mars crosses the descendant. By 4:45pm when Lykken left the premises transiting Pallas had crossed the ascendant.

The victim; DH, prevailed.



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