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By request: Can astrology indicate as to whether the Scottish serial killer Peter Tobin and Bible John could be the same person?

Peter Tobin remains incarcerated in the UK – convicted for sex offenses and murder in Scotland and England.  We need not fear that he will walk the streets again. ‘Bible John’ meanwhile, remains an enigma.  Three murders in Scotland with the ‘Bible John’ tag remain unsolved – cold cases.

There are three murders confirmed as being committed by Peter Tobin – February 1991; August 1991; September 2006 and three murders attributed to the unknown; ‘Bible John’ –  February 1968; August 1969 and  October 1969.

Astrology is a pseudo science and therefore not accepted in any court in western society due to the fact that the zodiac backdrop has been scientifically proven to not be in fixed positions in the heavens.  The constellations also orbit within our solar system; albeit minimally.  Nonetheless, the zodiac is the backdrop that we have, at our disposal and use for interpretation of likely behaviour.  Irrespective of the backdrop, our two snapshots in-time are accurate and can be studied for potential tension.

When we address the murderous deeds of Peter Tobin, we can endeavour to identify behavioural weaknesses in his natal chart, as well as the tension in the heavens on the dates he took the lives of girls and women.  We do not intentionally ignore Tobin’s other crimes; our aim is to explore as to whether Peter Tobin is likely responsible for the murders attributed to ‘Bible John’.

Knowing the time, date and place of birth of Peter Tobin, taking a snapshot of the heavens at that time and place, we discover that we have a most unfortunate horoscope to interpret…

Even with a very basic chart, we can note that there was upheaval created in his early life; at 3 and 4 years of age when we check the solar arc progressions.   By the time he was seven, Jupiter had also progressed to cross mid-heaven; trouble with the law. The result – he was sent to reform school.  A year later, Mars had joined Venus-Chiron. His early forays into charm school, were a fantasy.

The pattern in the heavens when Peter Tobin was born has the majority of natal planets in the 8thhouse – transformation by ‘endings’ and the 9th house – the realm of fantasy. Both houses have a direct link to Vesta in the 3rd house of communication.

Asteroid Vesta – 5:13°Rx Aries: With our focus on the weaknesses of a character, we make note that Vesta is in an intercepted house, which is a weakening effect as its basis. We know that Tobin is a serial sexual predator, it is inevitable that we can expose the darkest side of Vesta. Apart from keeping the home fires burning, the asteroid weaknesses would likely refer the ‘fire in the loins’ and in Aries – initiate sexual fetishes etc. Plus with the asteroid located in the natal 3rd house, in hindsight it is wise that he was removed from his siblings before sexual maturity.

  • Vesta quindecile (obsessive-compulsive) Venus-Chiron 19°Libra (this is his most dangerous aspect in relation to Tobin’s crimes)
  • Vesta quincunx Sun – i.e. arms open wide to embrace what he wants/lack of discretion as to the wants, or needs of his sexual partner.

Uranus – 21°Gemini: At the descendant/cusp of the 7th house indicates that Tobin was bound to have more than one ‘life-partner’. In fact he married three times – all sexually abusive; violent relationships.

Asteroid Ceres – 00°Aquarius in the 2nd house. Ceres represents appetites; where one nourishes oneself. In this case, a feeling of being abandoned as a child has likely led to a finding solace in ‘the offbeat’. This has manifested by having the rape-flag asteroid Dejaniera#157 in the mirror at 00°Leo, fulfilling his need for intimacy by sexually predator behaviour.

  • 2nd house Ceres relates to ‘value of self’. Note – attempting to make sense of bizarre behaviour is pointless with this individual.

Asteroid Dejaniera 00°Leo is also quincunx natal Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny). With Pallas nudging AP Fortuna, he likely had an inner resolve that his choice of behaviour was ‘as destined’.

Mars – 11°Libra in 9th house (fantasy). Eleven is a number that indicates an opportunity of mastery of one’s actions. With asteroid #28978; Ixion, at 10:53°Libra EXACT Mars in the heavens, mastery it could be; viewed through the eyes of the perpetrator, however not by society. Ixion is interpreted as the indicator for murderous deeds (Greco-Roman mythology)

Venus-Chiron 19°Libra in 9th house (fantasy). This aspect reveals Peter Tobin’s propensity to sexual-violence. Venus represents the ‘feminine’ and beauty when in Libra, however when specifically in the natal chart of a man, it’s sure to indicate a ‘ladies man’; Mr Charming.  Chiron on the other hand, is usually described as a wound that we carry through life, so when we have the two exact in the heavens, the boundaries blur; this ‘charm’ is a ‘curse, rather than a blessing’ for the innocents; his victims.

Adding conflict to a relationship brings intimacy for Tobin, however the rejection by a female, for whatever reason (including menses), likely triggers the quindecile; obsessive behaviour with Vesta.

Peter Tobin’s three convictions for murder:   The inner chart and perspective for interpretation, is that of the natal chart for Peter Tobin (as above) and the outer wheel is a snapshot of the heavens on the night of the murders utilizing incident times when known.

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#1 Murder of Vicky Hamilton – recorded incident 10:45pm, 10th February 1991 in Bathgate, Scotland.

Tobin was by now, living alone at Bathgate, after his second wife had left him.

  • Solar Arc progression of natal chart to this date: SA Venus is now square natal Sun and Jupiter has progressed to quindecile natal Lunar North Node. He is out in the open now, no longer walking the shadows of misogeny.
  • Note the tension with natal Venus-Chiron – the incident time is conjunct his weakness.
  • Transiting Moon-Uranus square natal Mars – personal needs are highlighted along with erratic behaviour with the drive to act.
  • Moon-Uranus quincunx natal Pluto – lack of discernment in relation to all those symbolic interpretations for Pluto in Leo.
  • Transiting Venus opposite natal Moon.  Needs pressing in relation to the female form.

Vicky Hamilton’s body was discovered years later; buried at another known address where Tobin had lived.  He moved between these addresses 2-3 weeks after Vicky was murdered.  When recovered, her body had been dismembered. He had relocated the body after death to be interred in the garden of his Margate, England residence.

Peter Tobin was 45 years of age.

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#2 Murder of Dinah McNicol – chart noon, 5th August 1991 Reigate, England. Time of incident was afternoon-evening most likely. He again had taken his victim home. Dinah’s remains was also discovered at the Margate property, along with the remains for Vicky Hamilton.

  • Solar Arc progression to this date: Neptune has progressed into the 11th house and now quincunx (lack of discernment) natal Uranus (erratic behavior). Prescription drugs (Neptune) were used to sedate the victim (ditto for Vicky Hamilton).
  • Transiting Lunar Nodal axis square the Venus-Chiron natal aspect.
  • Saturn Rx transiting is quincunx natal Sun and Saturn – crosses the boundaries of male-female relationships with this murder – the details of which, we are not privy to thank goodness.
  • Further tension left for others to interpret.

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#3: Murder of Angelika Kluk – chart noon, 24th September 2006. Time is unknown, although she was last seen during daylight hours with Tobin preparing to paint a shed.

He was by now, 60 years of age.

  • SA progressions: Venus progressed to conjunct natal Lunar South Node; Neptune progressed to quindecile natal Uranus; Pluto progressed to conjunct natal Mars-Ixion. These progressions alone indicate that Tobin will not get away with this murder, when we note the South Node under tension.
  • Transiting planets are weighted over Tobin’s 9th house of fantasy.
  • Lack of discernment is related to transiting Uranus,.  Earlier it had been about control; now, the lack of discernment is most likely insanity.

All three murders reveal the transiting astrology tension on the 9th house fantasy in his natal chart; the Venus-Chiron weakness. That, along with other obvious malefic planetary tension indicate the connection.

Bible John’s three murders:  The inner chart and perspective for interpretation, is the same method as the charts above.

We go back in time to 1968-1969, when Peter Tobin was just 21-22 years of age.   Peter Tobin was living in Glasgow at the time of the Bible John murders and was known to be a regular at these Thursday night dances where the victims met their killer.

BJ#1 Murder of Patricia Docker – chart time used midnight 22-23 February 1968. Cinderella time and our ‘Mr Charming’ is likely doing what he does oh-so-well; the ladies’ man. The naked body of 25 year-old Patricia Docker was found in a lane just yards from her home. She lay where she was attacked; raped and strangled after leaving the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow city centre.

  • Solar Arc progression to this date: Natal Pluto 12°Leo has progressed to conjunct natal Sun in Virgo – ego is now entering an empowerment phase, though still in the 8th house (transformation). Mars – together with asteroid Ixion, has progressed to cross the mid-heaven, leaving fantasy and entering the public realm.
  • Transiting Lunar Nodal axis is EXACT natal Venus-Chiron – publicity.
  • Lack of discrimination tension is to natal Sun – his ego’s wants.
  • Transiting Sun (date on the calendar) is quindecile natal Venus-Chiron.  Tonight is the night to open the closet door.
  • Much interpretation left for others.

There is so much astrology tension to interpret here in this bi-wheel, that I have no doubt in pointing the finger at Peter Tobin as being the likely culprit.

BJ#2 Murder of Jemima MacDonald, was the night of 15-16 August 1969 (6months after the first murder) Again it was a Thursday night. Tobin was working and living in Glasgow at the time, although he did commute to Brighton during the month to marry his first wife.  According to media, his first wife claimed that he kidnapped her and forced her into marriage.  That’s the Chiron aspect coming into play overriding his natal Venus.  Being exact in his natal chart, Tobin would not be able to separate the two energies.

Jemima Macdonald had been beaten, raped and strangled; not necessarily in that order.   She was found the next morning in a vacant tenement.

  • Solar Arc progressed Moon is now conjunct natal Neptune. Is this the need to be subversive, or the beginning of the use of prescription drugs? Natal Neptune is now at the mid-heaven and Venus has progressed to square natal Pluto.
  • Transiting planets are kept in rein by the Lunar North Node holding the leash.  The lack of discernment is connected to Tobin’s Venus-Chiron weakness, however it appears to be more of an opportunistic crime, if indeed Tobin were to be the perpetrator.

This murder is the least likely to have been committed by Peter Tobin according to the astrology tension in this bi-wheel.  The asteroid Bienor#54598 (associated with marriage) was transiting natal Mars. We are informed, that opportunity is possible between Tobin’s commute between Brighton and Glasgow.

BJ#3 Murder of  Helen Puttock. Last seen 12:30am 31 October 1969. Helen had visited the Barrowland Ballroom with her sister and together  they spent over an hour at the dancehall, sharing a taxi home with the killer. The chit chat in the back of the cab was the beginning of the tag ‘Bible John’- he quoted scripture to the women.  Helen’s sister alighted first, with the victim continuing to meet her fate in the company of ‘Bible John’.

  • Tobin’s solar arc progressed Jupiter is now square to natal Mercury – likely overly chatty.  SA Midheaven is now quincux natal Uranus..  Cracks are beginning to appear in public; manic behaviour.
  • At 12:30pm Tobin’s midheaven= the clock’s IC and vice-versa.  Opportunity knocked.
  • Natal Mercury was conjunct the ascendant.  He had the three angles working with him.
  • Transiting Jupiter was overhead and the Lunar North Node was quincunx natal Venus-Chiron.
  • The Moon was also square natal Venus-Chiron.

Opportunity for this murder was served on a platter, when we consider Tobin’s natal spread.  I would have difficulty denying that the astrology indicated that he was indeed the killer described as, ‘Bible John’.

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