Isabel Celis

On the night of Isabel Celis’ disappearance, almost ten hours of motion-activated CCTV was taken by a local business across from her home in Tucson, Arizona..  The Celis home was within range of this camera.

That’s ten hours of motion-activated activity – not continual video footage, motion-activated action, folks. It shows foot traffic; many comings and goings in the area on that dark night of the new moon, however no sign of Isabel, or anybody outside her bedroom window where it was alleged that she was taken.   Was the screen removed and window left open as a ploy to cover-up for someone who already had access, or a key to the home?

The following is an astrology enquiry into this abduction and murder in Tucson, Arizona. Please note that astrology interpretation is a pseudo-science and not accepted in any court of law. We offer our results as opinion only.

Justin Mastromarino had spent one year of Isabel’s total of six years of life, living under the same roof as the child. He still held a key to the home when she was last seen, and curiously shipped his personal automobile to his mother’s home in Florida just two days after the child’s disappearance. His alibi was that he was in the company of Sabastian Blake Hartsfield; smoking weed.

The remains of Isabel Celis were recovered in March 2017 in Pima County, Arizona. Justin Mastromarino and Blake Hartsfield are still in contact on social media, despite the age difference.    There have been no arrests in this matter, to date.  It is time for us to publish our results.


  • Isabel Celis DOB 27 August 2005


  • Rebecca Celis DOB 19 October 1976
  • Sergio Celis DOB 23 December 1970


  • Justin Mastromarino DOB 24 August 1978
  • Sabastian Hartsfield DOB 22 March 1991

Incident times used for astrology charts:

  • CCTV- 3:32am – males crossing the lot
  • MPR – 8:14am 21 April 2012 – child’s father makes 911 call

At 3:32am on 21st April 2012, we take a snapshot of the heavens overhead in Tucson, Arizona –  against the backdrop of the ancient positions of the constellations; known as the zodiac.

click on charts for full size


  • Isabel #9778
  • Justin #27382
  • Sebastian #1482
  • Prey #6157
  • Lust #4386
  • Child #4580
  • plus the regular toolkit for our craft


  • 9:13°Pisces; Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) is at the 10:41°Pisces; ascendant, attracting much trouble and strife (Eris) in the house of the unnown (12th house).  Also in this house is the asteroid Justin 5:40°Pisces under direct tension from the asteroid Prey-Mars in the 6th house of Virgo.
  • 23:47°Sagittarius asteroid Sebastian is conjunct Nemesis plus square to the 7th house Vertex (a significant life-changing event) – he will find his nemesis over this case.
  • 19:01°Scorpio asteroid Isabel is quindecile the transiting Moon-Ceres – we all know the story of Ceres as she searched the earth for her missing daughter Persephone who had been stolen away to the underworld (Greco-Roman mythology).
  • Transiting Venus and asteroid Lust are together in the heavens 14°Gemini.  This is at the cusp of the IC the lowest point in the sky and cusp of the 4th house – the home.

From this we know that the weakness in the heavens likely involves the crime of  ‘paedophilia’ and three characters; two POI and a victim; Isabel.  It is the authoritative time that we elect to work with in our cases when available…  i.e. the 911 call to report a missing child…8:14am on 21 April 2012.

The clock on the wall ticked forward from the time of the CCTV; through the time of dogs barking, as well as the time of departure from home by Rebecca Celis for her place of employment until the phone was picked up by Sergio Celis.  The astrology wheel continued to rotate anti-clockwise a full quarter from the IC to the ascendant.  Venus-Lust reached the ascendant EXACTLY at 8:14am.  This indicates a sexual predator of the most obnoxious kind; a pedophile.

In addition to the tension in the chart above, we look to the angles and house cusps for further interpretation.

  • Venus-Lust is EXACT the ascendant and quindecile the asteroid Photographica#443.  Is there a photograph in existence of the abduction, or a photograph of something more sinister in existence?
  • Asteroid Nessus#7066 is immediately overhead – abuse of trust.

Now that we have the authoritative time for the abduction of Isabel, we are obliged to check her immediate family in relation to her disappearance.

We reproduce the basic charts here in order to share that there are no indications of their participation in a crime, despite the fervour of social media at the time of the child’s disappearance back in 2012.  The inner wheel is the time of 8:14am and the outer wheel is their natal chart generated with noon-time births in order to utilise a natal mid-range Moon placement.

I have no hesitation in exonerating the parents from any involvement according to the astrology interpretation. 

We then turn to the child and the tension in her chart generated by this time of the 911 call.  This is not a literal translation of the clock on the wall i.e.  ‘this is what Isabel was doing at 8:14am’ – rather the time that we stop the clock in order to interpret the crime with our medieval method.  We use classic astrology interpretation together with a smattering of knowledge of Greco-Roman mythology, in order to interpret the symbolism of the planets and asteroids.

There is much we could interpret from this bi-wheel – blue is the snapshot in time and place at 8:14am and the red text  is the natal horoscope for Isabel with a mid-range Moon as we are not aware of her birth-time.  We only interpret what we need to, at this time.

With the parents not being the perpetrators, my mind scans automatically for the sinister clues that the child can give us.  What jumps through the screen and grabs my attention, is the transiting (blue) Lunar Nodal axis tension. The axis is 5:18°Sagittarius to 5:18°Gemini; 6th to 12th houses. The Lunar North Node has more than one role to play in this case; traumatic experience and family.

  • In the 12th house (all that is hidden) we have the trickster, (Mercury ruled) Gemini conjunct Isabel’s 6:34°Gemini natal asteroid Juno (a male)
  • In the 6th house at the other end of the axis (3rd house from the house of home is potentially mother’s sibling), the Lunar North Node sits in the sky alongside the potential suitor (traditional role for Juno). Both North Node and Juno are conjunct Isabel’s 4:27°Sagittarius asteroid Prey#6157.
  • Indications that Isabel was not under duress at the time of her abduction are transiting Mars in the 4th house (home) conjunct natal Sun.  She likely knew her abductor. So when we look in the mirror from this part of the chart, the natal Sun shines fully through transiting Chiron-Justin onto natal Uranus (rebellion).

Bingo…  the child has likely been groomed (Juno’s role, remember – the groom) by a male family member by the name of Justin.  This led me to check her family members and this is when I learned that her mother’s relative Justin Mastromarino had lived with the family for a year; that he possibly still had a key to the house.  Isabel would have known him as an ‘uncle’ ie 6th house activity.

On learning of Mastromarino’s birth date (with the help of the sleuthing community/our Facebook group), I checked the astrological synastry between Isabel and her groomer.  It is a phenomenal connection.  In relationship astrology, we can expect a couple of major indications and mutual connections in areas of life – potential spouses etc.  On this occasion it is an overwhelming fact of life that these two had an overly intense connection.  The two horoscopes are exact on several planetary positions in the heavens.

  • Conjunctions:  her Venus-his Mars 12°Libra; her South Node-his Pluto 14°Libra; her Jupiter-his Venus 17°Libra; her Sun-his Saturn 4°Virgo

September 2018 update:

Christopher Matthew Clements  DOB 23 January 1982 has been arrested and charged with the murder of Isabel.  So despite the intimate connection between Isabel and the POI whom were presented to us as potential ‘persons of interest’, law enforcement have made an arrest.

Venus Rx in a natal chart is not a common phenomenon. It can be just as challenging as a Saturn Rx, although not with the father/male mentoring, but rather with the symbolism of Venus – money, love, sex etc. For Clements his natal Venus Rx is in Aquarius, square natal Jupiter. Aquarius is a fixed sign of the zodiac, so there would a no-negotiation element behind the ‘need’. At the time of the MPR for Isabel Celis, natal Venus Rx is in the 9th house (fantasy).

  • Venus Rx opposite asteroid Nessus-Ragazza (abuse of trust of a young girl).
  • Asteroid Sado is conjunct Vesta (sadism psychological connection to virginity probably)
  • BML mirrors Alekto (rage)
  • Chiron mirrors Ceres-Ixion (appetite to kill)
    • Chiron square Mercury Rx plus quincunx Mars-Pallas (inner resolve to take action)
    • Chiron in Taurus holds the handle in this horoscope; a deep fear of not achieving fulfillment – ie never enough.
  • Saturn conjunct asteroid Prey – self control/lack of in relation to predatory behaviour merge
  • Namesake asteroid Christopher #30100 opposite Pluto (power in the mirror)

Note:  work in progress

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