Missy Bevers Pt.2

Venus was orbiting in a malefic position in the heavens on the date that Terri Bevers was murdered.   See Part 1 for charts...  It would then follow that all of the symbolism of the planet would likely play out in the community – as above, so below. In the aftermath of the murder, social media rose to meet all expectations. There has been a plethora of ‘persons of interest’ – dysfunctional families, teenagers running rampant, lovers; all exposed. Many garden paths explored, as well. There was no limit to the tension in natal charts; exposing the weaknesses in characters even if they were not connected to the case; alternative agendas abound.

venus-mars-vulvanVenus was very busy in the heavens. She rattled many cages, reverberating throughout the community, awakening fears that had not been addressed previously. The fantasy that Venus sits on a pedestal, kicked out from under their feet. Every planet has a dark side – even planet Earth’s satellite; the Moon – our needs.

The transiting Moon was in the 7th house; focused on personal and public relationships; the house of marriage. The transiting Moon was sandwiched between Jupiter and the Lunar North Node – the pay-off would be in the details of the relationship.

  • Terri Bevers had a Scorpio Moon; needing to be in control of her environment – an eternally stagnant pond. That is a strong female position, even dominant in some company. This moon position requires tact in order to succeed in ‘getting one’s needs met’.

A tactician perhaps, or was our Missy just a tactile character?  However it is not Missy Bevers that we need to discuss in detail. I digress…

The person caught on CCTV; outfitted in the law enforcement gear of ‘expected aggressive tactics’; prepared, both mentally and physically, stepped into frame.

Our perpetrator will be directly affected by the tension in the heavens, however the killer is not Venus, herself. Venus seduces, however in our branch of astrology; crime, the seduced is required to act. Mars will be under that SWAT helmet, not Venus… and likely in the 1st house of a bi-wheel for 3:58:29am on 18th April 2016.

The killer is in warrior mode; disguised as a knight in shining armour (law enforcement) – Neptune and Lancelot are together 11ºPisces plus in the 1st house. The ascendant may be Aquarius, however Pisces is intercepted in the 1st house; weak. This is no knight in shining armour; this is a cowardly act about to unfold.

We check more than fifty POIs put forward for our scrutiny, taking note that those who put forward these potential POIs are also under the influence of this malefic Venus transit. It is not our place as astrologers to sit in judgement of individual persons of interest put forward, only to interpret the weaknesses in characters in an effort to solve a crime.

One potential person of interest; reputed to be in a close personal relationship with Terri Bevers, never left our line of sight, despite the meanderings of social media suggestion. Even without their time of birth, we can explore the person’s horoscope from the perspective of the unfolding of the events, if indeed this person was in attendance at the Midlothian Church.

  • Natal 11ºPisces; Mars is in the 1st house; exact transiting Neptune and asteroid Lancelot.
    • Natal asteroid (red) Lancelot is in the 6th house of everyday affairs, work – a familiar attire most likely
    • Natal 15ºPisces; Mercury-Lovas in the 1st house mirrors the transiting Moon – need to communicate with a lover. Communication can take many forms, even delivering a fatal blow.
    • Natal Black Moon Lilith/Mean Apogee (weakest link in a character) is under direct transit by the Moon in the 7th house – the weakest link is their need to communicate with a lover.
  • Sandwiched between these two pressures and reflected in the mirror of the 7th house, is transiting Jupiter-Vertex – a significant life event will result from this Mars-Mercury nervous drive for this person.
  • Natal Sun is at the cusp of the 1-2 astrology houses. On entry to the premises, the desire changes to what they personally want to achieve i.e. get their desire met.

358-dw-astronewIt is the 10th house that drives the motor of the perpetrator; their natal Moon in Sagittarius; respect for the warrior. As we are not privy to the birth time of this person, the natal Moon position could be within the range of the opening raw degree of zero to the late evening time of Monday 26th March 1962. The Moon would then have progressed to 11ºSagittarius.

If this were the case, a late evening birth would be particularly poignant, as transiting Mars would then be exact natal Moon – the need to act NOW. Regardless of the birth-time, the natal Moon mid-range position illuminates this need. This person is not as assured as they appear. There is a strong nervous energy driving the act.

In relation to the midpoints of planetary positions; where two planetary energies meet, creates a tug of war. In the case of natal Mars and Saturn, we note hot-headed Mars meeting cold-practical Saturn; self control. At 3:58am these planets are equidistant from the 23ºAquarius ascendant. In astrology terms this midpoint is a primary forensic indicator, that we have hit the mark.

  • Natal Saturn/Mars= ascendant
  • Natal Saturn/transiting Neptune-Lancelot=ascendant.

Furthermore, at 4:18am when Terri Bevers arrives at the class venue, the Ascendant is 29:53ºAquarius.

  • Natal Jupiter (inflates whatever it comes in contact with) is EXACT the ascendant.
  • Natal Moon is within range of potentially being EXACT the midheaven.

At 5:06am when the 911 call was made to report the murder, the ascendant was 17:12ºPisces

  • Natal 17:09ºPisces Mercury is EXACT the ascendant
  • Natal Black Moon Lilith/Mean Apogee (weakest link) is EXACT the descendant.

The totality of these aspects and interpretation cannot be brushed aside.  This person certainly played a major role in the murder of Missy Bevers.  All astrology aspects incriminate this person as being responsible for the crime. Whether there was a co-conspirator before, during, or after the murder, we do not know.

What we do know however, is that this person no longer holds the position of Lancelot in the community. Their suit of armour can no longer protect them and has been laid aside.

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