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The Greco-Roman myth of Venus and Mars is not one of interplanetary conflict, but a married woman who had affairs during her marriage.   Venus took Mars as a lover. Her husband, Vulcan, set his trap over the marital bed in order to catch the lovers in a net for all to see their infidelity. He succeeded.

As it was on Mount Olympus, the planet Venus has several roles to play in medieval astrology. Venus is the planetary ruler of the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra; the signs which are symbolic of monetary matters in Taurus and her social roles of beauty, group activities and Venusian intrigue in Libra.

venus-mars-vulvanNote: Please be aware that the backdrop of the zodiac constellations was a fixed stage prop used thousands of years ago. We elect to use this medieval astrology technique for an enquiry of the heavens; our result remains subjective and not accepted in any court of law.

When the motion camera caught an intruder on the Midlothian church security system – 18th April 2016 – the transit of Venus was in a malefic position in the heavens. Modern astrology considers Mars and Saturn as the usual culprits in malefic terms, however they are under direction by Venus today (Venus trine Saturn Rx). Even the ‘blanket over a hand-grenade’ is under direction (Venus square Pluto).

The planet Venus is in the zodiac of Aries; the warrior role. She is oriental and will rise as the Morning Star escorted by Uranus, three paces behind her; both cross the ascendant prior to the Sun’s arrival on his chariot. We have the foreboding of malice, accompanied by a buzz of electricity in the stillness of predawn.

In astrology terms – isolating the elements – the Air is still; the Water is not going to assist us, leaving just the practicality of Earth and action of Fire to carry the energy into the day. This is not a rash act of violence; nor is it a random crime of murder. The perpetrator has come prepared.

Being in the second house of the astrology wheel, we know that Venus is in her natural element (2nd house is the natural realm for Taurus symbolism) and with time to kill until the wheel would rotate to welcome her to the ascendant, Venus will carry out the job at hand.

  • The Sun in Aries, is exalted; the date on the calendar only bounded by Saturn; illuminating the face of Venus.
  • Neptune, being in the 1st house and in its element, is first to cross the ascendant; casting his net of mystery; subversion and intrigue, with the foreboding that this will be a case that would not be solved easily.
  • The planet Jupiter is in its detriment and also within Venus’ boundary; term and face. Jupiter may be symbolic of justice, however being in the 7th house, it is again Venus’ territory; potentially spousal.

Venus, in all her symbolism, is dominant in the crime of the murder of Missy Bevers according to astrology, however I am not suggesting that Terri Bevers’ husband set a trap to catch a marital infidelity. There are other Venus-Mars interactions at play in the lead-up to this crime.

  • The camera caught the intruder at 3:58am
  • The victim arrived at the church at 4:18am
  • Venus crossed the cusp of the 2nd house, entering the 1st at 4:25am.
  • The traditional malefics straddle the mid-heaven; both in retrograde at this 4:25am time
  • At 4:50am Neptune would cross the ascendant,…the veil of mystery, dropped.
  • It would not be until 5:06am that the 911 call of discovery of the murder would be made.

The longer it takes for a crime to be solved by law enforcement, the wider the social circle of a victim is open to investigation; all of whom are potential persons of interest.  In this case, ‘social media’ has provided the possibilities of multiple sexual liaisons, some of which are outside the accepted norm. We have no need to go into the detail beyond the suggestion that both sexes have been alluded to in this information. This dictates the selection of additional asteroids to include in updated enquiry.

  • Lovas #73511 (lovers)… Spartacus #2579 (the gladiator)… Lancelot #2041 (knight in shining armour)
  • Ixion #28978 (murder flag)… Vertex (life-changing event)

newchart-358ambeversclick on images for full size

With this further information as to the possibilities that might be in the heavens to create tension we note that there is an Earth Grand Trine formed by the transiting 16:53°Virgo; Moon at 3:58am (7th house of relationships); 17:29°Capricorn; Pluto (11th house of group activity) together with the major asteroid 17:35°Taurus; Vesta #4 (3rd house of short journeys and communication). Vesta symbolism is that of keeping one’s home fires burning. We note that Vesta is also conjunct Mercury 18°Taurus.

Note: Was someone in the ‘dog house’ at home; getting the silent treatment? Although that alone would not be enough to motivate the crime of murder, I would not expect.

We note the busy 10th house of careers and that, which is in the public realm. Asteroid Lovas is exact Saturn 15°Sagittarius and Spartacus is exact Ixion#28978 (murderous deeds) at 24°Capricorn. The Sagittari were defenders of the realm in medieval times – they demanded respect; were opinionated and were paid for their services. In contemporary times ta Sagittari is not necessarily a mercenary, although it indicates a likely employment in the military, law enforcement, security, or similar career.

Note: With the gift of hindsight, this can refer to the disguise (LE SWAT gear) worn by the assailant caught on camera, or an assailant in such an employment.

  • Jupiter-Vertex are exact at 13°Virgo in the 7th house (Jupiter is symbolic of being within the jurisdiction of the law) … plus nudging square to Saturn-Lovas
  • Transiting Neptune, that veil of subversion in the 1st house, is exact asteroid Lancelot 11:20°Pisces ­­

This combination would indicate that ‘Sir Lancelot’ would assist in the subversion of any criminal activity undertaken at this time in Midlothian, Texas. Actually Sir Lancelot would likely have been directly involved prior to any criminal activity that night, and not just in a cover-up.  The Moon (need) had been holding up the mirror at 11°Pisces by sunset the previous day – Sunday 17th April 2016.

Before we pick up our magnifier, these are the basics of the astrology.

3:58am – tracking the heavens – intruder caught on CCTV: The perpetrator has forced their entry into the Midlothian church via a back entry and walked into camera range – an internal corridor.

358In the case of a murder, an astrology chart generally gives us an indication of what is unfolding, by the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto; where the Grim Reaper meets the Lord of the Underground (Greco/Roman mythology). This midpoint is at the opening degrees of Capricorn – Saturn’s realm of practical application.

  • Turquoise arrows – Saturn/Pluto= 11th house of ‘friends and associates’ – this is not a random crime.
  • Green circle – 5°Libra Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) at the cusp of the 8th house – death and transformation of a desire.  This identifies that the person caught on cctv is there for the purpose of the crime; as committed.
  • Green arrow – Jupiter quindecile Pallas – Jupiter is symbolic of the law and so can identify the disguise and potentially something more sinister when we refer back to the Sagittari comment above.
  • Red arrow – Moon (personal needs) quindecile natal Ceres (nourishment/hunger) – the adrenaline rush nourishes resolve.  With the nourishment (Ceres) in the first house plus in the intercepted sign of Pisces, we have potentially a hidden hunger. The perpetrator would likely not be seen as someone with excessively personal inner resolve.

4:18am – Missy Bevers arrives: Again we track from CCTV.  The clock-time rotates the 24hour wheel.

418At 4:18am and the arrival of Missy Bevers, we can now see that (turquoise circled) 28°Aquarius; Pallas (internal resolve) is at the ascendant, so the above interpretation (in relation to Pallas in particular) is on the agenda right now.

  • Arabian Part for destiny (green circled) is now at 11°Libra – destiny is fast approaching.
  • Saturn/Pluto (murder) is now exact the 11th house cusp – there’s no love with this visitation.
  • 8°Sagittarius; Mars (red arrow) is nudging the midheaven  – the call to action is already set in motion; Mars is in the 9th house now.  The switch over to detach any emotion will have engaged in the perpetrator’s psyche.
  • Vesta-Mercury (yellow circle) indicate the act in communication (the killing) as the conjunction of Vesta-Mercury is at the cusp of the 3rd house.  With both in the zodiac of Taurus; this indicates that the act of killing would take time to focus, but once a perpetrator has the steps that they will take, they may find it difficult to stop.  There would likely be more than one strike with a weapon.

A bi-wheel from the perspective of 4:18am together with the natal chart for Missy Bevers:

418-TBBringing the map of reality for the victim into the interpretation, what we can share here is that Missy is not in victim-mode.  The action is direct and interactive. Any wonder the POI is padded for conflict.  A fitness trainer would intimidate a less focused individual; i.e. contemplate a confrontation.

This bi-wheel (method) certainly shares Missy Bevers’ reaction; shock.  She doesn’t have any planets in the 1st house to defend herself apart from the Lunar Nodal axis at the ascendant. This is indicative of the trauma of the crime was quick and achieved the result the perpetrator intended.

  • Natal Mercury (communication) is in the 7th house exact by transiting Jupiter; both at 13°Virgo. This is the point in the zodiac where one reveals their ability take charge of a situation.  Communication, the Law and inter-personal relationships will come under scrutiny.
  • The full 7th house tells us that this murder is all about relationships Transiting Uranus quindecile natal Uranus
  • Transiting malefic Venus is quindecile natal Jupiter in the 8th house of transformation.
  • Natal mid-range Moon could be up to 8° either side of her position in this chart – her need is likely early Scorpio hand-in-hand with Jupiter.; an excessive need and fear of her life being stagnant.

We will continue an interpretation of this astrology in depth…  Part 2.


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