Dylann Storm Roof

A blank slate…

In this method of criminal and victim profiling with astrology, we work with the tension (hard aspects) between planets and asteroids as they orbit in real-time within our solar system. The backdrop we use for interpretation may not be the 2017 position of the constellations, however it is the medieval fabric used for millenniums past. We tell our story across time…

Dylann Storm Roof was born on 3rd April 1994 in Columbia, South Carolina. The pattern in the heavens shared very little in the way of hard aspects on this date. As I shared within our Facebook group… for a medieval astrologer to interpret, it is as if he came into this life as a blank slate.

His nurturing by those the childhood character interacted with, was not, shall we say, highly supportive due to his life’s circumstances. He was likely born with Sun square Moon aspect in his natal chart (unplanned/unwanted pregnancy), although as is our usual practice, we use noon-time for our charting..

droof-astro(click on images for full size)

Dylann Roof’s heavenly spread of planets would not have made it easy for anyone who was in a position to mentor the child in his early years.  Apart from the heavily one-sided weight, Mercury was conjunct Mars in Pisces giving an isolationist perspective – i.e. reactive, rather than proactive. There are also no planets in the element of Air, indicating a lack of mental processing.

It is when we include the so-called ‘minor players’/the asteroids, that we can flesh out his character. Firstly those from the past…

  • 26­°Aries, Vesta (where energies can be put to greatest effect) mirrors by opposition 27°Libra, Juno (naivety) with both asteroids square 26°Capricorn, Uranus – i.e. rebellious behaviour; needing to be different.

Relevant asteroids; from the multitude…

  • Namesake, Dylann – Dylanyounger #13733
  • Fanatic behaviour – Fanatica #1589
  • Malicous behaviour– Malus#11309
  • Murderous intent – Ixion#28978
  • African American racial focus – Black#11207 (named prior to political-correctness era)
  • Trouble-making behaviour – Eris#136199
  • Weakest link in a character – Mean Apogee/Black Moon Lilith

Black arrow notes (below natal chart) –

  • The elements (motivation) Fire, Air, Earth and Water together with their interaction with the Modes (behaviour) of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. This is where we note the lack of Air element (mental) with Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable behaviour styles. Cardinal-Water (emotional drive) lacks impetus.; as does Fixed-Fire and Fixed-Mutable.

We can suggest that this character is lacking in many behavioural areas, with a sense of practicality mixed with a damaged ego ‘running the show’.

So to the natal tension that Dylann Roof has lived with during his 22 years…

  • Pluto under intense tension is often described as a ‘hand-grenade under a blanket’. In this horoscope, this is the most dangerous aspect above all else. At 27:46°Scorpio, Pluto is conjunct asteroid Ixion Rx 28:39°Scorpio. Roof’s murderous rage could erupt without any warning.
  • This astrology combination is linked (by sextile) with Uranus – therefore also with Vesta and Juno (as above).
  • Then by association, 25°Aries, asteroid Malus is conjunct Vesta – malicious behaviour is his ‘long suit’.
  • Black Moon Lilith 29:38°Aries mirrors Fanatica, which then mirrors this ‘white supremacy’ of 2:18°Taurus Venus (a social group) conjunct asteroid Black.

It is pretty obvious with this interpretation by medieval methods, that Dylann Roof would not exhibit remorse for his behaviour. It is not in his nature…

906pmcctvAs for the CCTV time when he was seen on video exiting the church after his outrage; 9:06pm, a prayer unfinished, we can interpret the tension in the heavens that would be present. It would be the interaction with this tension that will reveal the enormity of the crime.

  • The 14:23°Cancer, Moon triggers that symbolic ‘hand-grenade beneath the blanket’ by opposing Pluto in the 1st house at 14:43°capricorn. We note the namesake asteroid for Dylann Roof in the first house is in hard aspect with this personal desire as well.
  • Asteroid Malus is at the exit point; malicious intent.
  • The date on the calendar is represented by the 26:21°Gemini, Sun EXACT asteroid Fanatica plus conjunct Mars.
  • 23:19°Aries, Eris is at the IC.
  • 22:27 °Virgo Black Moon Lilith squares Ixion at 22:16°Sagittarius and mirrors 21:32 °Piscean Chiron (unresolved self-imposed victimisation).

The elements and modes reveal the determination in the action by the perpetrator. The Air Element is mutable – ethics and morals do not appear to have been considered. I would suggest that this individual is likely not able to comprehend the result of his actions; i.e. differentiate between right and wrong.

906pm-roof-astroAs a final chart, we interpret a bi-wheel from the perspective of the 9:06pm exit from the church on 17th June 2015 and the direct tension from this cosmic pattern on the pattern overhead on the date that Dylann Roof was born in Columbia, South Carolina.

  • Asteroid Malus plays a dual role. Not only at the descendant in the heavens, but also at the IC in Roof’s natal horoscope. We can suggest that the perpetrator is an intentionally malicious character.

There is much more we could interpret with this interaction of tension, however I leave that to others.

The jurors did not look at Roof when they came in with the verdict. Several looked in the direction of the victims’ families. It was very quiet in the courtroom. There was no sound coming from the many family members. Roof, who was facing away from the media, did not appear to show any reaction to the verdict.
A death sentence was handed down on 10th January 2016.


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