Phoebe Handsjuk

No parent wants to hear that their child died in a traumatic manner; that they were found at the bottom of a garbage-shute after having tumbled down 12 floors.  Not only this, Phoebe Handsjuk survived the fall, only to die in an effort to escape her situation; according to the coroner’s report.

It is close to six years since Phoebe died and yet questions remain in many minds as to the reasons behind her death.  Was she murdered?  Did she suicide? Was it death by misadventure? Why, why, why would such an attractive, young 24 year-old have to die….

phoebehandsjukWe can offer an astrology analysis of her horoscope, together with an interpretation of the incident pattern time in the heavens.  Please note that astrology is pseudo-scientific; subjective, and not accepted in any court of law.  We use maps of reality, not reality itself to describe characters and incidents. 

  • According to the coroner’s report, Phoebe Handsjuk was born 9th May 1986 – time of birth unknown to us and so mid-range Moon is used (noon).
  • Found between 7:07pm and 7:09pm, 2nd December 2010 – incident time for our enquiry; 7:08pm
  • Location – Melbourne, Australia

Early evening; Thursday 2nd December 2010 in Melbourne, Australia

garbageshute-astroHard aspects (potential weaknesses) in the heavens over Melbourne that summer evening. Unfortunately the fixed star Algol was at the 24:54ºTaurus; ascendant at 7:08pm.  In Greco/Roman mythology, the star Algol is connected to the Perseus-Medusa myth, where the flying horse; Pegasus is released to fly heavenward following the severing of the gorgon’s head. The soul flies back to source.

  • Asteroid Phoebe 7:49ºPisces is immediately overhead
  • 26ºAquarius Chiron and Neptune are exact plus trine 26ºLibra, Moon – drug psychosis is a possibility,  particularly when we note that the planet Mars 25:44º Sagittarius is midway these two points in the heavens.  This aspect is classic interpretion of a system weakened by the dark undercurrent of Neptune i.e. likely addictive substances are in the mix, particularly when we consider the element of Fire (Sagittarius).

Some time earlier, asteroids Eris #131699 and Mors #341521 had straddled the ascendant.  Greco/Roman Mythology explains the interpretation for the asteroids – Eris=trouble and strife and Mors=a death wish.  21:16ºLibra; Moira (the fates) is mirroring these asteroids (by opposition) along with the Moon on this date in the heavens; the fates await – earthy challenges the soul will face (Myth of Er).   By 7:08pm this tension is in the love-need-for-love axis of the wheel.

  • The desire to return to source (Mors-Eris) is in Cardinal-Fire.  Whether the decision is conscious, or unconscious, the choice is evident in the heavens.
  • Mean apogee/Black Moon Lilith is quindecile Venus indicating compulsion to act.

Horoscope of Phoebe Handsjuk revealing weaknesses – note that this is not a rounded character analysis

phoebe-2-astroIt is without prejudice, that we interpret the following from classic texts.

There are two planets that are peregrine: 7:47ºSagittarius, Saturn Rx (retrograde) and 2:52ºTaurus, Mercury.  When planets are peregrine they tend to be free to do whatever they will and can be indicative of early behaviour.

  • A Saturn Rx is indicative of a lack of male mentoring for whatever reason (see link) and Mercury on this occasion is caught between a rock (29:59ºAries; LNA – mother) and a hard place (6:50ºTaurus; Alekto – anger).
  • 5:37ºScorpio, Pluto is also mirroring this anger in the horoscope, so we know that tension with Pluto can erupt as a power/powerless struggle without warning.
  • A mid-range Moon illuminates Pluto revealing her need to overcome a sense of powerlessness.

Note: Phoebe wears a ring on her left thumb (see photo above) this is indicative by cheiromancy-astrology of the planet Pluto and willpower of the feminine.

  • 7:47ºSagittarius, Saturn Rx mirrors Phoebe’s weakest link in her character, by opposition with her own 7:51ºGemini; Black Moon Lilith.  Lies between father and daughter, I would expect.

There is also a minor ‘Fire Grand Trine’ with 20:55ºAries, Atropos#273 – 21:39ºSagittarius; 22:05ºUranus, together with 18:44ºLeo; Hylonome – 22:05ºLeo, Nessus#7066.  There would always be the threat of someone born on this date potentially ending their life by suicide.  Atropos=cutting the cord of life – Uranus=an act of rebellion and Hylonome-Nessus (suicide/abuse of trust).  It would rely on the victim’s view of what ‘abuse of trust’ meant to them in a behavioural sense.

Putting the two charts together

found-phoebePriority on first sight is the transiting Chiron-Neptune conjunct natal Vertex.  This indicates a life-changing event that is connected to the drugs in the system together with the tension of being exact Chiron 26ºAquarius.   This aspect is classically interpreted as ‘the pain from realising that reality will never match your fantasy’.

Chiron in Aquarius may result in a character feeling different and not fitting in.  Social rejection makes them behave as if disconnected, or isolated during this transit.  Turning to drugs; legal, or illegal is a likely reaction in order to mask the pain.

  • Transiting Ceres interprets as where one is receiving nourishment. Being in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, we know that this relates to a matter of self-control. Transiting 17:43ºCapricorn; Ceres is exact natal Mars 17:41ºCapricorn and so the selection of nourishment is Phoebe’s decision.  Unexpected surprises wouldn’t go down to well; this is a time for routines.
  • Transiting Pallas (inner resolve) 22:22º is conjunct natal Uranus 21:39ºSagittarius – rebellion overrides caution.
  • Transiting 21:17ºAries; Eris (trouble and strife) is conjunct natal 20:55ºAries Atropos (cutting of the thread of life). Note in the element of fire with a planetary ruler of Mars.
  • Transiting asteroid Moira holds up the mirror by opposition to natal Atropos – the fates cannot save the choice taken by the soul, as per the Myth of Er.  Time to go Phoebe.
  • Transiting 13-14ºSagittarius Pholus-Hylonome are  exact natal 13ºJuno – regrets in her choice of male-partner are likely behind her decision.

Phoebe may have struggled to escape her situation as her life drew to a close in the basement, however the astrology indicates that the decision to enter the garbage-shute was taken by her, and her alone.

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