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brandi-ellen-wellsBrandi Ellen Wells, 23, was last seen on August 2, 2006, in Tyler, Texas, as she prepared to go out to a club. According to a friend, Brandi’s mother thought she was going to a club in Tyler, but she went to Longview, Texas instead, to get money at a pawnshop then wound up at the Graham Central Station Nightclub; Ladies’ Night.

According to club employees, when Brandi arrived around 10:30 p.m. she was nearly out of gas, had no money and was asking club patrons for help. No one could say if she got help or not, and as far as her friends and family know, she did not know anyone at the club.

Surveillance footage shows Brandi leaving shortly after midnight. Club employees said she was not intoxicated.

  • Event location: Graham Central Station Nightclub, Longview, Texas
  • Event data: 12:30am, 3rd August 2006
  • Missing person: Brandi Wells – DOB 28th November 1982 3:46 am (time provided by family)

The following is an astrology enquiry, using astrology charts as maps of reality.  When we refer to Brandi, we are referring to a snapshot of the heavens on the date of her birth in comparison with the planetary positions on the night of her disappearance. The result is a subjective exercise.  All interpretation is made from classic astrology texts.

With natal Moon at zero degrees Taurus, this indicates Brandi’s personal needs as very raw; not prepared for the reality of life. A Sagittarius Sun and Taurus Moon are very idealistic. Almost to the extent that her ideology would absorb all practical purposes. She also has Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius which is another idealistic weak point.  The fault lies in the fact that the idealistic way of life is set-up, either by example when she was young and how she perceived the ideal to be, or by an emotionally immature child as observer of life around her – hence the weakness comment.

But back to the Sun-Moon blend – Brandi would be aspiring, rather than ambitious, and again stuck in the idealistic rather than realistic satisfactions in life. Never seeming to be particularly concerned about everyday matters such a making a living, working under the assumption that her needs will somehow be provided for and usually are. She would really have too much faith in people. Most of time people do respond to her, as she had hoped and expected they would. When they don’t, however, she’d really let it get under her skin; depressed, not understanding why.

This young woman wouldn’t handle criticism, or put-downs well. With her natal Uranus conjunct Sun, we know that she would be erratic in relation to what she wants. Plus with so many fire element planets in the same area of her chart, Brandi would need to be hosed down on occasions.

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We reproduce two bi-wheels (method).  The first from the perspective of Brandi and how she sees the situation at 12:30am outside the nightclub and the second bi-wheel, the clock on the wall’s perspective of the same event.

We are not going to get a locator angle as to where she may be located, as her emotive reaction is nothing really out of the ordinary.  She may have been coerced, but not immediately forced into a situation where her life would be under threat, but then with this character she would have faith that all would be ok.  We’ll explore the more subtle astrology of midpoints and asteroids.

  • Natal Mercury-Venus/Saturn = tr Moon (blue in outer wheel) 20°Saturn – need for self-control of her idealism – follow her dream most likely particularly because
  • Natal Neptune (turquoise) is squared by transiting lunar nodal axis –  either this is a fantasy of an acting career, or another artistic outlet eg music. Does she seek fame?
  • Transiting asteroid Fama#408 at 12°Sagittarius is exact conjunct her natal Venus – this supports the natal Neptune tension.
  • Transiting asteroid Cupido#763 is there as well at 11°Sagittarius
  • Natal Mars/Saturn = natal Mercury-Venus (idealism) – this is where she’ll ultimately let herself down; by her own actions.

When we see the asteroid Cupid in the mix, we must look to the vertex in a chart where we would get indications of a significant male in the romance stakes would enter.

  • tr Vertex at 28°Libra is conjunct natal Saturn-Pluto and with these two planets in Brandi’s 1st house, we are in the realm of her ego, not romance.  She could be flattered into thinking that she would have the power and control over her own life that she sought – were she to follow her dream.

Summary from her perspective, she’s in control of what’s happening outside the nightclub; there’s no big emotion reaction with forensic indicators present.

The second bi-wheel has the same inter-planetary action.  Much is happening in the 7th house of public relationships, however the driving action (Mars in the inner wheel) is in the 5th house suggesting that Brandi is initiating the making of friends. Basically, she’s a strong-willed young woman whom wants to be in-control of her destiny.

It is when we bring in the more subtle cosmic influences, that we can see a pattern forming that reveals opportunity for weaknesses.  Brandi’s natal horoscope reveals 17:50°Black Moon Lilith/Mean Apogee conjunct 16:41° Capricorn, Juno.  This is her weakest link keeping company with a potential ‘life partner’.  Perhaps discernment with all males might have been a wise approach for Brandi in her young life. She also has 14:41°Eris conjunct 15:14°Aries, Atropos – trouble and strife would bring about her downfall.

  • Natal mid-range Moon is exact 5:35°Taurus, Phaeton – needing her independence with a motor vehicle; the two go together and so for Brandi to walk away from her vehicle is most unlikely, unless as a temporary measure.

lastseen-brandiwellsAs for the tension in the heavens, asteroid Dejaniera 23:09°Sagittarius is conjunct Pluto 24:31°.  These two symbols together identify the possibility of sexual assault.  It is when we look to this potential that we can see transiting in Virgo – 21:23°Black Moon Lilith + Lunar Nodal axis 26:22° exact asteroid Brandi 26:23° + Roachapproach 28:34°Virgo.  There certainly is danger for Brandi in the early hours of 3rd August 2006 from an opportunistic sexual predator.

Considering the lack of obvious trauma in her natal chart, Brandi appears to be of the opinion that she can talk her way out of any potential trouble, however transiting Uranus 13:59°Pisces mirrors, by opposition, asteroid Nemesis at 13:54°Virgo. This together with Borasissi 6:26°Pisces quindecile transiting BML – the lies we tell ourselves in order to be happy is in the house of friends; self-delusional behaviour is most likely.

The final blow is transiting feral Leo at 12:36°Phaeton (vehicle) keeping company with 14:18°Saturn (grim reaper) transiting exact Brandi’s natal Nemesis at 12:17°Leo.   The astrology would indicate that Brandi will likely not be returning to her family, however without the birth data of a potential person of interest, we cannot reach a satisfactory conclusion to this enquiry. The case must remain, a missing person.

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