Sierah Joughin

… is Sierah a surrogate victim?

A Saturn retrograde in a natal horoscope is usually interpreted as a lack of male mentoring at an early age, while a planet nudging the Lunar Nodal axis is equally indicative of female nurturing having been awry during early childhood development.  Sierah Joughin did not have either weakness apparent in her chart.

At most, the major weaknesses in the map of reality for the date of Sierah’s birth (time unknown) is Mercury-Neptune exact at 26ºCapricorn together with an unharnessed 23ºPisces – Saturn, which allows for downcast eyes and a dreamy countenance, when alertness is needed.  It would all depend on the transiting planets  as to whether these aspects were under tension when she met with her kidnapper on the early evening of 19th July 2016.

Please note that astrology profiling is a pseudo science, utilising maps of reality as representative of all characters in our enquiry.  We do not attempt to round out a character and rather focus on the weakness in that planetary spread.  None of the information in our enquiry is acceptable in a court of law.

Sierah Joughin

Sierah-astroclick on charts for full size

The planetary spread in the heavens on the day that Sierah Joughin was born reveals innate weaknesses in behaviour.  We are unaware of her time of birth and so the Moon is mid-range; at noon. i.e. could be 6ºeither side of this noon placement.

  • Hemisphere spread is heavily weighted to one side of the chart; suggestive of considerable influence during early childhood development.  Particularly so when we note that asteroid Eris 17:47ºAries is on the Lunar Nodal axis… plus
  • 3:05ºAries, Venus quindecile Lunar North Node –  perhaps ‘idolisation’ of maternal nurturers.
  • Neptune-Mercury conjunct 26ºCapricorn reveals a susceptibility to delusion; i.e. lies by others.
  • Black Moon Lilith/Mean apogee (weakest point in a horoscope) 15ºCancer is the handle of the fan in this chart – note tension from  2:57ºSagittarius Pluto (concept of power) together with 27ºAquarius Mars (humanitarian action) Plus…
  • Saturn/Uranus=Mars – need to assist those less fortunate than herself.

Please be aware that these are the weaknesses in this horoscope rather than the strengths.  When under transiting tension, any, or all of these aspects would be reactive, rather than proactive.  Sierah would likely respond, rather than initiate.

10:50pm  19th July 2016 – 911 call to report a missing person

MPR-Joughin-astroBefore we get to the horary chart proper, note the bottom right (elements,modes).  Interpreting with out criminal profiling hat on, note the 2nd row – ‘A’ (air element) – i.e. the mental activity and across the top of the columns – ‘C’ (cardinal – will initiate) ‘F’ (fixed  – inflexible thought processes) and ‘M’ (mutable – taking advantage of what’s around).

  • Asteroids – Alekto #465 (rage), Nemesis #128 (get caught), Mental (unstable/psychosis) all in the cardinal mode.
  • Vesta #4 (a confined space) and Lie #26955 (self delusion/untruths etc)

The ascendant is particularly busy as cosmic bodies rise above the horizon.

  • Asteroids Pallas #2 and Nessus #7066 are exact 4:58ºPisces – inner warrior and abuse of trust are together.  This is extremely dangerous in relation to making decisions in relation to trust.  When we look in the mirror, we can see that Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) 5:13Virgo determines the outcome at this time.
  • Moon 29:49ºCapricorn quindecile asteroid 14:03ºLeo, Sara #533 (Sierah) – missing person is in an emotionally vulnerable state
  • Full Moon overhead (Sun-opposite Moon) together with the square to transiting Uranus has particular relevance to the natal chart for Sierah as she already has that streak of independence.
    • Sun/Moon=Uranus – classic interpretation of this midpoint identifies a breakaway and/or sudden developments.
  • Asteroid Eris #136199 (trouble and strife) is conjunct Uranus at the cusp of the 2nd house (self worth vulnerability)
  • Asteroid Lie #26955 is at the bottom of the sky/IC.
  • Jupiter 19:59ºVirgo conjunct Vertex 20:24ºVirgo in 7th house – highly significant event is taking place in the realm of public relationships.

It is the dangerous 8th house that is under intense pressure in the heavens.

It is when we put these two charts together and align the zodiac (method) that we can see the added tension that Sierah is under as a result of her missing status.

MPR perspective, together with horoscope for Sierah Joughin

Transiting Venus-Mercury 9-11ºLeo is quindecile to 26ºCapricorn (natal Mercury-Neptune) PLUS also in obsessive tension with Sierah’s natal Mars 27ºAquarius.   This suggests that is not paying attention to her surroundings; but then why did she need to?  The 20 year-old was riding her bicycle on a warm evening.  It was still a couple of hours before sunset, as she rode along a country road in Ohio, USA; not far from home.

It is when the Missing Person Report is filed that we can take a closer perspective of the heavens.  That, together with once we had the name of a possible POI, we are able to interpret further asteroids – James #2335 (James Worley) and Mark #2362 (Mark Worley); brothers who lived at the same address.  James Dean Worley has been charged with abduction at this point in time; when I tap away at the keyboard.

MPR-SierahJoughin-astroWe know that the ascendant; the horizon is all important in this case; that Pallas-Nessus and Neptune are strong indicators of what went down and also the Arabian Part commonly known as destiny is as well.  Immediately we note that the Arabian Part 5:13ºVirgo is EXACT natal asteroid Sara  5:32ºVirgo.  Sierah has met with her destiny; albeit a horrific one.

The ascendant shares the asteroids in Sierah’s natal chart – those of Mark and James.

  • Transiting Pallas-Nessus (together with AP Fortuna and Sara in the mirror), align up with the asteroid 3:47ºMark#2362 in Sierah’s horoscope.
  • Transiting Neptune (subversion and all that is hidden) aligns with asteroids Alekto and  James in the natal chart.

What created an alignment to make matters even worse was the transiting Moon was right on top of Sierah’s already weakened Mercury-Neptune.  The need to be alone, dominated her needs. i.e. personal needs, over-rode all spatial awareness and Sierah met with, what was to be her demise.

James Dean Worley – a POI (since charged)

JamesWorley-astroSaturn 7:01ºCapricorn identifies a planet in it’s element of practicality, however ambition is pretty lonely, when we check the element chart.  Ambition is present, however other constructive practicality is lacking – i.e. his weaknesses.

…Venus (money), Black Moon Lilith (weakest part of his character), Nemesis (his downfall). Alekto (intense anger) and Nessus (abuse of trust).

  • Natal horoscope reveals an Aries Sun-Moon – therefore his wants and needs are to be ‘Numero Uno’; i.e. an over inflated ego/likely arrogant. We can suggest this with some reliability, particularly when we note that 01:19ºSagittarius – Jupiter is also square Pluto (inflated sense of power/brutal).
  • Natal 22:39ºTaurus – Venus is feral/peregrine; indicative of a potential thief/unorthodox manner of earning money.  Note this is very close to quindecile natal Neptune (drug earnings).
    • Asteroid Nessus 23:45ºTaurus conjunct Venus (in Taurus) is indicative of someone not to be trusted with money/assets; potentially a thief.
  • BML 15:49ºTaurus mirrors natal asteroid Mark 14:17ºScorpio, together with…
  • Pallas-Juno working together mirror Sun-Moon – partners in crime perhaps?

The missing person report and James Worley…  extra tension on the man,  from the cosmos

MPRJoughin-JamesWorleyWe can now put two and two together and see what tension James Worley is under as a result of the Missing Person Report. It is at this point in our enquiry, that we recognise a pattern of behaviour that could be of concern; potentially repeated behaviour

  • Transiting 29:49ºCapricorn – Moon continues to illuminate natal 12:17ºLeo – Uranus (rebellion/psychosis) which in turn is nudging transiting asteroid Sara in the heavens at 14:03ºLeo.
  • Transiting 11:33ºLeo – Mercury ‘hiding’ this natal Uranus activity  Note Sierah’s interactions with transiting Mercury as well.
  • Transiting Uranus-Eris conjunct mid range natal Moon – indicative of mental aberration.

Astrology note: James Worley’s natal Sun 18:07ºAries is exact Sierah Joughin’s natal Lunar nodal axis, generating a traumatic interaction/public connection between the two.

Apart from the narrow focus of this male, we check further when we learn that his brother lives on the same property.

Mark C. Worley – younger brother of POI

Having Venus retrograde in a horoscope will often have conflicting standards for their own behavioural characteristics, versus what they seek in others. On one hand, they dislike superficiality, yet on the other focus on superficial aspects of themselves such as the way they are seen by others. Depending on the astrological sign their natal Venus Rx is in, their insecurities are more often than not, rooted in a challenging childhood in relation to comprehension of the concept of ‘love’.   Mark Worley has Venus Rx at the Serbian astrologer’s ominous 22ºAries.

This Venus Rx together with a natal Sun in Aries would indicate that Mark Worley would take a direct approach in his effort to express his emotional self and his notion of ‘love’.

  • Natal mid-range Moon (needs) is 22ºCapricorn.  Note this is square to natal Venus Rx.  The younger brother of James Worley may lack the arrogance of a double Aries, however he will snap if not allowed to lead/control.
  • With Chiron exact the nodal axis – 5:22ºPisces, as well as opposite 5:54ºVirgo – Pluto in his natal chart, this is indicative of one drama after another during his life.
    • Virgo; Pluto-Lunar North Node bombast would likely manifest as violent outbursts without warning.  Severe interaction with maternal nurturer from early childhood development, most likely.
  • Natal 10:32ºScorpio Neptune is peregrine – danger would be self-medication, together with a vindictive nature.  I would confidently describe this male as a loose cannon.

The midpoints are of particular significance in this horoscope.  Saturn is prominent:  ambition/control/father time/grim reaper – take your pick…

  • Mars/Saturn=Venus – running hot and cold in relation to females; frustration; trying to get something to work.
  • Saturn/Uranus=Neptune – breakdown under emotional pressure; fighting to be understood.
  • Sun/Neptune=Saturn – emotional struggle to the point of panic.

The missing person report and Mark Worley…  extra tension on the man from the transits in the heavens

MPRJoughin-MarkWorleyAs for a bi-wheel in relation to the demise of Sierah Joughin…

  • Transiting Pluto mirrors natal Mars 16:46ºCancer in the 7th house of public relationships.
  • Transiting Jupiter 19:57ºVirgo is quindecile natal Lunar South Node and therefore also creating compulsive behaviour with natal Chiron; those seeping wounds of one drama after another.
  • The date on the calendar; transiting Sun is opposite the Moon; a full Moon date and also highlighting personal needs uppermost in natal Moon.
  • Transiting Uranus is square transiting Moon as well – this is a mania full-moon – rebellion; making merry hell by those whom are not stable mentally.
    • This manic full moon is conjunct natal Saturn (ambition) and also by association natal Jupiter inflating control issues and highly volatile.  Mark Worley would have been making demands on his brother that would be for sure.

If Mark Worley were heavily medicated, this may have been reduced, however if not he would have been on top of whatever his brother was up to making merry hell.

When we change our lens and include the relevant asteroids in relation to Mark Worley, I change to my preferred perspective; i.e. the time of the Missing Person Report at 10:50pm on 19th July 2016.

Transiting Pallas-Nessus – that drum I kept beating for around this time period – abuse of trust – is exact Mark’s natal Lunar South Node-Chiron conjunction. Plus his natal Pallas is exact the ascendant. Arabian Part of Fortune (destiny) is EXACT in the mirror at natal Lunar North Node-Pluto at the cusp of the 7th house (way out). Transiting asteroid Sara #533 (victim’s name) is exact Mark Worley’s natal Alekto (rage).

I would not be in the least bit surprised if James Worley shared his ‘prize’ with his little brother.  Would that be where Pallas-Nessus comes into the story; an abuse of trust and lack of restraint.

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