Nice, Bastille Day 2016

For those who wonder why I use the asteroid Franke as representative for France in an astrology chart, allow me to explain.

Firstly to the best of my knowledge, there is no asteroid with the name ‘France’, and secondly, it helps to know a smattering of German in this job.  In the germanic tongue, France is known as Frankreich (realm of the Franks).  This is my reasoning for use of the main belt asteroid Franke #2824 in this enquiry today.

Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej Bouhlel was born in the former French colony of Tunisia, on 31st January 1985.  Did this male migrate to France in search of a better life?  This we do not know, however if living in ‘the promised land’ didn’t turn out as he expected, then this may explain in some way, a motive for his actions.  Then there is the question as to whether he had been radicalised? An astrology enquiry will no doubt, enlighten those of us who look to the ancients for wisdom.

Bastille Day fireworks commenced at 10pm in Nice, as Bouhlel prepared his assault.  At 10:45pm he was en route the celebration and by 11pm, he was dead.  That sounds like a good-a-time as any to generate a horary chart; a snapshot of the heavens over Nice. This is our map of reality.

11pm-Nice-astroImmediately we can see the radical Islamic act of terrorism as a motive, with 16:05ºGemini asteroid Arabia#1157 and 3:32ºVirgo asteroid Martir#1582 at the all-important angles.

On the 14th July there is a minor Water Grand Trine in the heavens – not made up of major planets, however the asteroid Chiron 25ºPisces holds up a corner.  Apart from knowing that this is an emotive energy (water element) that is contained, 25ºChiron in Pisces in the first house of the horary chart reveals a personal situation that appears to always be in crisis.  It may be religious, or spiritual crises (Neptune rules Pisces) or a risk for depression or drug use; i.e. an escape by playing the victim.

Note the outlet for this crises energy from Chiron – mirror is held up to asteroid Franke (France).  By being in the 7th house this includes her people.

Another corner of the trine is 24ºScorpio Moon-Mars; a personal need to take action. The third corner is the Sun 22:50ºCancer; the date on the calendar in the 5th house of celebration/entertainment.  This man’s attack was pre-planned, I would suggest even before we look at his natal chart.

So what other tension is evident at the time Bouhlel was shot and killed by law enforcement?

  • Transiting asteroids Pallas (inner warrior) and Nessus (abused trust) have been keeping company at 5ºPisces for some time now, triggering the abuse of trust for all of humankind. The choice is to be proactive, or reactive to the tension. This inseparable energy is quindecile 19ºVirgo, Vertex (significant life-changing event), as well as transiting Jupiter 19ºVirgo.  As we know, the gaseous planet inflates anything it comes in contact with.
  • The date on the calendar; Sun placement at the feared Serbian 22º plus in Cancer (security), identifies the venue and time of risk.
  • Sun is also square  23-24ºAries – Eris-Uranus, identifying the rebellious act of trouble and strife.  Aries is always in instigator.
  • Mercury 1ºLeo is quindecile Pluto at 16ºCapricorn: Mercury in Leo can be a tyrant or benign, however together with Pluto energy in this obsessive manner we hear that old nut cracking open – ‘blanket over a hand grenade’.

Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej Bouhlel – perpetrator

Bouhiel-astroNote: we were stymied initially, as we had two birth dates available for this male.  The former (not included here) resulted in a passive reaction to the tension and not a character  whom could be described as  ‘a natural-born killer’, however the consensus of birth date according to astrologers whom I would defer to, has now settled for the alternative, 31st January 1985; Tunisia. 

I would certainly suggest that this horoscope is more likely to be accurate in relation to the birth data for the killer, as asteroids Ceres-Arabia are under tension – i.e. nourishment as a result of Arabian culture.   Also when we learned that Bouhlel had sent considerable sums of money to his family back in Tunisia, we are likely on the money… 14ºTaurus – Ceres in a natal chart, fits this description.

  • This character also appears to have an obsessive interest in gun culture – asteroid Gunn#18243 quindecile natal Pallas (inner warrior) as well as quindecile the midpoint of the more dangerous  23º Pholus (regrettable actions) as well as asteroid Fanatica ( fanaticism) 27º both of which are in fiery Aries.
  • Then we have the sextile (working together with) asteroid #1582 Martir – 26º conjunct #341520 Mors – 27ºAquarius – i.e.e prepared to die as a martyr.

It has been reported in the media that this male had only recently become radicalised, however the astrology suggests to me that he was a martyr looking for a cause to die for; waiting for the planets to align.

Alignment of the two charts – method

death-Bouhlel copyThe inner wheel is the incident/perspective and the outer wheel is aligned as per the zodiac. When we transpose the Water Grand Trine (blue triangle) from the first chart, we immediately look for the hard aspects that would put tension on this ‘energy’ in the perp’s horoscope.

  • transiting Moon-Mars 24ºScorpio EXACT conjunct natal Lunar South Node – a traumatic event. Plus don’t overlook that his natal Pallas is at 24ºPisces working with this South Node. He would likely ascribe to what goes around comes around.  This is a form of revenge for mis-treatment and when we note this tension is driven from the first house at the time of his death; it’s personal.  This would be part of his motivation, I would suggest.
    • outlet for this Moon-Mars (need to take action) tension is the north node in the 3rd house – communication;
  • transiting Chiron betwixt natal Venus-Mars/Pallas – idealisation likely in relation to continuing to add to the terror; be a knight for a cause.
    • note the outlet for this tension is asteroid Frank (France) in transit at the time

It appears to be clear that Bastille Day would be Bouhlel’s date of choice for the slaughter.  His purpose; revenge against the Republic of France.  Some would use graffiti for their protest, however Bouhlel’s Aquarian Sun and Gemini Moon had more Utopian ideas.  84 people were killed and 308 injured.

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