Chelsea Bruck

We began this enquiry in November 2014….   Our priority was to locate Chelsea Bruck, and so we used our method of astrology communicating with cartography;  prior to chart interpretation of what was present in the heavens.

  • Event: 3am – 26 October 2014
  • Place: Carpark, 3587 Post Road, Newport, Michigan
  • Missing person: Chelsea Bruck born 28 January 1992 (time unknown)

Criminal profiling with astrology is a subjective exercise as we utilise pseudo scientifc methods as models of reality, together with knowledge of mythology, followed by a sprinking of other ingredients.

MAP#1-CBrockclick on image for full size

We superimpose a vertically flipped chart over the point of where the missing person was last seen.

The red line ending in an arrow is an indicator of a direction to follow, NOT ‘x’ marks the spot when SAR follow this method.

If Chelsea has possibly been abducted by a predator, follow the FBI guideline to look within a 12 mile radius.  Following the red line, that takes us north on Highway 275.

Transiting in the heavens at 3am on that Saturday night/Sunday morning, we have Neptune at the descendant (opposing the ascendant) plus at the same time quindecile transiting Jupiter – excessive use of alcohol and/or other addictive substances likely.  It would have been a very lively Halloween party.

Unfortunately, with Neptune as the descendant, there is the possibility of an abduction and that it may be some time before Chelsea is found.

Transiting Moon is also in square aspect to Neptune in the heavens.  Together this creates ‘shooting the breeze’, which would suit someone like Chelsea whom has a vast stellium of planets in Capricorn and probably as well, a sexual predator.

3am-ChelseaBruck‘Stellium people’ roll with the punches/go with the wind. Well liked, yet very vulnerable, we have learned that stellium charts indicate a lack of awareness of subtle vibrations when it comes to being in dangerous situations.

All the personal action is focused on the 5th house of party-mode; Chelsea wasn’t ready to go home just yet.  If her girlfriend whom was still at the party had Chelsea’s purse and phone, what was she doing in the carpark?

If we address the subtleties; the midpoints together with the planetary tension, this may give us some understanding of what is happening for Chelsea at 3am.  We know that with tension to a natal 22° Scorpio Pluto, this is going to reveal a weakness in her basic power base and vulnerability to the life source being taken away; a primary forensic indicator.

  • tr Mercury (yellow)/tr Mars = natal Pluto at 22° Scorpio – intense debating that could escalate to an argument.  Perhaps that is why she has relocated to the carpark.
  • tr Mercury square natal Uranus-Neptune – mind plays tricks awakening curiosity
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Pluto – grim reaper meets life force – forensic indicator of death.  This is also our primary locator angle – because natal Saturn is not in the mix.
  • tr Saturn/Neptune (turquoise at the descendant) = natal Mars – a sense of being wronged preoccupies her attention PLUS being conjunct to Uranus likely very confusing and frustrating for Chelsea.
  • tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel) conjunct natal Moon – emotions are high and likely out of control
  • tr Moon/Neptune = Neptune – alcohol has created a very confused state; weakened system.
  • tr Moon/Uranus = Sun (orange) – sense of free will; sudden attachments likely.
  • tr Uranus square Mars – tendency to dominance of will and sudden changes in behaviour.

Neptune at the descendant does not forebode a quick recovery.  Fixed star Algol is mighty close to the mid-heaven as well; a troubling insight awaits.

April 25th 2015…

  • Chelsea Bruck’s remains have been located, 10 miles from where she was last seen.  It appears that our locator angle may have been useful.

22nd July 2016…

Daniel Allan Clay has been arrested for the murder of Chelsea Bruck.  He is due to be arraigned on Monday 25th July 2016.  When we interpret his horoscope through the lens of a potential murderer,  we note that murder does not appear to be a natural impulse ,when we interpret his map of reality.

Daniel Clay-astroclick on chart for full-size

This male is overzealous in relation to satisfying his personal needs; albeit sexual release on this occasion.  We note that he has an Aries Mars sextile (works with) natal Jupiter.  He would most likely behave in an assertive, to the point of being aggressive manner, when we note the position of Pluto so close to his mid-range Moon.

  •  Jupiter (doing things to excess) drives his natal chart along with the sextile (works with) Mars in Aries.
  • There is a kite pattern in this astrology chart.  The tail is weak, until we recognise that it is very close to the midpoint of  Jupiter-Mars (OTT behaviour).
    • 7ºCancer, Neptune-Venus at 9ºVirgo are the wings of this kite
    •   mid-range 9ºScorpio Moon-Pluto at 11ºScorpio at the peak, with the tail grounding the energy; the  Mars-Jupiter midpoint.

This is a very weak solution in the realm of possibility of astrology interpretation, however we have to start somewhere in an effort to make some sense of the crime by this perpetrator.

bruckevent-Daniel ClayMy initial basic chart did not indicate that Daniel Clay was the perpetrator and I doubted that this male was indeed the killer of Chelsea Bruck.  It was only when I changed the lens to include asteroids, that some sense could be made of this senseless waste of a young woman’s life.

  • Any communication with Chelsea would be generated from a sense of low self-worth – natal 16ºLibra; Mercury, plus in the 2nd house is boosted by transiting 16ºLibra Mercury.  Both of which are quindecile natal Mars at 1ºAries.  (Note the above weakness of the kite)
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis is conjunct natal Sun (the ego’s wants) is going to be a traumatic event and likely in a public place.

As a profiler I would ask this male to share his relationship with his mother – there will be an outpouring of ‘poor me’.  Of that, we can be assured.

  • Transiting Neptune is square natal Jupiter (kite tail weakness again).  He’s come close to getting away with this crime, however LE never relents in the hunt.

We’ve needed to dig deep as well. We have a potential smoking gun, but no solid bullets yet. So changing our lens again and remaining with the disappearance of Chelsea Bruck, we can check the asteroids.

3am-Bruckincident-astro We note that asteroid Daniel#2589;  1ºGemini, at the all-important overriding energy/mid-heaven, is mirroring transiting Moon 1ºSagittarius at the I.C.   The male’s needs are uppermost.  If there is sex on the agenda then it is driven by the male’s needs.  He appears to have an excessive need for respect.

  • transiting asteroid Chelsea#25425 19ºScorpio/Dejaniera+Ixion = Moon.  This midpoint can be interpreted as the man’s needs of Chelsea Bruck, are focused on rape with murderous intent closely followed by Pholus 21ºSagittarius (regrets).
  • transiting Sun-Pallas-Venus trine Neptune is indicative of an ego – inner-resolve – female together with subversion – this  was not a mutual-consent hook-up.
  • When we look to 6th house, morals and ethics we can see that asteroid Nessus; 27ºAquarius, mirrors BML at 26ºLeo – abuse of trust is a weak link; at that time in the heavens.

Note that Venus is in the Fixed Mode and element of Water.  This is indicative of the encounter being an emotional event, rather than the practical consideration of a consensual sexual encounter.  Chelsea would likely have resisted his advances and he has killed her.  However we generate a bi-wheel to check.

3am-DanielClayAs any astrologer who follows our method of interpretation will tell you… that when transiting Dejaniera (rape) – Ixion (murderous intent) – Pholus (regrets for mistakes) are right on top of the asteroid for the namesake of a person of interest in a case – in this case Daniel#2589, we have identified our perpetrator as having the first name of Daniel.  Feet of Clay…

Whether Daniel Allan Clay claims manslaughter during consensual sex, or not, his conscience, and the law of the land will recognise the intent as murder; just as the heavens have indicated.

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