Christy Byrd Sheats

The month of June is mid-summer; a popular time for northern hemisphere brides. When we note recurring times of year coming up in a case of murder, we know that it’s not a wedding anniversary, or a happy time before us, if we are to undertake an astrology enquiry.
katy-texasThis case involves marriage and the resulting offspring, however when one partner wants a divorce and one of the offspring wants to marry “now”, the tension became too much for an already flawed character.

Nature and Nurture erupted into violence, when Christy Marie Byrd Sheats fired in a rage, shooting her two daughters in front of her husband. She even took the time to return inside the house; reload before returning outside to fire the mortal blow to one of the girls as she attempted to flee the scene.

Christy Sheats was in turn, shot and killed by officers responding to 911 calls.

  • The date – 24th June 2016; Jason Sheats 45th birthday (husband).
  • Taylor Sheats was due to marry  just three days later; 27th June 2016 (daughter).
  • The grandfather who raised Christy Byrd; Clinton Byrd, died 7th June 2012.

Note: In order to undertake an astrology enquiry, we use models of reality in place of the characters involved.

So where is the origin of cauldron’s rage? As astrologers, we look for the tension in the natal chart first; the nature aspect for a character.  For this we take a snapshot of the heavens on the date and place where Christy Sheats was born; Decateur, Alabama. Astrology software will then give us the positions of the planets journey against the medieval zodiac.

As is our practice, we do not know a lot about the woman who appears to have had a psychotic break; killing her daughters, however a quick check of her Facebook account reveals a woman obsessed with her self image – ‘photoshopped selfies’ abound.  That gives us a pretty good idea that the Sun’s position will play a dominant role in this woman’s character; her ego.  The Sun is the life-force energy.

Putting that image into our folder, we turn to the heavens at the date when her life ended.  We know that during the 24 days of June 2016, the Sun’s position against the backdrop of the zodiac will be from 11º Gemini to 03ºCancer.  So what hard aspects (conjunction-square-opposition-quindecile-yod aspects) are there in the natal chart of  Christy Sheats, which may indicate an opportunity for her to ‘bask’ in the harsh sunlight?

Christy Byrd Sheats

Christy-Sheats-astro-natalclick on image for full size

  • Conjunctions:  Gemini – the ruling planet is Gemini = mercurial and potentially unstable….. Cancer – the ruling planet is the Moon = security, home, foundation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
    • We note Lunar South Node (what goes around, comes around) is at 20ºGemini; Saturn is 01ºCancer; Mars is 07ºCancer – however Mars and Saturn are not close enough together to call a conjunction in their own right – ie they don’t create the hot-cold phenomenon that can be evident when they are holding hands.
  • Squares:  We consider Virgo and early Libra plus Pisces and early Aries.
    • Chiron is 21Aries – probably too far away for a square this year; Uranus also, at 25ºLibra,  is too late to create enough tension in relation to what we are discussing here. Jupiter is 11ºPisces and Venus 27ºPisces
  • Oppositions:  The mirror held up to the Sun would be the zodiac of Sagittarius and early Capricorn.
    • Natal Neptune is at 06ºSagittarius and Lunar North Node at 20ºSagittarius.

So what is close enough to create tension on 24 June – ie Sun – 02ºCancer?  Once again we turn to the natal chart and just consider what may be in the realm of a possible hard aspect to 02ºCancer.

  • Natal Saturn – 01ºCancer – the inner grim reaper is happy to join in. Saturn will therefore be conjunct the Sun and highly ambitious
  • Natal Venus – 27ºPisces certainly wants part of the action having been exact squared by the Sun a few days previously.
  • Natal mid-range Moon – 26ºVirgo was squared by the Sun’s position and continues to be influenced by the energy.
  • Natal Pluto – 4ºLibra would also be under increasing tension; squared by the Sun – feeling powerless..

The natal chart also reveals a Yod aspect.  This pattern is known as the Finger of Fate; the witch’s hat.  We find the Yod in a natal chart exceptionally poignant in forensic astrology.  It is indicated by green dashes in the above chart.

  • Yod of Mercury-Neptune-Mars in this natal chart = vagaries, deception, avoiding key points in any protest by others and/or fantasy channeled into creativity.
  • Christy has a natal Taurus Sun – bullish when provoked
  • Having her Moon in late Virgo can be nit-picky about details, or if she was born in the evening her natal Moon would be right on top of her Pluto.  Duck for cover – hand grenades can go off at any time, folks…
  • Mercury quindecile Uranus – provocative ideas, impulsive

CSheats-astroFrom this interpretation, we have a few mythological characters who are likely be looming in the heavens.  We change our lens seeking out the smaller cosmic bodies of asteroids and fixed stars on the date that she was born; the weaknesses in her character.

  • Narcissus 15ºSagittarius – the boy who drowned gazing at a reflection of himself in a pond of still water
    • Being between Neptune and Lunar North Node = public perception important – by deceptive means if necessary
  • Atropos 19ºCapricorn – one of the three fates.  She is the one who determines the length of mortal life.
  • Borasissi 19ºCapricorn – the lies we tell ourselves in order to maintain a sense of happiness
    • Exact conjunct Atropos – this will bring about the end of her life
  • Pholus 10ºPisces – where we shoot ourselves in the foot.  Does alcohol consumption, or medication acerbate this behaviour?
    • Conjunct natal Jupiter – likely does this often, as Jupiter inflates what it touches
  • Eris 13ºAries- trouble and strife indicator
    • quindecile natal asteroid Christine#628 – she’s seen as an instigator of trouble-making.
  • Nessus 24ºGemini – abuse of trust
    • this will relate to the marriage rift and being in Gemini likley relates to lies.
  • Chiron – the wounds that can fester if under tension
    • Aries=the head – mental issues most likely, plus opposite Uranus would generate a continual buzz and a drive to be unique
  • Vesta 4ºLibra –  keeping the home fires burning in a social sense
    • Exact natal Pluto brings out the worst in Pluto – obsessive in relation to ruling the roost; her home-life.  Even suggestion of a divorce to this character, would be devastating
  • Antares 8-9ºSagittarius – a red supergiant star in the heavens that is nearing the end of its life. Once there is no more fuel left to burn, the star will collapse.
    • conjunct Neptune in the natal chart = Shrewd, cunning, unbalanced and mentally unsound, secretive but apparently candid, dishonest, tendency to theft, economical, untruthful, strange religious ideas, evil environment, gain through hard work, sudden and unexpected death brought about by treachery or through enemies who will escape retribution. [Robson, p.138.]

AtroposSo from knowing the crime together with the birth data of the perpetrator, we can glean a lot of likely predictive behaviour; the weaknesses in the map of reality of a person’s character.  This of course does not make up Christy Sheats entire characterisation with astrology interpretation. We, as criminal profilers, focus on the challenges faced with a birthright; the nature element.

The tension in the heavens together with the horoscope would round out the astrology interpretation of the incident, however on this occasion I will leave that for others to do.

We depart with an bas-relief of Atropos with her silk thread and scissors determining the length of life for us all.

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