Jane Doe

In Longview, Texas; before dawn on Christmas Eve 2010, Blake Ruff’s father headed outside to collect his morning newspaper.  As Jon Ruff raised the garage door, he saw a familiar black Tahoe vehicle with the motor idling in his driveway. His daughter-in law, Lori Erica Ruff was in the vehicle with a shot to her head; death by suicide.

loriericaruffBeckySueTurnerIt was the aftermath of Lori’s suicide that brought the surprise for everyone. and I mean everyone.  With a well constructed and maintained stolen identity involving Social Security fraud, Lori Ruff was not whom she seemed to be.

Lori succeeded for a 12 year cycle of Jupiter, before her luck ran out and the heavens aligned – both for her life and her identity. In the intervening years since her death in 2010, information has surfaced of her movements since she stole the identity of Betty Sue Turner.

  • Betty Sue Turner born in Bakersfield, California on 18th July 1969 and  died in 1971 in a house fire at the age of two.  Her birth and death were registered on the California index.

Lori is known to have stolen this identity and then proceeded to change her identity again – from Betty Sue Turner to Lori Erica Kennedy in July 1988.  A paper trail followed for her marriage to Blake Ruff and the birth of a daughter in 2008. The clock stopped at Christmas 2010 and she became a Jane Doe.

We come into this story by request and prepare to undertake an astrology enquiry.  Our toolkit: medieval symbolism/mythology archetypes and the ancient craft of astrology – none of which is recognised in any court of law.  We use models of reality (horoscopes) and interpret from classic astrology texts. The following needs to be considered by all readers, with a decent dose of skepticism and remains subjective opinion.

Christmas Eve 6:30am, 24th December 2010 in Longview Texas.  The stars would still have been shining brightly in the heavens as the planets continued their journey through our solar system.  This snapshot in time from that vantage point, which we can interpret through the lens of a potential suicide.  It won’t tell the whole story, however we will get some clues at to the general atmosphere.

When we are profiling from this perspective, observing rational behaviour goes out the window.  The woman was obviously in the midst of a psychotic break in order to commit suicide in such a fashion.

Clock-time used to generate this chart has come from information on her death certificate filed some three weeks later. The time is not that of our preferred 911 call to police, however we know that it will be within minutes of being accurate.  Clerks tend to round numbers-off, I’ve found.

When we know that her vehicle’s motor was still idling, we could suggest that this was to maintain the aircon; that her two year-old daughter was possibly in the vehicle.  We also can suggest that the act was related to family problems between herself, her husband whom had returned to live with his parents and possibly extended to the in-laws most likely as well.

Ruff suicideAs we know that the time is not likely to be exact and therefore the placement of the angles would not be either, we are not hindered greatly.

  • Look to the elements and modes first (red arrow and blue highlight underneath the chart) and read across the top row the Fire element; i.e. desire to take action.  The strongest indication is the cardinal (C) asteroid of Mors.  So we look to the chart and Mors is at 23:40°Aries (death wish symbolism in Greek mythology) plus is located in the 4th house (family/home).
  • In the second column of the top row; Fixed (unchangeable), we note the Moon and Vertex – personal/emotive tension to act with the alternative descendant; an exit point. Turn to the chart and we note that the Moon at 14:03°Leo and Vertex 5:43°Leo are both in the 8th astrology house (death/transformation).
  • The third column also in the Fire element is the suicide flag; Hylonome and Pholus (regrets for one’s actions) are in the chart just above the ascendant; just minutes before 6:30am; 14:50°Sagittarius and 15:36°Sagittarius.  This suggests that the psychotic break was more a case of not having any alternative to her action of taking her own life; that she could see to get out of the position she had regrettably got herself into.

If we now focus on the chart alone with the weakest link in any chart – Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee at 20:02°Pisces in the 3rd house of communication square the ascendant 20:44°Sagittarius.  Asteroid Mors (death wish) is 120degrees (working with) 22°Sagittarius Mercury (yellow) and the ascendant.  This reveals the opportunity for what happened.  Mercury is a means of communication (a gun on this occasion).

  • The date on the calendar; transiting Sun 2:25°Capricorn EXACT Lunar North Node 2:44° and square asteroid Nemesis 2:32°Libra at the mid-heaven – the trauma brought the end to this woman’s cycle of life.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) square Venus-Atropos 16°Scorpio – likely feeling unloved when we note that this is in the 11th house.  Atropos in Greek mythology is the one of the Fates whom determines when the cord is cut to end life.
  • Transiting Juno (a spouse) 27:21°Virgo opposite Jupiter-Uranus 25°Pisces – this aspect would have inflated the tension creating the psychotic break.

Given this information, we would likely be able to identify Jane Doe, should we be fortunate to uncover a relevant birth date of the original missing person.  A pause…

pawsA query has now crossed our desk, offering up the suggestion that Lori Ruff could possibly be Cheryl Ann Moser Lacovone – missing at the age of seventeen from Secane, Pennsylvania on 12th July 1977.

Cheryl Ann Moser Lacovone

Cheryl Lacovoneclick on chart for full size

We take a snapshot of the heavens on the date that Cheryl Lacovone was born?  Please note this is a model of reality and interpretation is of  the weaknesses in the chart in relation to a potential crime.

This chart reveals a propensity to suicide during their life. The red arrow points to the lack of the element of Air; mental sense of planning.  Could someone with this horoscope spread carry off a sophisticated, detailed identity theft?

Not knowing her time of birth, we are unable to determine whether she was born with the Moon at the cusp of Aries, or still in Pisces together with her Taurus Sun.  When we note that Mercury is conjunct Eris, we can suggest that Cheryl makes trouble and strife with her communication, so I would plump for the weaker Pisces, particularly when we note the potential suicide flags present in this chart. This combination reveals a shy person, not an extrovert.  Plus, this doesn’t give us the skills of an identity thief.

Should Cheryl have been born with the Taurus Sun and Aries cusp Moon, we would expect someone whom could appear to be assertive, however the changeability would be ever-present.  The character would be more inconsistent. Either way, the suicide flags would dominate the character.


We don’t have an incident time for Cheryl’s original disappearance –  just the date 12 July 1977 when Cheryl was last seen. House placements cannot therefore be interpreted.

Suicide flags are immediately apparent when we note the circled primary indicators.

  • transiting Saturn is conjunct natal Uranus
  • transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Neptune
  • transiting asteroid Hylonome conjunct natal asteroid Nemesis and under the influence of the date on the calendar (Sun)
  • transiting Moon around midday is conjunct the Lunar Nodal axis in the heavens.
  • transiting Moon would have crossed exact natal Pholus – ‘shooting oneself in the foot’ by creating regrettable actions – i.e. no turning back now.
  • transiting Mars-Nemesis conjunct natal Hylonome and Nessus (abused trust) – this is the action indicating a suicide and motive related to trust
  • transiting Jun0 (male) is conjunct natal asteroid Cheryl – this abused trust is likely by, or in relation to a male.

Following this astrology interpretation,  our Jane Doe is not Cheryl Lacovone, Becky Sue Turner, or Lori Kennedy Ruff.   The mystery remains…

September 2016 update Lori Ruff has been identified by DNA.  She was born Kimberly McLean in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  My intention is to write a follow-up with charts.

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