Fallen Angels

As an academic, my areas of research have been anthropological – human behaviour and belief systems (including Greco-Roman mythology and medieval astrology).

Using the pseudonym, Mountain Misst, for the past 3 years on-line, I’ve been researching medieval astrology techniques with crime scene locations, victims of crime and where possible, identifying potential perpetrators. For this research, there is one absolute given, for accuracy – a clock-time/date/GPS location of relevance from the public record. This is needed in order to base the research on an accurate planetary perspective. I am quite aware that astrology is subjective – i.e. not included in the realm of objective science. The charts remain as maps of reality, not reality itself.

This method that I have derived has an unusually high success rate in identifying the outcome of crimes, prior to the arrest of perpetrators. This method will always remain as a skeptical approach, however is a useful tool for generalised predictive behaviour.

The following is an extract of a report produced for a team of investigators:

Terri Leann ‘Missy’ Bevers entered the Creekside Church of Christ, Waxahachie, Texas at 4:18am on 18th April 2016.  She was murdered some short period of time later.  This clock-time comes from media reports of CCTV footage released by local law enforcement.

We are not aware of the time of birth for Terri Bevers and so the snapshot of the heavens for the date of her birth (9th August 1970) contains a mid-range Moon placement (i.e. noon).  The Moon could be up to 6degrees either side of this position dependent on her time of birth.  Nonetheless the Moon has an orb of influence of up to 10degrees when it comes to ‘tension’.  This will suffice for our purposes, although the Moon will not be relied upon for primary indication.

We do not have the time of birth for any persons of interest in this case and so full analysis of ‘natural/inherent’ behaviour cannot be determined.  We therefore need to view all behaviour, through the lens of an incident time.  This clock-time can represent (for us as astrologers) the event of the murder of Terri Leann Bevers.

Three families and three of their offspring have been put forward as being of interest to certain parties.  Please be aware that as none of these people have been put forward in the media s persons of interest, we may well have stumbled upon something other than the murder of Missy Bevers and it is running parallel with this crime.

I have been provided with all birth data, none of which will be reproduced here; nor will their names as we have no wish to vilify anyone.  Please be aware that we view these maps of reality as if they could have been involved in this crime and it is therefore biased towards seeking out weaknesses in human behaviour…

Google Maps:

click on all images for full size

We have replaced the original map of the report in order to not identify residential addresses of these families. 4 lines – 4 properties.  Three residences and the fourth is commonly known among the offspring as ‘the haunted house’. It is not occupied. This map connects a crime scene with these four locations (along the red line for anonymity).

Astrology charting:

When it comes to astrology – south is at the top of a chart, so we need to flip the image of any chart when we interact with maps of the land (Google etc).  (explanation of method)

418In preparation of interacting with this map with astrology charting, is to firstly generate two charts and then put them together; aligned by the zodiac.  The first is a snapshot of the heavens in Waxahachie at 4:18am on the date in question.  This is generated from freely available astrology software on the internet. In order to avoid explanation of the complexity of my work, a basic chart is reproduced here.  (colored indications on this chart are for my interpretation purposes)

For the sake of our exercise, note that north is at the bottom of the chart, so when I flip the chart vertically north will be at 11:00ºGemini and south will be ‘midheaven’.

Relating to the second chart, I won’t reproduce it separately here, due to the fact that we are not aware of the victim’s time of birth.  So what we have are two stand-alone charts.  The next step I take, is to create what is classically known as a bi-wheel (combination of two charts from the perspective of the timed chart –  the other aligns by the zodiac to the position of the first chart.  The transiting chart is on the inside and the birth chart is on the outside.

418-TBNote that the ascendant is still 29:53º Aquarius.  Again the colored indications are for my interpretation purposes.

The inner wheel is the time that the victim arrived at the church as per CCTV released by the media and the outer chart is the natal horoscope for Terri Leann Bevers – a snapshot of the heavens on the date that she was born.

My interpretation is based on weaknesses in planetary alignments that can be transposed as predictive behaviour – i.e. part of the victim’s nature/inherited tendencies of expected behaviour.  On this occasion it is the victim under duress; prior to death.

4:18am – victim – bi-wheel flipped vertically with red locator angles added from map above.

Astrology notes:  Chart (bi-wheel) generated from the time that Terri Leann Bevers arrived at the location 4:18am.  She entered the premises 2 minutes later, so as a note – allow for the variance of 1-2 degrees for the incident time.

Missy Bever’s natal chart is on the outside of the bi-wheel.  This then creates her Lunar Nodal axis at the horizon line.  This equates with body trauma. ie immediately after entry to the premises; recorded as 4:20am.

  • We note that planets in the natal chart of Missy Bevers are all interacting with these angles.   This is the highest indicator under such circumstances in what is known as, forensic astrology.  eg – if her body had been removed from the premises, we would be able to state that she died prior to removal from the crime scene.
  • Of the transiting planets, the Sun (date on the calendar) is also on a locator angle.  This date in particular, is significant. Note this transiting Sun connects to #1 and #2.

From here, we ‘bring the heavens down to the earth’ – i.e. combine the map and the chart.

Heaven on earth:

map#2-fallenangelsThe same google map as above with the flipped bi-wheel superimposed over the location; site of the crime – Creekside Church of Christ.  We can note that all of these addresses are connected now, with an added locator red-line (the addresses are at a point along the red line; one of which remains unknown to us.

This unknown locator angle does, however, intersect with Mt Zion Rd, which I believe has been an address of interest to law enforcement, plus it has a connection to one of the offspring, according to the asteroids.

Note: All asteroids have their allocated numbers; as per the science of astronomy, so they can be checked if required.

Astrology notes:

  • Asteroids:    Transiting asteroid#4766 Malin (gates of hell) is at the horizon line
  • Arabian Part ‘Tragedy’ – conjunct transiting Venus 15:39ºAries (female victim) + TS natal Jupiter 14:24ºLibra + natal Venus 14:55ºLibra
  • A named asteroid#2521 (one of the offspring) – 4:29ºScorpio conjunct natal Ixion  3:03ºScorpio plus possible conjunct natal mid-range Moon – i.e. within range of a locator angle
  • A named asteroid#28207 (one of the offspring) – 7:47ºLibra – conjunct natal Uranus – on a locator angle
  • A named asteroid#2603 (one of the offspring) – 14:11ºPisces – opposite victim’s natal Mercury 13:02ºVirgo AND transiting Jupiter 13:56Virgo – the line connects to ?  It does run close to one of the parent’s work address, although this is an estimate only.  The connection appears to be related to one of the offspring at least, due to the fact that her natal Black Moon Lilith/Mean Apogee 13:11ºPisces is also on this locator angle.  This is an indication of a “weakest link” in her behaviour; i.e. where she can be brought to heel.

As to the theory of connection according to the astrology, it is the offspring who appear to have been involved in some sort of occult/metaphysical activity between them that has resulted in a pact.  At least one of these three could very well be the perpetrator of a crime, or very closely related to the perpetrator.

Fallen Angels:   Two minors,  together with a female in her early 20’sbi-wheels of each of the three, including a selection of asteroids. All bi-wheels are flipped vertically, in order to check the locator angles.   

  1. has connection to all three original locator angles
  2. has connections to two locator angles (excluding the haunted house)
  3. has connections to two locator angles (excluding the haunted house)

418-TS 418-HV 418-BT


  • T family own the haunted house location.
  • T has connection between haunted location and crime scene – natal Venus (peer group) + transiting AP Fortuna (destiny).  Does this suggest that T ‘directed’ the crime scene from the haunted location, or somewhere else?  We note that this angle also connects to the range of victim’s Venus-Uranus
  • T has connection between home/family location and the crime scene –  transiting Sun opposite natal mid-range Moon (creates a full moon energy) + natal Vertex (significant life event). We note that this angle also connects to the victim’s natal Jupiter (and potential Moon)
  • T has connection between the home of B and crime scene, We note that this angle also connects to the victim’s natal Sun-Mars.
  • H has connection between home/family location and the crime scene – transiting Sun conjunct natal Jupiter (indicating the inflation of this date being significant) We note that this angle also connects to the victim’s natal Jupiter (and potential Moon)
  • B has connection between home/family location and the crime scene -natal Moon-Uranus (need to rebel- focus of own needs). We note that this angle also connects to the victim’s natal Sun-Mars.
  • B has connection to homes of T + H – transiting Sun conjunct natal Saturn + opposite natal Mars-Pholus#5145 (shooting oneself in the foot by their actions) We note that this angle also connects to the victim’s natal Jupiter (and potential Moon)

Note: This all interprets as potentially incriminating at this stage.   The victim is a known associate of the parents of all three. There is a history of apparent sexual connection between the victim and at least one of these adults, or so we have been informed.

Weapons possibly used in the crime – 18th April 2016

  • Asteroid Gunn#18243 transiting at 22:29ºCapricorn
  • Asteroid Mjolnir#85585 (Norse mythology – a hammer) transiting at 16:49ºCapricorn.  Note this asteroid is with Pluto in the heavens on 18th April; 17:29ºCapricorn.  In Greco-Roman mythology Pluto is the Guardian of the Underworld – i.e. death.  This weapon will likely have been used in this crime.

Weapon asteroid tension with POI:

  • 16:49ºCapricorn Mjolnir = T – Neptune 19:53ºCapricorn and Uranus 20:04ºCapricorn – psychological state of amphimixis, indicative of emotional immaturity related to potential violence; a mental disorder.
  • 16:49ºCapricorn Mjolnir = B – 17:40ºCapricorn Mercury – BT has a peregrine Mercury (feral).  Mercury represents communication and could involve use of a weapon as a means of communication.
  • 16:49ºCapricorn Mjolnir = H – no planetary tension (in fact natal Mercury is sextile at 16:10ºScorpio, which also connects HV with BT – they are able to communicate easily) – there would be no emotional attachment to wielding a hammer.
    • As for a gun, that is a different story.  On the date that H was born, asteroid Gunn#18243 was transiting at 17:03ºCapricorn.  This asteroid would be under intense tension by transiting Pluto-Mjolnir on 18th April 2016.

A step back in time; digitally recorded CCTV footage of a POI inside the Creekside Church of Christ premises.

358-astroids-etcThe clock-time is 3:58am in Midlothian, Texas.

  • Transiting asteroid Fanatica#1589 leads the way crossing the horizon in Waxahachie; closely followed at 22:45ºLeo by Lucifer#1930 and Hestia#4.  Asteroid #4766; Malin (gates of hell in Greek mythology),  brings up the rear at 27 ºLeo.

In behavioral terms, this is likely mental instability crossover time period for that date – ‘Fallen angels and Vestal Virgins’. The occult is at play…..

  • Earth element Grand Trine (red triangle of planets) = energy locked into practicalities.  This affects the victim, as well as the perpetrator.  i.e. focused on the task at hand and not open to external input, apart from where this energy can ‘let off steam’.  Note that the weapon tension right behind transiting Pluto is therefore also part of this Grand Trine.
    • The Moon (emotional need) is at 16ºVirgo with the release (opposite) at asteroid #242492 Fantomas 16ºPisces. Note:Fantomas’ translates to  English as phantom/wraith i.e.metaphysical/ occult activity.

358-TST –  3:58am in Midlothian, Texas:

  • Natal Sun-Saturn is at the ascendant. The puppet master; what she wants, she gets.
  • Indications (in parents charts) are that weapons may have originated from TS/RM/WM residential address
  • Natal Mars Rx – strengths as a researcher-planner

This natal chart appears to reasonably well balanced, until we  note that Sun-Saturn are together at 21-22ºAquarius.  This gives us a highly ambitious individual who views the world in black and white; wants to control her environment.  She has natal Pluto square this Sun-Saturn – an explosive temper (blanket over a hand-grenade).  Jupiter (inflation of issues) is peregrine/feral – uncontrolled excesses according to wants, rather than needs.  Family influence (nurturing) would have given a strong result in her character makeup.

358-HVH – 3:58am in Midlothian, Texas:

  • Natal Chiron-Ixion (‘murderous’ psyche damage) at the midheaven
  • Natal Fantomas (wraith) at the ascendant
  • Transiting Pallas#2 (warrior) conjunct natal Photographica#443 – potential POI caught on CCTV

This natal chart has an unfortunate spread in that it is weighted to one side of the hemisphere apart from natal Venus  ‘off to the side’.  This can create a potential outsider from mainstream social mores.  HV has Saturn Rx and Mercury Rx (communication struggles) in her natal chart – both of which usually relate to nurturing problems when she was young.

358-BTB – 3:58am in Midlothian, Texas:

  • Natal Lunar Nodal axis at the ascendant – traumatised.  This teen has an unfortunate spread in their natal chart. I would suggest easily influenced.
  • Natal Mercury is conjunct by transiting Pluto-Mjolnir.
  • Transiting Photographica conjunct natal Pallas-Jupiter – this can identify the warrior dressed as LE.  Potential POI caught on CCTV

This natal chart has a stellium of planets, which creates a confused individual who generally runs with whatever is going on without individual thought. Keeping bad company is at risk with this character.  Parental lead-by-example would be needed for his nurturing.

All three offspring have indications in the charts that they have an input prior to the incident.  All three will bear responsibility for their actions in relation to this incident if indeed they are responsible, just as each one has sociopathic impairment.  As to whom did what in relation to a crime, I would suggest that if there is a single perpetrator, then H is the most likely candidate of the three.

As for the parents of these children and their ‘social’ relationships… that is quite extensive astrology-wise, however this is not the place to air it.

PS:  During the lead up to this crime of the murder of Missy Bevers, these Fallen Angels were practicing occult in an empty residence not far from the church – they refer to it as a ‘haunted house’ owned by a family they were acquainted with.

When Missy was murdered, this practice hopefully scared the pants off them… they were too close to evil.

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