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From a publication of events as they unfolded, we draw upon the time of 2:02am on 12th June 2016…  The incident is an exchange of gunfire at the Pulse Nightclub.  The location; Orange County, Orlando, Florida, USA.

An incident that will create mass interest, is bound to have a particularly significant planetary pattern against the back-drop of the zodiac.  The all-important angles are at the Cardinal points  – just as we would expect for such a monumental incident to be recorded.

The first question we are asked is if this is a hate crime or a domestic terrorist attack by a radicalised member of ISIL/DAESH.  The first chart is therefore generated to test this question.  According to the tension in the heavens on 16th June in Orlando, Florida – it is the former i.e. a crime of hate, by a homophobic individual.

Please be aware that all astrology charts are models of reality and not reality itself.  They are snapshots in time and space; interpreted against the backdrop of the astrology zodiac.

The cosmic pattern in the heavens; 2:02am 12 June 2016

202am-astro-blogIn Greco-Roman mythology, a beautiful boy by the name of Ganymede became one of Zeus’ lovers.  Zeus, as we all know, is the head honcho on Mount Olympus (this is the pre-Christian era); i.e. medieval mythology. The asteroid Ganymede#1036 is therefore symbolic of homosexuality by astrologers.

On 16th June 2016, all over the world, asteroid Ganymede and the Sun are exact the same point in the zodiac; united at 21:40ºGemini (orange colored circle on this chart).

As we know, when we have one side of the coin, there is always the opposite in the shadow at the same time; i.e. homophobia – fear of homosexuality within oneself.

Homophobic violence can be seen primarily as an extreme manifestation of pervasive cultural norms rather than as a manifestation of individual hatred. This distinction explains why assailants typically express little, or no remorse for their actions. Heterosexual men in particular, who have assaulted homosexuals, typically do not recognize themselves in the stereotyped image of the hate-filled extremist.  The mirror is held up to them and they cannot accept their lack of hegemony in relation to masculinity.

  • transiting in the heavens 2:25ºPisces asteroid Deviance#21419 is quindecile Lunar North Node 16:49ºVirgo – a public display of deviance (a gay night club crime scene)
  • transiting asteroid Nessus 5:32ºPisces quindecile the Moon 20:43ºVirgo – an emotive expression by an abuser
  • transiting Jupiter 14:54ºVirgo is quindecile the ascendant – the obsessive urgency of ‘now’
  • transiting 23:37ºAries creates that buzz with the planet for rebellion, Uranus at 23:37ºAries – locked together in a personal expression (1st house)
  • transiting 29ºLibra, Juno#3 exact the Madhatter#6735, identifies a male as ‘mad-as-a-hatter’; mentally deranged male

When it comes to the all-important angles:

  • Vertex 0:04ºLibra is at the descendant – a significant event will result from what happens at this time and place.
  • Arabian Part Assassination 0:35ºCapricorn exact the midheaven – an assassin is on the scene
  • Arabian Part Fortuna 1:09ºCapricorn at the midheaven – as destined
  • Midpoint Saturn/Pluto = midheaven  – this midpoint is where the grim reaper (Saturn) meets with the guardian of the underworld (Pluto)

The pattern in the heavens on the date that Omar Mateen was born

astro-Mateen copyWhen we consider the natal horoscope of Omar Mateen, apart from the fact that he was born on a Full Moon, we are immediately aware of an Air Grand Trine (blue triangle); i.e. locked into a mental blockage that would be looking for an outlet to release the steam.  This Grand Trine aspect is a natural phenomenon in his chart, rather than as a result of his nurturing.

The trine is made up of Mars 23ºAquarius – Pallas 24ºLibra (a cultural warrior) – Moirae 23ºGemini (the fates).

  • Opposite natal Mars at 23:43ºAquarius, the assailant has natal Madhatter at 24:58ºLeo (feral beast) as well as a quindecile between Mars and his natal  asteroid Ganymede 7:37ºVirgo – hence the homophobia, as well as a compulsive attraction to homosexuality per se.
  • Opposite natal Pallas 24ºLibra there is no release for this energy in his natal chart; that he would be familiar with, however it is in the chart for the transiting planets above – Uranus-Eris  23ºAries – i.e. making trouble as a rebel.
  • When we look to the modes/elements there is a lack of cardinal water element – lack of ability to release emotions spontaneously.

If we knew this male’s time of birth, we would be able to interpret more fully; identifying realms of potential weakness in his character.  What we can note when we refer to Solar Arc astrology theory, is that his natal Uranus 20:54ºSagittarius progressed to 20:52Capricorn – i.e. exact square his natal Lunar nodal axis of 20ºAries-Libra.   Thus creating the potential for his 15minutes of fame, or as in this case; infamy.

If Mateen were to have been born in the early hours on the date of his birth, then his natal Lunar Nodal axis (desire for the limelight) would also progress to conjunct the position of his natal Moon (when he was born).  The Moon in a natal horoscope is indicative of desire; one’s personal needs.   Nonetheless, Mateen has a Taurus Moon: the need to keep things as they ‘should be’.  Any change around these characters, invites insecurity and vulnerability.  i.e. think in terms of the symbol for Taurus; ‘a bull’.  He likes to chew his cud in a familiar paddock, rather than be herded into strange territory.  Taurus Moon’s will resist change around them.

These Solar Arc progressions would await the relevant transits (time) to trigger this trauma… The planets to create this, would align on 12th June 2016.

Viewing a natal chart through the perspective of an incident (method)

Following on from the Solar Arc progressions, we note that transiting Saturn (ambition) is conjunct natal Saturn.  This is considered an opportunity in a young man’s life when his ambition creates an opportunity for him to ‘be an adult/stand up as a man”.  All young men experience this tension in their late 20’s – some later than others according to the pattern in their horoscope.

In June 2016, transiting Saturn is under tension by transiting Neptune – this highlights concepts – all that is intangibile; faith, religion etc. I.e. that which is hidden.  As both planets are transiting this affects all of us, in varying degrees.

202am-MateenWhen we put the two charts together; the incident and natal horoscope, we can seek out further tension that may be present due to transits.  I have transposed the natal Air Grand Trine (blue triangle) in order to share the outlets for that blocked energy that the character ‘lives with’.

This is the trigger……. We know from the above chart that natal Mars has the homophobic outlet and now with the transiting asteroid Fanatica#1589 at 4:11ºVirgo  (opposite transiting Nessus/Deviance) creates the transit that triggers the action.  Thereby creating a quindecile with natal Mars and a conjunction with natal  Nessus (abuse of trust) – Vertex (life-changing event)  – Ganymede (homosexuality).

I leave the remainder of the release of tension from his Air Grand Trine for others to interpret…

As a postscript: Mateen’s natal Neptune (religious mania in this situation) will enter the 9th house of dreams and fantasy (cross the MC) around 5mins after he entered the club. Mateen would then be fully in psychosis with a likely self-belief that he is in the arms of the beloved; his version of bliss.  The grim reaper dons many constumes.


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