EgyptAir Flt MS804

EgyptAir Flight 804 from Paris to Cairo disappeared from radar early Thursday morning over the Mediterranean Sea, with 66 souls on-board.

There was a normal radio call above KEA waypoint between the flight and Athens ATC at approx 0300am LT. The next call was due 20 minutes later, prior to exiting Athens FIR and handoff to Egypt. Still visible on radar, EgyptAir MS804 never responded to repeated ATC calls. The plane was then lost from radar approx 7nm after entering the Egyptian FIR just south of KUMBI waypoint.

EAAthens ATC then asked Greek military radar whether they were tracking the aircraft – negative.  So Athens raised SAR and notified Egypt, ATC130.
A helicopter and an early-warning aircraft were scrambled, as well as a Greek frigate; HNS Nikiforos Fokas.

The following is an astrology interpretation in relation to events of time and place in relation to this tragedy.  We include the maiden flight of the plane ; 25th July 2003 as MSN2088’s ‘model of reality’.

  • Departure from Paris 23:09PM CED, 18th May 2016
  • Last contact 2:38am EET, 19th May 2016
  • Maiden flight 25th July 2003

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Departing from Charles de Galle airport destiny is already in place in the heavens when we take a snapshot of the heavens.  21:30ºCancer, Arabian Part Fortuna is exact the cusp of the 8th house (death/transformation).

  • Transiting 20:17ºTaurus, Sun (date on the calendar) is exact the cusp of the 6th house (orange circle) – ethics and moral are highlighted in relation to physical assets; even money..
  • Uranus/Ceres = IC – independence is the call-cry; rebellion seeking the public stage.
  • Jupiter (green) 13:23ºVirgo; flight detail, mirrors Neptune (turquoise) 11:51ºPisces – subterfuge likely in relation to the flight
  • Pallas (inner resolve) 4:28ºPisces quindecile Lunar North Node – this would be indicative of a compulsive ‘spiritual warrior’
  • Pallas square 12th house Mars 3:01ºScorpio – hidden resolve at this time
  • 1st house Pluto 17:16ºCapricorn square the MC/midheaven – death is already on the agenda
  • Saturn (grim reaper) 13:14ºSagittarius quindecile Sun/Vesta – all on board the flight will be lost

At this time of departure, the asteroid 18:09ºSagittarius, Varda#174567 was at the ascendant.  Varda is the Queen of the Stars in mythology and indicative of someone who is not happy with the way of the world; albeit possibly contrary to mainstream society.   This is further borne out by the immediate vicinity in the heavens – Cupido-Pholus-Orius in the 1st house – naive enough to possibly carry a parcel onto the plane for someone else.

departparis-planeIt is when we put the two charts together (method) and view from the perspective of the departure from Charles de Galle, that we see the tension between this particular aircraft and all on-board and the heavens over Paris, France.  We interpret the tension aspects, the weaknesses that could be present to allow this incident to develop.

  • MSN2088 Pluto 17:32ºSagittarius (red circle) at the Ascendant/horizon-line, indicates the loss of life ahead. In Greco/Roman mythology, Pluto stands at the gates of Tartarus at the River Styx; the Underworld. It then follows that the plane’s mid-range Moon (blue) is at the descendant; exit.  This ending will be sudden, when we consider the classic interpretation of Moon-Pluto hard aspects – a blanket over a hand-grenade.
  • transiting Mars (12th house) 03:01ºSagittarius is quindecile both the Descendant and also the plane’s mid-range Moon. This is obsessive and compulsive action, from a concealed position in the 12th house.
  • Lunar nodal axis is at the cusp of the 6-12 house axis plus exact the transiting (orange) Sun 28ºTaurus – this where ethics and morals go underground/hidden.  With the Sun; the date on the calendar, intersecting this aspect, I would suggest that this date will be of significance when we finally find out what is behind this crash of MS804.
  • At the cusp of the 3rd house at 10:44ºPisces, we note that the plane’s natal Mars is exact this point in the bi-wheel.  The 3rd house is symbolic of communication.  I would expect the black-boxes to reveal the answer, that we all await.
  • transiting 17:16ºCapricorn, Pluto in the 1st house is quindecile the plane’s 02:04ºLeo, (8th house) Sun – a sudden loss of power will be what brought the plane down.  As to the cause of this loss of power, we look to nearby Venus.
  • transiting Moon (blue) in the 10th house is square Venus 25:22ºCancer – security of the plane’s crew possibly is in question in the search for answers.
  • This aircraft has Moon in Gemini; a Moon that is squared by the transiting Lunar Nodal axis – there appears to be a large amount of pressure put on the plane itself.  This is indicative of something other than a technical failure as being responsible.

Note: In astrology terms there are two astrology houses that relate to distance; 3rd and 9th.  Airflight is usually the 9th house as it is not a day to day activity.  However for this Airbus 320; in the 24 hour period in the lead up to this traumatic event, the distances travelled would be considered short-haul journeys, and therefore Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo is 3rd house activity.  Short haul – quick turnaround…

departureParis-MSN2008-astroWhen we seek out the asteroids in the heavens, we can possibly flesh out the story somewhat.  This is a similar chart to that above; with the addition of asteroids.  Electing to use asteroids that may be indicative of human intervention, we continue.All astrology indications are, that whatever brought the plane down, originated in Paris.

Note: It is not just this plane at risk; asteroid Bomben#12834 is currently 19:09ºCancer (security risk) conjunct asteroid  Paris #3317  18:29ºCancer.  PLUS opposed by Pluto at this time; transiting in retrograde motion 17:16ºCapricorn.  This means that the energy is easing off pressure on Paris, however when Pluto turns direct, this risk of terrorist activity will come to a high risk again on the next opposition – if asteroids Bomben and Paris join hands at the same time.

Pluto may be downgraded to a dwarf-star by astronomers, however it still bears the etymological root of the greatly feared Plutonium. We do not dismiss Pluto lightly.

An EGYPTAIR official declared that EGYPTAIR A320 aircraft in its flight number MS804 lost contact with radar above the Mediterranean Sea about 280 KM from the Egyptian seacoast at 02:38 am (UTC 00:38am 19th May 2016).

238-MSN2088From this report, we generate a chart/bi-wheel for 2:38am from the perspective of this clock-time – originating from Cairo, Egypt.  Immediately we note the 3rd-9th houses in play.  This could certainly indicate the sudden breaking up of the plane, especially when we note the aircraft’s Saturn at the IC.  Going down with the air-ship.

  • Mid-range Moon for MSN2008 is just inside the 3rd house cusp; 16:01ºGemini and likewise, Saturn 06:34ºCancer is at the IC.
  • 1st house, 6th house, 7th house and 10th house are all empty of life.  The 11th house houses Neptune; un-aspected. The heavens continue to transit, however the aircraft has no response.  It is lost along with 66 human lives on-board.
  • The aircraft’s Sun-Venus straddle the 5th house cusp, as a last nod 29:35ºCancer.  Opening of minds to an alternative reality.

Note: We don’t overlook that opposition between Pluto and Moon in the chart for maiden-flight; that need for power.  When an aircraft loses power, for whatever reason, it cannot fly.  With a plane crash, the asteroid we turn to first with mythological significance, is Icarus; the boy whose wings fell off – he plunged to his death into the Mediterranean Sea. 

Neither transiting Icarus 0:06ºTaurus at this time, nor the aircraft’s symbolic Icarus; 19:35ºCapricorn, create tension in these charts.  I would suggest that this would be a further indication that the aircraft did not crash as a result of technical error.


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