Amanda Blackburn

Never lose sight of the fact that we expose the weaknesses in a character, rather than their traits when it comes to interpretation of astrology charts relating to a crime.  We’re looking for behaviour that may indicate a propensity for murder.

On 3rd November 2015, Larry Jo Taylor was armed; burglarizing and raping a woman at gunpoint.  He was not alone; accompanied by Jalen Emmanuel Watson.  Both were later arrested with charges longer than my arm and yours; put together.  They committed two separate crimes that day.

4th November they shot and killed a man for the $10 in his wallet.  Taylor and Watson were on a spree, the former the shooter and rapist.  Makes no difference in the eye of the law; both were killers.

Just 6 days later, a door was left unlocked when David Blackburn left to attend his gym.  His wife and child were inside.

Larry Jo Taylor later told an informant that Amanda Blackburn charged at him and he shot her somewhere in the upper body, so he would not be scratched. Taylor then told this informant, that he leaned over her body and shot her in the back of the head. He leaned further; looked at her face, and watched her bleed out.”

What he didn’t tell the informant, was that the victim was left with her lower torso nude; panties left beside her body. Amanda Blackburn was likely raped.

Until this pair were arrested, there was much contention among social media, that Davey Blackburn was responsible, or hired someone to kill his wife.  We came to the case early enough to start from the inside and work our way out…

Please note that astrology profiling uses maps of reality; planetary layouts on the dates of people’s birth together with time and dates of crimes that have been committed.

The 911 call…… 8:17am, 10th November, 2015.

911-astroBeing a murder, we started with the husband; a man of the cloth; a religious mentor.  Makes no difference to us of a man’s position in a community. Every murder enquiry starts with the immediate circle of the victim.  However, let’s get a feeling for what’s in the atmosphere in ‘criminal profiling’ terms on this early morning in Indianapolis, Indiana, first.

We can see straight up, from what’s transiting in the heavens, that  all the cosmic action is weighted to the left hand side of this chart.  That is an indication of attack-defense as opposed to caring for others in this case.  Judgements will be made, no matter what is said, most likely.

That will include judgements of this enquiry being ethical as well of course.  Please be reminded that we are discussing maps of reality – NOT any person’s overall character.

  • Asteroid Alekto (anger/rage) is EXACT the planet Venus in the 10th house. Venus could be related by her symbolism, to money when the planet is in the 10th house of a career.  Perhaps even a peer group (congregation).  Venus also represents a woman in general terms.

From this, we have to ask (considering the husband), “How is the business of religion going financially for the victim’s husband?”  We also consider in general crime terms; is this a robbery? Is there a sexual crime here?

  • Chiron in Pisces (one drama after another) is EXACT Borasissi (lies we tell ourselves in order to be happy) are both in the 4th house (the home).  Jupiter by opposition is fanning this delusion.  All is not particularly love-and-kisses, it would seem and is an open wound in a relationship.
  • Vesta in the 4th house, has Mars in opposition in the 10th. Vesta could be playing either of a couple of roles in her symbolism – depends if sexuality is an issue with the husband, OR as they’re in the business of religion could be how one behaves at home, versus in public.

There is much to interpret in this chart of course, however cutting to the chase, we have the Arabian Part Fortuna conjunct Mercury in the 12th house.  This tells us that a confession will likely be made, resulting in incarceration for the perpetrator (all in the 12th house).

Davey Blackburn – husband of the victim.  Profiling notes for potential weaknesses that need to be considered in an enquiry of this magnitude.

DaveyBlackburnOh dear there does appear to be a possible sexual conflict within the man. This could be a prejudice rather than his own sexually so don’t jump to conclusions. With Ganymede in Gemini this could be in-denial.  This may remain in the subconscious for his entire life; this matters not.  However it will color his behaviour.

Davey does have his natal Cancer mid-range Moon (probably tied up with Pallas – inner warrior) opposite Neptune giving us the ‘call’ to be a soldier for his religious faith. He would need a good Venus in order to be charismatic and gain a flock tho.  He does have Venus in Libra (social) BUT the planet is peregrine and potentially feral.  He doesn’t know how to rein the Venus energy in naturally – he would be OTT in relation to his congregation – flirtatious, charming, use his good looks to his advantage etc. Being in Libra this would not be hidden…

Going to the gym doesn’t count – that’s part of the vanity routine.

He also has the planet Pluto and asteroid Mony together.  i.e. money and power go together for him.  Again in the zodiac sign of Libra, so that’s the appearance of wealth within society is important to him.

There is a big weakness in Scorpio (again power indications) – Sun-Juno-Lunar South Node square Jupiter..  Did he select his spouse as a career enhancement; her family connection?  Note that this could also be a homosexual flag (Juno as a male).

The other alarm is Vesta-Uranus EXACT. Plus in wide opposition to Ganymede (I wouldn’t call it highly influential).   I’d be interested to know the tenets of his particular brand of Christianity as to whether it is tolerant of homosexuality, or not.  But that is an aside and professional curiosity.

Natal Chiron is quindecile Saturn – is this ambition, or control related?

911 call and Davey Blackburn astrology method

911-Davey-astroWhen we put the two charts together and view from the perspective of the 911 call – this is not a caring for others sort of man, but then that’s the life-challenge for his peregrine Venus.

An enormous amount of mental energy going on indicated by the 12th house activity. If there hadn’t been arrests, I’d be shouting loudly, “He has the forensic indicators present” to need closer scrutiny.

  • Natal Saturn at the ascendant
  • Natal Uranus conjunct by Honeycutt (wanting more of the pie).  I would be asking, “Is there a big life insurance?”
  • Transiting Moon EXACT natal Pluto.
  • Natal Mars is in the 10th house.

If we knew his time of birth it would be mighty handy as there is a very dangerous Water Grand Trine in the balance – Transiting Moon-transiting asteroid Lie – natal Moon.

When we consider this bi-wheel and the basic interpretation – an explanation why sleuth’s ‘hinky-meters’ went off the Richter scale, with the husband as a possible perpetrator is perfectly acceptable.  We did not have enough information available to take a random act into consideration.  For that, we would need to refer to the victim’s horoscope.

We can now interpret the charts of the house intruders and check their charts as to whether their statement to LE are accurate; that Larry Jo Taylor alone, murdered Amanda Blackburn.

Amanda Blackburn – victim

When we wound the clock back to 6:36am that morning in Indianapolis, which is when Amanda’s credit-card was being used at a nearby ATM, the resulting chart is precise.

636-AmandaA basic bi-wheel (similar to that above) reveals that Amanda’s natal Pluto (her power source) was at the ascendant and her Mars at the midheaven.  i.e. Time and place.  We can suggest that this is very close to the actual time of her death.

In hindsight, we know that Larry Jo Taylor was alone with the victim at this time while his companion in crime was at the ATM. With this chart alone I suggested that from the astrology results, that Davey Blackburn was not involved in the murder (he was at the gym at this time) and that Larry Jo Taylor alone, is responsible for the actual killing of Amanda Blackburn.

This is as it turned out, in time – 18 year-old Larry Jo Taylor finally made a confession to the robbery and murder of Amanda Blackburn.

911 call and the asteroid connection to Larry Jo Taylor’s map of reality;  his horoscope.

911-TaylorAs an after-thought, we generated a bi-wheel with the asteroids of the persons involved in this case and it remains of interest to an astrologer who may visit this case enquiry.

  • Amanda#725 – victim
  • David#511 – victim’s spouse
  • Larry#30440 – perpetrator
    • Transiting asteroid Larry is conjunct Saturn in the heavens that day – keeping company with the Grim Reaper.
    • Transiting asteroid David is at the descendant – partner of the victim at the cusp of the 7th house; spouse.
    • Transiting asteroid Amanda is at the top of the chart conjunct Taylor’s natal Nemesis – she will be his nemesis.
    • The ascendant reveals Taylor’s asteroid Ixion (murder) –  Lie – Pluto. There may be a more to this than just murder.
    • Transiting Venus reflects Taylor’s Moon-Saturn – we can see the motive is robbery/money; in hindsight.
    • Eris/Discord is in the mix in the 5th house – there are likely contradictions in statements between the perpetrators that creates trouble among the flock.
    • Lunar nodal axis lines up in conjunction in the two charts; a traumatic event of public interest

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