Haruka Weiser

At 9:38pm on 3rd April 2016, Haruka Weiser was walking back to her campus accommodation after a dance class.  She had phoned her roommate less than 10minutes earlier to tell her that she was on her way home. Haruka didn’t make it home that night.

This is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if your belief system allows for the karma concept, then this is such an occasion.  What lies behind the crime, we are unable to enlighten anyone; astrology is not a psychic phenomenon.

Forensic astrology is a form of criminal profiling.  We use models of reality in place of the persons themselves; snapshots of the heavens on the dates of their birth and then bring in a second snapshot of the time of a relevant incident.  The resulting tension tells a story according to medieval texts.  Any astrology enquiry can only be considered to be opinion; interpreted according to the boundaries of the classics.


9:38pm was the time that Meeechaiel Khalil Criner was looking for an opportunity to make a robbery to support himself.  He was a serial absconder from foster-families, having been separated from his mother since the age of three.  Passed from pillar to post; extended family to strangers, his nurturing would no doubt have not been an easy for this 17 year-old.  That aside we review his nature; that which he was born – his lot in life.

At 9:38pm Haruka Weiser came into visual range of Meechaiel Criner on her way home; their paths crossed.  So what is happening overhead at Austin campus that may indicate the potential for a crime?

  • transiting Juno (a male) 12:09°Scorpio straddles the ascendant (timing right-now) 8:25°Scorpio with the asteroid Nemesis 4:54°Scorpio.  We know from this that a male will meet his Nemesis if he takes action at this time.
  • The lack of Air element apart from BML/mean apogee, Moon and Pallas (inner warrior) indicates that if anything unfolds, it is more instinctive than planned; i.e. lacks mental input.  In crime terms; base nature, surfaces.
  • Nemesis is in quindecile aspect (compulsive) with 20:07°Aries Uranus (buzz of rebellion) and 21:57°Aries; Mony (money) – the thrill of robbery will create a nemesis.
  • Uranus-Mony are also reflecting the asteroid Prey 19:10°Libra.  This interprets as ‘cruising’ looking for a victim to rob.
  • Sun (orange)/Moon (blue) midpoint = Lunar South Node (red) 21:40°Pisces. When the Lunar South Node is the main focus of a chart, this is usually loosely interpreted as a karmic act.  It still does not excuse any criminal act.  Rather, it gives the opportunity for a potential criminal to rise above that, which they are about to commit.  No-one is compelled to take action.

Haruka Juliana Tsunamine Weiser

The University of Texas, Austin was considered a safe place for a freshman to traverse in the evening. CCTV covered the public spaces.  It would have taken 24hour monitoring and a rapid response team to intercept what was about to go down. We generate a bi-wheel (method) in order to interpret the tension in the heavens with this model of reality for Haruka.

938-HarukaAs a student of dance, Haruka had a strong personal relationship with the planet Neptune; so much so that the planet was what is known as peregrine at the time of her birth.  It knew no boundaries, providing a stage where she could express herself freely.   Neptune, however has a darker side to play with destiny on this night.  The Arabian Part Fortuna in an incident chart reveals destiny of a point in time.

  • AP Fortuna in the inner chart (blue) – ⊕ – 25:02°Sagittarius provides the tension by direct opposition (blue line) to Haruka’s asteroid Photographica 25:10°Gemini – her destiny is caught on camera.

We do not have the time of Haruka’s birth, so the natal 29:23°Sagittarius Moon placement (circled in blue in the outer chart) is mid-range for that date in Portland; at noon. Whatever the time of her birth, the Moon is still within range to illuminate the image (photograph) and our interpretation of the bi-wheel.  With this Photographica asteroid #443, so close to her natal Sun, we are also aware of Haruka’s photogenic qualities.

  • transiting Mars 07:52°Sagittarius in the heavens is in quindecile aspect to natal Mercury 23:19°Sagittarius resulting in Haruka’s susceptibility to approach by communication (Mercury in Gemini); albeit lies on this occasion I would expect.
    • This is due to a victimization weakness in Haruka’s natal chart; a Gemini Mercury midpoint focus of asteroid Mental 16° and Sun 29°Gemini – dangerously open to approach by others.
  • transiting Juno/Nemesis = natal asteroid #7782; Mony i.e. money at the ascendant – an approach by a male with the intent of robbery (see interpretation in the first chart)
  • transiting Uranus (pink) is square natal Venus – this indicates that a resistance was put up by the intended victim.  A resistance on moral and ethical grounds; likely outrage.  I would expect that there was considerable opposition.
    • We have only to look at the chart to see the opposition to Uranus in the 12th house – large red circles – including natal Saturn (her physical body).
    • Plus the opposition to natal Venus – Pluto (guardian of the underworld; death).

The above interpretation reveals the weaknesses in the astrological map of reality for Haruka Weiser.  We do not aim to round out her character, as that is not our focus.

Meechaiel Khalil Criner

Natal horoscope:   A natal chart reveals a boy who flies a kite at the whim of the elements (kite pattern generated by the interaction between cosmic bodies on the date of his birth).  This is what we would expect with the little we know of his almost 18 years of life.

MCriner-astro copyAgain we have no time of birth, however this does not affect the kite as it blows in the wind, independent from his wants (Sun), or needs (Moon).  We note the lack of motivation apart from a fantasy with being a warrior (Neptune-Pallas).

  • Mercury (yellow) 29:32°Cancer at the tail; wing-men – Pluto 5:51°Sagittarius and 1:15°Aries, major asteroid Pallas (inner warrior) together with Neptune (turquoise) at the peak (deception) .  This is not an aspect any of us would want to be born with; let alone build an unfortunate nurturing life-experience.
  • Nemesis exact Chiron at 12:31°Scorpio – likely suffered a great loss in some way early in life and retains the feeling that something inside has died.; his spark for life.  This then leads to a lack of ability to comprehend the notion of power. The result of which, is a need to cover up their feelings of inadequacy with false bravado. 
    • This will likely be Criner’s nemesis.  I.e. a classic bully who hides his cowardness.
  • 1:51°Saturn conjunct Lie 2:55° at the cusp of Taurus – lies and ambition go hand in hand in relation to material possessions and money – a natural thief.
  • Sun (orange) 8:42°Cancer (wanting security in his life) quindecile asteroid Dejaniera#157 (Greco/Roman mythology – symbolism for sexual assault) –sexual assault is likely an obsessive desire for closeness in this man’s damaged psyche

9:38pm on 3rd April 2016 on University of Texas; Austin campus:

938-CrinerThe robbery motive is very clear, when we interpret the tension in a chart similar to Haruka’s, with the replacement of Meechaiel Criner’s natal details in the outer chart; a bi-wheel.

  • transiting Mars 7:52°Sagittarius, which created the quindecile  tension with Haruka’s need for CCTV evidence (asteroid Photographica) to be brought to our attention, is conjunct this male’s natal Pluto 05:51°Sagittarius exact the cusp of the 2nd house (money).
    • It naturally follows that his Pluto (overpowering on this occasion; due to the quindecile aspect) is also tension to Haruka’s  asteroid Photographica; by transference.  I would expect that law enforcement has this 9:38pm interaction in their evidence folder.
  • transiting Mars is also opposite his natal Venus 07:21°Gemini – action taken in his need for money is the most likely interpretation, although being on campus, he may also have been posing as a fellow student (peer group is another interpretation of Venus).
  • transiting asteroid Lie #26955 at 1:30°Taurus (money again) is on top of and blending with natal Saturn 1:51° and natal Lie 2:55° Taurus in Criner’s chart.  This is 6th house activity in relation to ethics and morals/lack thereof.  There is likely a history of lies and lack of self-control, in relation to this male.
  • transiting Moon (blue) 28:04°Aquarius creates the intensity of tension (blue dashes) with natal Mercury (yellow)… Remember the tail of the kite position above – together with Criner’s personal needs; natal Moon-Juno i.e. sexual intensity.
    • further ascerbated by the green line of transiting Venus 28:02°Pisces, reflecting this need.  Haruka walked directly into this male’s line of sight.
    • transiting Venus (pink) conjunct natal Jupiter 27:34°Pisces and further to Pallas 1:16°Aries – inflating a fanciful inner warrior to express this desire.

There are a myriad of further indicators in this chart, however we elect to rest at this point in time.  Others can take up where we leave off.

Postscript:  Haruka was reported missing at 11:02am, April 4th and her remains recovered just under 24hours later.  Meechaiel Criner was exposed and arrested quickly once the jigsaw pieces of his actions were put together.

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